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  1. I cant believe he didnt come to Pittsburgh to interview the great SOH! I think its time to come out of retirement to start tuning up for September boyss
  2. Plabax I expect my thank you card to be mailed any day now.. You couldn't have won it without me! (stepping out) LOLOL also, have you rats done anything towards a live tourney yet or naw
  3. Team Name: ANH First Line LW: Pat Verbeek C: Petr Klima RW: Stephan Lebeau LD: Gord Murphy RD: Alexi Gusarov X: Wendel Clark G: Tim Cheveldae Second Line LW: Wendel Clark C: Stephan Lebeau RW: Christian Ruuttu LD: Chris Dahlquist RD: Mark Tinordi X: Petr Klima G: Glenn Healy
  4. lol I just got my controller back today after like 4 months.. guess its GDL only kg style
  5. Little boy Plabax sure gets bold when everyone goes away.. YOU better than ME? i almost spit my s**t everywhere. keep my name out of your mouth scrub.. did you finally graduate from B league?
  6. Carae selects the highest rated ADP left for this and all remaining rounds. When a position is filled in a previous round, taken the next highest rated ADP guy that fills needed positions
  7. 4.11 Anh takes Pat Verbeek
  8. Carse selects dick lebeau's brother stephan
  9. lookin for houly now, when will you be around? I can play tonight or tomorrow night around 8. let me know
  10. Hartford Whalers 1st Line: LW - Mike Gartner C - Mark Recchi RW - Sergei Makarov RD - Nik Lidstrom LD - Al Iafrate G- John Blue Xtra Attacker - Chris Kontos 2nd Line: LW - Sergei Makarov C - Chris Kontos RW - Greg Adams RD - J.J. Daigneault LD - Adam Burt G - ?
  11. plabax when can u play? i can this afternoon hope to see you
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