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  1. Eman

    Making offline solo play challenging

    My next project is to play with each team in the playoffs but limit each player to 1 goal for the entire playoffs. Might have to make it best of 7, but that may end up using the equipment manager or the guy that shovels the ice to play in the finals.
  2. Eman

    Making offline solo play challenging

    I ran through each of the teams again updating the format a bit. No forwards >70 overall, no D >60 overall. Player is benched after a hat trick. Only benched Roy and Belfour this time, but may force myself to use all backup goalies if I do it again. My write up about it here: http://coalm.blogspot.com/2017/11/handicapping-nhl94-take-2.html
  3. Eman

    Making offline solo play challenging

    Thanks segathon. It made it feel like a new game to me playing this way. I'm sure this experiment didn't help my skills vs human opponents either. Will probably go through all the teams again setting the overall rating ceiling to 70 for forwards and 60 for defencemen. Goalies might need tweaking as well, just not sure what that will be yet.
  4. I have been looking for new and challenging ways to play NHL94 offline and solo. Like most of you, playing the computer controlled teams are no longer a challenge. Although the best competition is playing in one of the many online leagues, I have not been able to commit to an online league or find people to play against in non-league games. I took it upon myself to make new challenges. First was winning the Stanley Cup playoffs without a goalie. This proved to limit my exposure to several teams, since there are only a few teams that I might be able to use to accomplish this feat. Probably could do it with VAN, QUE, CAL, and maybe LAK or WSH, which leaves the rest of the teams unused. I like to play with an assortment of teams, so I needed to find another challenge... I decided to play with just backup players. That worked fine for the elite to middle tier teams, but left the bottom teams a barren wasteland of talent. (Playing with an all backup version of the Florida Panthers would make a grown man cry) The idea was good, it just needed some adjustments. I wrote up a blog entry about it: http://coalm.blogspot.com/2017/08/handicapping-nhl94.html Bottom Line: -No players rated over 75 overall -Every team must bench their best forward and their best defenseman -No dominant goal scorers even if the player's overall rating is below 75. Call this the Kamensky Rule -If a player scored a hat trick, the player must be substituted for the remainder of that game. Removal from the rest of the playoffs is optional, but encouraged. -Only removed Roy and Belfour at goalie. All other goalies remained. Might change this in the future. Let me know what you guys think of my results, or go try it yourself.
  5. Eman

    Looking for a exhibition, test game

    10 days. No responses.
  6. Eman

    Old Blitz Waiting List

    I'm interested in getting on the waiting list
  7. I love playing NHL94 (Gen). My schedule does not lend itself to committing to a league, I play whenever I need to relax, but I am usually limited to playing solo. Obviously one player games are a bit of a joke, so I would create my own challenges. Things like pulling a player from the playoffs once he scores a certain # of goals, removing all the starters, whatever it takes to make one player games competitive. My latest challenge has been playing Playoff mode without using a goalie. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I think this format has leveled the playing field the best. Although it does change the way you play the game. With no goalie to bail you out, you are very exposed. In no particular order, here are some things you have to keep in mind when playing an entire game/series/playoff without a goalie: -Two way players are a must. If you have a forward lacking on the D side, you probably need to sit him. -Puck possession becomes important. Take a wild shot that laps around the rink probably means a goal the other way. -How you play defense changes. If you poke check an opponent streaking to the goal with the puck might end up with the puck in your goal anyway. -Snipers on the wings will flourish in this format. Lean on players like Khristich and Sandstrom -Dust off that A button. Hook those faster opponents or you will get lit up -Most of your defense is played in the neutral zone. Once the opponent has some speed going toward your goal, you are toast. -Offensive defensemen are a liability. Think you can wheel and deal with Housley or Coffey to create some offense? You better bury it, because you will be VERY exposed once the puck goes the other way. -Who plays your X spot? NHL94 typically uses the Line2 C as the X player (skater taking your goalie's place). Choose wisely. Having a defensive minded C playing X will save you. I challenge you to win the Stanley Cup with each team at least once. There are some teams that are easier than others, and some that are downright impossible. So far, I have taken DET, CAL, WSH, QUE to the cup (1 game series, 4 wins=Stanley Cup). Can't quite get over the hump with STL, BUF, CHI. WSH was the biggest surprise in this format and turned out to be fairly easy to win with. On the flip side CHI and BOS have been surprisingly difficult. Teams with a strong goalie (MTL, CHI) will be more difficult. Reply to this thread with your progress
  8. Eman

    New hockey league

    I signed up. Let's go Canes! 2 questions: 1. Can we set our lines ahead of time in the ROM or will we need to do that before each game manually? 2. The Canes roster on the leaguedaddy web site have several mistakes. Is it worth fixing?
  9. Eman

    New hockey league

    Actually, I meant how will you get the schedule to me? Should I watch for it on the message boards or will it be emailed to me?
  10. Eman

    New hockey league

    I'm new to being in a league. How will the schedules be distributed?
  11. Eman

    New hockey league

    If you guys are still looking for people to play, I'll take the Canes
  12. Eman

    Exhibition list?

    I've been having trouble finding people to play exhibition games. Is there a way we could list some AIM screen names that are willing to play a pick up game? I don't want to bother people that have no intention of playing exhibition games. I make the assumption that if you are logged on to AIM, you want to play. Is there an easier way to organize this?
  13. Eman

    Lost Connection :(

    After hearing this bit of info, I gave up on the utlization troubleshooting and focused on getting a good clean start. I rebooted my computer, then downloaded a fresh copy of GENS (deleting my other copy). I turned off some extra stuff like my external hard drive and my web server. After that I was able to play two games back to back without much of an issue. I assume my problem has been resolved, but I don't know exactly what "fixed" it.
  14. Eman

    Lost Connection :(

    My CPU Usage spikes when I run GENS. CPU usage is normally around 5%, but when I crank up GENS, it jumps up to 97-98% I need more memory I suppose, but its hard to imagine that a 16 bit game would require a memory boost for me to run it.