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  1. donnybrook

    Testing RetroArch for Online Play

    smoz ya gotta give me more credit than that.. of course i know that :-P
  2. donnybrook

    Testing RetroArch for Online Play

    I stopped playing 94 because I believe hamachi to be trash and I refuse to use it for gaming. If retroarch worked well and could do 4 players better than kaillera i would be all over it.
  3. donnybrook

    Fightcade 2, promises Genesis support

    hey i got an old FC account too, if anybody wants to try the online play out hmu on discord. discord name is locust_
  4. donnybrook

    NHL '94 (gens) on Fightcade 2?

    So, for people who do not know what fightcade is, here is the google definition of it.. "Fightcade is a matchmaking client that includes an emulator and allows people to play each other online using the very well respected GGPO netcode. ... GGPO used to be a service like Fightcade, but now it is just a great rollback netcode." Its a goto for people who want to play classic arcade games (i.e. street fighter, kof, mvc, metal slug) on their pc. Its not unlike kaillera but has one major advantage, its netcode. Kaillera uses a delay based netcode where as fightcade uses a "rollback" type netcode. I can say from years of experience this "rollback netcode" aka GGPO is a MUCH more favorable experience compared to something like kaillera. This is my opinion of course, but there actually is a great deal of evidence supporting GGPO as a superior netcode. If you wish to learn more about GGPO netcode you can check out the video at the bottom of this post. About this time you may be asking, "what the hell does this have to do with 94?" Perhaps nothing, perhaps a great deal. The Beta for Fightcade2 has just been released and has added Sega Genesis BIOS files to the emulator (final burn alpha). Anybody with a Fightcade account from 2016 or before can check out the fightcade2 beta right now and it has a room available for NHL '94. Now, a lot still remains to be seen on how practical this can be. It doesn't use the standard .bin rom we've always used and the rom it does use I haven't been able to find yet. But I did get the chance to play other genesis games and they all played just fine. In conclusion, I think this is something the NHL '94 community can benefit from. It could make match making for exhibs easier, it could allow players across greater distances to have better connections. It can allow an unlimited amount of spectators on live matches that don't connect to the actual match so has no bearing on ping or lag. And perhaps fightcade's best feature is that it records ALL matches. I want to hear what you guys think. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer. Also, go check out EDIT: I did find the nhl94 FBA rom and it plays perfect offline. you can find DL the rom here:
  5. donnybrook

    AIM or Discord

    Is there a way to change my nickname just for the nhl94 discord server? For all the fighting games I play I'm known as "locusT_", ideally id like it to say "donnybrook" just for the nhl94 server. I noticed in some servers it gives you the option to change nickname but its not present on the 94 server. Is there maybe a way the admins can do it maybe?
  6. donnybrook

    AIM or Discord

    Hey guys Ive been out of the loop for a while. Are you guys still using AIM to communicate? or have you guys made the switch completely to discord? gA?
  7. donnybrook

    Guess Where the KO94 II Will Be?

  8. donnybrook


    make it boston and ill buy the beer
  9. donnybrook

    Fusion Tournament bestof7

    i can play again come sunday at the latest. ive been real sick this week and need to recover.
  10. donnybrook

    Fall'16 GENS Team Selection Draft

    my bad guys sorry for the wait, ill take Detroit.
  11. donnybrook

    Fusion Tournament bestof7

    i like kega, i'll giver. in
  12. i played with jay lang yesterday, hes good to go.
  13. hokkee if you have a problem with a core mechanic of the game then maybe you need to reevaluate why you play this game. the thing that makes 94 so great is different people can have different play styles. if everyone played the same way it would get so boring so fast. anyway one idea i had a while ago was to have a set schedule where you meet your opponent at an agreed upon date and time and if one doesnt show up its a forfeit. there might be more DNP's as a result but the leagues wouldnt drag on forever.
  14. donnybrook

    94 Graveyards of lost souls

    yep, that was a rough night let me tell ya.. but thankfully i have had forehead reduction surgery since then
  15. donnybrook

    94 Graveyards of lost souls

    a nhl94 twitch stream with Drp1zza would be like a dream come true.