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  1. DALLAS STARS First Line: LW - (11) Owen Nolan C - (99) Wayne Gretzky RW - (25) Joe Nieuwendyk LD - ( 7) Chris Chelios RD - ( 4) Scott Stevens G - (35) Andy Moog X - (39) Robert Petrovicky Second Line: F - (28) Bob Bassen D - ( 8) Michel Petit *CNG to #8, #'96-97 Oilers/Flyers Bench: F - (21) Guy Carbonneau D - (14) Geoff Smith *CNG to #11, #'79-99 Rangers G - (35) Stephane Fiset *CNG to #31, #'89-92 Nordiques
  2. Love it all. THX. Yes to reduced one min penalties, gotta still have the breakway whistle. DAL dibs.
  3. As much as I love to see some dominate winning streaks (see: Alabama football); when the system wouldn't let me pick more than one I went with @danTML7as @chaos& @smozomahave dominated this list historically (& rightfully so).
  4. I am a perennial runner-up, still one level below raph/aj.
  5. Add in kingof94s to that list (?) And technically I won Classic Fall 18 if your into that sort of thing.
  6. yea just putting a trade cap may be an easier way to go with this, skips 3 trade limit per owner seemed to work well.
  7. I think boosted goalies actually help everyone else more than the top people, imo. (fuhr should prob get a little boost too).
  8. Question #1 : Minneapolis is awesome Question #2 : Less likely to attend in GB Question #3 : Less likely to attend on a Sunday Question #4 : SNES sux Question #5 : Would love to attend an event in Milwaukee &/or Chicago - Every time Ive gone to Detroit have vowed to never go back Question #6 : Fine with different month/date just depending on availability
  9. Hello - I absolutely would like to attend an event in Minneapolis however I cant see myself committing anytime soon and/or until there is some change to current affairs. Plus, considering I have not seen a coworker, friend or family member in person in over 5 months (excluding my wife who now is all 3) my next trip, two or three is to visit those people I have been unable. At this rate I am hoping to be able to go back to Dallas for Christmas without having to drive it from in NYC.
  10. IN, tho I relate better to the C league description.
  11. DALLAS STARS (corbetkb): LW - (12) Adam Oates C - ( 9) Mike Modano RW - (21) Ted Donato LD - (28) Dallas Drake RD - ( 4) Scott Stevens G - (30) Bill Ranford 1F - (11) Owen Nolan 1D - ( 7) Alexi Kasatonov D - (72) Shane Corson *Change to #72, his # with the Stars in 03-04