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  1. corbettkb

    Tiered Teams - SNES and SEGA

    ohh yea, that makes alot of sense. back to the winner of the flip picks the tier.
  2. corbettkb

    Tiered Teams - SNES and SEGA

    Using skips 6 tiers for a dice roll... SEGA : Tier 1 - DET, CHI, BUF, VAN Tier 2 - WPG, MTL, BOS, LA Tier 3 - CGY, DAL, TOR, NYR Tier 4 - QUE, PIT, PHI, EDM Tier 5 - STL, WSH, NJD, HFD, NYI Tier 6 - OTT, SJ, TB, FLA, ANA Getting closer... - Comments? - For/Against having random team drawn for each player once a tier is established?
  3. corbettkb

    Tiered Teams - SNES and SEGA

    hmm, like the more compact groups, i also dont feel like there are two definitively better teams that can be pinpointed in any of five tier settings. tho id be more worried that youll just hear tier1 called over and over again with CHIvsDET.
  4. corbettkb

    Tiered Teams - SNES and SEGA

    Ok, so.... SEGA: Tier 1 - DET, CHI, BUF, VAN Tier 2 - WPG, MTL, BOS, LA, CGY Tier 3 - DAL, NYR, TOR, PHI, EDM, QUE, PIT Tier 4 - STL, WSH, NJD, HFD, NYI Tier 5 - OTT, SJ, TB, FLA, ANA Guess other question from me, should PIT be in Tier4?
  5. corbettkb

    Tiered Teams - SNES and SEGA

    Maybe tighten this up a little bit... SEGA: Tier 1 - DET, CHI, BUF Tier 2 - VAN, WIN, MTL, BOS, LA, DAL, CAL Tier 3 - NYR, TOR, PHI, EDM, QUE, PIT Tier 4 - STL, WSH, NJD, HFD, NYI Tier 5 - OTT, SJ, TB, FLA, ANA
  6. corbettkb

    Fall'18 GENS Team Selection Draft

    apologies for the delay, ill go WPG (in A League).
  7. corbettkb

    Tournament Format

    hello! i guess i should chime in, though not sure where all this started and may be off base. One of my favorite matchups of Vancouver was vs Darik whom i had never played before, as he impressed. if i am getting the jist of this, at live tournaments we need more games (if possible) and more even matchups, specifically later in the day. sounds like this is getting better each time. would something like this work & alleviate concerns: you start with the round robin session and the top 16 players advance. the top 16 play a double elimination bracket, best 2 of 3 on the winners side and a single game once you drop to the other side. everyone that did not make this 'championship' bracket will play in a one game single elimination bracket for the "B" group title. seems like time and systems can be an issue with this outkasts bracket from taking place, but if everyone that didnt make that championship bracket plays just one game in a single elimination style, you shouldnt really be waiting on anyone, and this should advance rather quickly. would something like this work, would something like this support coaches questions(?) are there problems with this?
  8. corbettkb

    Et Tu Brute Deuce SET YOUR LINES ASAP

    DALLAS STARS - corbettkb First Line: LW - (12) Jimmy Carson C - (91) Sergei Fedorov RW - (22) Claude Lemieux LD - ( 7) Chris Chelios RD - ( 5) Doug Harvey ***Change to #5 (his# w/DET '66-'67) G - (32) Tim Cheveldae X - (25) Kevin Stevens Second Line: LW - (10) Jean Ratelle C - (32) Claude Lemieux RW - (25) Kevin Stevens LD - ( 2) Luke Richardson ***Change to #2 (his# w/TOR '87-'91 & w/OTT '07-'09) RD - ( 2) Luke Richardson G - ( 1) Kirk McLean X - (22) Claude Lemieux Bench: D - ( 6) Adam Burt ***Have an alternate #-ing convention to use if this is deemed unacceptable in which C.Lemieux [Change to #32 (his# w/DAL '02-'03)] but then would have to change Tim Cheveldae [Change to #31 (his# w/DET '88-'89)]. Either of these options are acceptable for me if there is a preference.
  9. corbettkb

    Et Tu Brute Deuce Draft

    6.1 Tex gets Kevin "hookers and blow" Stevens 6.2 Lupz picks Don Raleigh 6.3 AJ gets Gord Murphy 6.4 Ice gets Eric Desjardins 6.5 Flat gets Cliff Ronning 6.6 Skip picks Bernie Geoffrion 6.7 Jer selects Steve Chiasson 6.8 AtomicRaven takes Alexei Zhamnov 6.9 chef picks Trevor Linden 6.10 MG22 gets Brandon Shanaban 6.11 Tex gets Tim Cheveldae 6.12 Spaceghost takes Stephane Richer 6.13 Ice takes Curtis Joseph 6.14 Aqua takes Wendel Clark 6.15 dc takes Steve Duchesne 6.16 chaos takes Dale Hawerchuk 6.17 Brutus selects John Bucyk 6.18 Zep selects Carl Brewer 6.19 AJ selects A. Moog 6.20 Brutus selects U. Krupp 6.21 J&J goes Fetisov
  10. corbettkb

    Et Tu Bruce Deuce: Team Selections

    Same Stars jerseys you made for me for the last few leagues. those can be alltime going forward. thx
  11. corbettkb

    Premium Retro League 4

    whoever is left that is not boston, so new york?
  12. corbettkb

    Premium Retro League 4

    just picking teams.
  13. corbettkb

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    Let me know. In Sat and out Mon. See La Quinta is about $111 and 0.16 miles away. Air B&B sounds cool. River Rock looks nice, the $250 tag has me a little concerned.