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  1. 2 v 2 How do we GA? @Mofapes #TheGaAwakens
  2. Joined December 22, 2007 - Last visited November 26, 2016

    Ask not what NHL'94 can do for you, but what you can do for NHL'94. All gave some, but Freydey gave all.:dal_skater_hand_grab:

  3. W T G A I'd like to say my farewells to the 94 boards. It has been a great adventure since me and my boy joined this forum....almost 10 years ago. :| I think we managed to corrupt enough people on this forum, according to the numbers of wtga i read on these boards. Time flies, so did my 94 passion. I didn't really have any fun playing in the last leagues i've been part of, at a point where it was hard for me to find the time to play the games. I'd like to thank all the guys around here for providing a great and FREE online experience of a great game, especially the big shots managing th
  4. I feel you buddy. I have lost interest in 94 as well.
  5. Il do my best..Il get home around 1030ish
  6. Where's jesus? Creator of 2on2, would stay til 3 am to tell you weird stories about life and 94 wtga?
  7. won't be available tonight...but will be this afternoon and tommorow night!
  8. Hey peeps, i'l be on til laton tonight to play some gaaas... Will be on sunday as well, after 8pm eastern time. I can schedule some games for this week so let me know via this topic or pm. got games against: -Ba55 -jackandjose -atomicraven -darko -jer33 -aqualizard -zeppelin -uncle seth jones -Lupz
  9. going on vacation for the next 2 weeks starting tommorow... you might as well replace me now cause i'm def not sure that i'll reach this deadline.
  10. Just played habs Que 6 - 3 Chi Que 7 - 5 Chi