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  1. The people miss you

  2. I cant believe he didnt come to Pittsburgh to interview the great SOH! I think its time to come out of retirement to start tuning up for September boyss
  3. Plabax I expect my thank you card to be mailed any day now.. You couldn't have won it without me! (stepping out) LOLOL also, have you rats done anything towards a live tourney yet or naw
  4. Team Name: ANH First Line LW: Pat Verbeek C: Petr Klima RW: Stephan Lebeau LD: Gord Murphy RD: Alexi Gusarov X: Wendel Clark G: Tim Cheveldae Second Line LW: Wendel Clark C: Stephan Lebeau RW: Christian Ruuttu LD: Chris Dahlquist RD: Mark Tinordi X: Petr Klima G: Glenn Healy
  5. lol I just got my controller back today after like 4 months.. guess its GDL only kg style
  6. Little boy Plabax sure gets bold when everyone goes away.. YOU better than ME? i almost spit my s**t everywhere. keep my name out of your mouth scrub.. did you finally graduate from B league?
  7. Carae selects the highest rated ADP left for this and all remaining rounds. When a position is filled in a previous round, taken the next highest rated ADP guy that fills needed positions
  8. 4.11 Anh takes Pat Verbeek
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