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  1. corbettkb

    Premium Retro League 4

    whoever is left that is not boston, so new york?
  2. corbettkb

    Premium Retro League 4

    just picking teams.
  3. corbettkb

    Premium Retro League 4

  4. corbettkb

    Vancouver KO94trey Hotel HQ's

    Let me know. In Sat and out Mon. See La Quinta is about $111 and 0.16 miles away. Air B&B sounds cool. River Rock looks nice, the $250 tag has me a little concerned.
  5. As always thanks @kingraph & @chaos for hosting the event. Super smooth. I didn’t get many pics today like I usually do. Great to hang out and play both @skoolyardpuck & @MikeGartner22
  6. corbettkb

    Official jj's summer league waitlist

  7. corbettkb

    Start date and schedule

  8. corbettkb

    On the Block

    LAST CALL: D - Steve Smith for a Forward.
  9. corbettkb

    Summer Draft Thread

    Dallas Stars (corbettkb) drop F Joe Murphy & add F Paul Ysebaert
  10. corbettkb

    Summer League Trades

    Dallas Stars (TexasPachyderm) trades Dave Gagner & Kevin Lowe to Winnipeg (Seamor) for Joe Murphy & Cam Russell
  11. corbettkb

    Summer Draft Thread

    9.10 Lupz takes Pat Verbeek
  12. corbettkb

    Summer Draft Thread

    9.6 Choas takes Steve Chiasson 9.7 Coach takes Craig MacTavish 9.8 Dcic takes Darren Turcotte
  13. corbettkb

    Summer Draft Thread

    9.3 chef takes Marty McSorley
  14. corbettkb

    Summer Draft Thread

    9.2 - Dallas Stars (corbettkb): D - Kevin Lowe