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  1. Anyone have this patch/sprite patch? Old laptop broke
  2. I probably wouldn't be able to play, but if there's anyone who is just looking for games and doesn't want to draft/trade, hit me up on AIM and we can talk. I'd be willing to GM for a team.
  3. Maybe "The Kid" could play....... If he's the best he'll go to the tournament
  4. I was really bored during math and decided to do a mock draft (6 teams) with 94 rosters. Class ended after about one round, and during the next class, I finished my work really early, and resumed the draft. I forgot I was using 94 rosters, and picked some current players. It sparked an idea for a small league (Maybe the size of Mini GDL, if you played in that a while back), where we'd merge the two rosters and do a draft. If you're interested, let me know. The ratings for 2015, we'd go off of skips 2015 Deadline rom, for anybody whose curious.
  5. It may be a year late, but I agree with this.
  6. I would say that's awesome, but that'd be an understatement.
  7. The Ducks were bugging me, but I tried to change it and the swos patch went wrong.
  8. I think the crease cut goal is fair game. I wouldn't use it to build a lead, but if I'm down by 2 and want to get within one I'll do a crease cut. Votaw plays extremely well against the move, sometimes pouncing on you, following you, or crushing you with a body check.
  9. if you can't find one, they have that giant tournament in Toronto happening later this year. I'm sure there'll be a place where you could get an adapter during the tournament. Playing with keyboard isn't hard, you just have to get used to it.
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