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  1. Yeah sure we are here for fun, but what we are trying to find out is what exactly trudatman is here for. It's clear that he isn't here for fun like the rest of us, we are led to believe he is simply here to piss people off. Nobody is forcing him to play online, we are just wondering why he's always posting in the ONLINE league sections and deliberately trolling if he has NO interest for "onlag"? He is like the Sean Avery of NHL '94, his comments are simply built to get people angry. He does this in ways such as blatant lies "I have played thousands of games on GENS", and if you had to think of a time you respected a trudatman post, you would be thinking for eternity.
  2. Yeah, great answer. You will find tons of people who will proceed to throw a controller right at your screen. Just because you are playing in person it's not some friendly candy-land If you have played thousands of games on the GENS version, why are you always deliberately posting comments that make it seem like you have never played the game? For someone who just hates and hates on the GENS version so much, I do not believe for a second that you have over 7 days of playtime.. (1000 games = more than 7 days straight of '94) "I can't get my computers to do anything online within a second, never mind a fraction of a second.".. Your HOBBY consists of making games and sharing them for people ONLINE.. I think you should take my advice (along with the other members on HFBoards who also think you're a faggot), and just STOP asking people for feedback about your shitty ROM, and move on to something else. Seriously, your NinetyFlow thread has 12 posts, 11 of which come from you, and 1 that states that clockwise is better than you. http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showthread.php?t=1415963&highlight= http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showthread.php?t=1524481&highlight= Everyone should just look at these two threads and realize how much of a failure and a liar trudatman is, this is proof trudatman cares if other people like his shitty ROM! You can also look at trudatman's post history and watch how all he does is correct people's grammar and piss people off.. LOL
  3. Funny comment. You know desyncs are very rare and you have more than enough time to follow a schedule. Then I am one of the reasons you don't play online, although you had been ducking league play for 5 years before I joined this community. Go get a internet connection and do something else rather than invest your time in NinetyFlow because everytime you post about your stupid games the same question comes to everybody's mind : "Who in the world plays NinetyFlow?" How can you love a game so much that you are willing to waste months and months of your life for it, yet playing others online (why 95% of us are here) does not interest you?
  4. After noticing the difference in quality between 2013 Spring Classic and 2013 Fall Classic it was clear that GENS classic didn't have it anymore. The days when I could sign on and see more than just one person online have passed. Before I could sign on and see : TomKabs Houly kupuck HABS Zalex Carse Wookiee Sebe Icestorm Pearate Alonzi Robbie Now : Houly jackandjose
  5. Does it really matter what the schedule is? Even with the best schedules we have the same coaches slacking. If we use the schedule as the excuse for killing the momentum, then why is 100% GP completion so rare? How can you guys be hating on Freydey when it is clear that nobody ever follows the schedule... I have been in : 8 Classic Leagues 3 GDL's 1 Blitz The schedule was never followed in any of them so who cares.
  6. I may be able to return on April 1st.. If not then you will never see me again - I can't play with 500 ping! Please keep me in GDL/Blitz just in case.
  7. I will be absent from the '94 community for an indefinite period of time. I could be back in 2015, I could be back in 3 months, who knows. If I had to give an estimate, my best bet would be late August/early September. As a result, I will be stepping down from GDL and Blitz. Play your games and remember, weight doesn't matter! Until next time!
  8. How can we have 24 coaches in GDL, when clearly only around 18-20 are interested in playing? It doesn't make sense that some coaches sign up for leagues and don't put any effort into playing. It's fine if you don't reach 100%, as long as you show that you want to play and be a part of a fun league it's fine. If you're "busy" or the deadlines are "rough", think of another excuse. Some people who have a busy lifestyle (wife and kids, full-time job) are great at putting in the effort. In particular, kingraph and eggink are excellent at doing this.. They have fun playing their games and they manage to get their 100% GP completion, despite having more important things to worry about. Others, I'm just not sure. They could care less about reaching the deadline and when they play it's not to have fun, it's just to get it out of the way. A game of NHL '94 takes 10 minutes, 70 minutes of your time per week is all the commissioner is asking. LA Robbie (gretzkyonacold) - Seems like he's discouraged.. Does he even want to play? 5 Goals in 6 GP.. Zalex - Could care less about GDL, is clearly only focused on Blitz? Minpind - Same thing as Zalex just throw in some Gentlemen's club.. Carse - I know all 4 of these guys ^ ^ ^ ^ can play their 56 games.. But the reason why none of them have managed to hit the measly 7-game checkpoint is because they really don't care.. Especially since I see 3/4 of them online enough to the point where they could have easily hit 14-16 games. Just step out if you don't want to play.
  9. Some people play their regular season games like they are exhibs.. so no rust kicking in. Also, if people don't play a lot of games because of "rust", why not make the season 3-4 weeks long instead of two months? Everybody has (and should have) the time to play 44 games in 4 weeks.
  10. 2010 - Halak played out of his mind 2011 - Penguins injuries 2012 - Fleury 2013 - Bruins playing great Don't forget that Fleury played great in 2009, I wouldn't give up on him so soon.
  11. I don't believe in "aggressive" deadlines anymore, because I woke up and saw Houly had played 20 games (5 coaches) of Blitz in <24 hrs. There is no way this deadline is agressive. There are 23 other coaches to play in GDL instead of 11, and finding 5 coaches can range you anywhere between 10-20 games. 7 games is a bit soft actually, it's a lack of effort on the slackers.
  12. Houly has already completed 16 games! Good stuff
  13. Trudatman is trolling again! Please, we all know Luongo deserves to start, how is he a clown? All hockey fans know he has wanted to play in an outdoor game and he was looking forward to the Heritage Classic.
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