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  1. Thanks for the kind words (after apologizing for the harsh ones). Yes I lost desire to play the game, and increasingly my free time has been minimized (but this is a side issue). Quitting is better than slacking and I grew frustrated with logging in constantly and having no one to play/the dudes I have to play are nowhere to be found. I figure the real impact of my quit was felt most by VHL, with GDL having Freydey advance, and Classic no games played. I value playing the game in-person where/when possible and will see you all whenever ko94 happens again in TO (hearing about this event is what sparked my want to join in the first place).
  2. The Discord channel is up on NHL94. I'm pretty sure smozoma and aqua joined. It IS a better venue than AIM.
  3. Hi all, It is with sincere regret that I have to announce my resignation from the leagues I am currently involved in. I am not looking for a plabax style debate about time management here, but instead, in the words of the infamous Pearate, I am not taking so much pleasure anymore. I wish you all the best of luck, and to the current leagues I am in, I offer my apologies. At the same time, I will still log in occasionally and check out what's going on in the community. I look forward to seeing you all when ko94 comes back to TO. For VHL - I will not be able to complete my season. For GDL - I forfeit my series with Freydey For Classic - please find a replacement for Calgary in GENS A. ba55i5t signing off...for now
  4. With all of the talent here, I think there should be a subsequent bet on who ends up 9th and regrets picking A instead of B
  5. 1.12 - Calgary Flames......THEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  6. I'd prefer A league if possible. I think Tex would too
  7. Looking at this real quick with Skips vhl rom based on blitz, the answer is 3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KMZEBNDXrNmSyH4MUR7KQyyvhZXSGh1UlSRs2ZANzm4/htmlview See Tyler Johnson with a 3 chk rating, 5 wgt and a chk ability of 5.9. Compare to Jaden Schwartz who has 2 chk and 6 wgt, with a chk ability of 5.4.
  8. I played in CoachMac's 92 league earlier this year and imo fighting was more of a waste of time than it was fun. Sure, the first couple are fun, but each and every fight triggered after that is just a delay in the game and annoying. In other words, I like '94 without the fighting, and even if it was in the game I would turn it off.
  9. MTL LW - (9) Duchene C - (88) Kane RW - (15) Eichel LD - (27) Faulk RD - (55) Kronwall G - (34) Mrazek X - (6) Ryan LW - (15) Eichel C - (15) Eichel RW - (6) Turris LD - (25) Nurse RD - (25) Nurse G - (31) Andersen X - (53) Skinner
  10. MTL sends Shea Weber and Matt Hoffman to PIT for Matt Duchene and Nik Kronwall.
  11. So if they don't show up for x windows or do not have x GP before checkpoint then boot? I like the idea, don't get me wrong. It's just sad that there's always that portion of people who sign up and don't finish.
  12. The above two posts are ideas contained with the SNES dark side of SDL. I like certain players and would always draft them but it is better for me and the community to be (semi)forced to play with different players all the time.
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