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  1. Hey! Do you, by any chance, have a player rating sheet for this? Thanks!
  2. I'm back! I'd love to join the C or D league as well!
  3. Hello everyone! Long time no talk again. A little over a year ago I asked about playing on my tablet, as my laptop was basically on it's death bed. This route seemed futile. A couple months ago I was able to get my hands on an XBox Seres S. I have recently seen videos on YouTube that are saying that retroarch can be installed onto an XBox, as it is a Microsoft device. I am wondering people's opinions on how I can possibly go about playing through my XBox, and if online play is even possible on it. I would like to get back into playing and being with this community, but I'd really rather not spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer that would solely be used to play this game, as I have no use for one otherwise. So if I can find way to get back to playing this wonderful game on my XBox, that would be the ideal scenario. Thanks so much for your ideas and help, it's much appreciated!
  4. https://www.polygon.com/2020/10/12/21509885/nhl-94-rewind-pre-order-release-date-ps4-xbox-one "There’s no online multiplayer in NHL ’94 Rewind, just local multiplayer, Agostini said. Aside from the updated players and additional teams, there are no extra features. This may be why it’s being offered as a pre-order incentive as opposed to a stand-alone product." Do these idiots not realize there's a global pandemic going on right now, and you can't/shouldn't have other people in your place of living? I am also an idiot, as I already pre-ordered 21 thinking the 94 rewind HAD to have some online capability due to the times we live in, but no, apparently EA wants us all to invite whoever to our house to play video games and get sick, cool.
  5. Hello Again Everyone! So it's been a while for me, as a schedule that included a full time job with going to grad school the last 2.5 years kept me pretty damn busy. I was happy to be able to attend tournaments both in Long Island and Vancouver during that time though! So, unfortunately, my current laptop is crap. Part of the keyboard doesn't work sometimes, and it is just very very slow. Playing online with that thing doesn't seem possible at this point. I recently purchased a google pixel slate tablet with a keyboard, which is an android device, not windows. So I am wondering if retroarch runs on android, and if I will be able to play online, or even play by myself at all. Any insight or help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
  6. So I left DC at 2:30 and was in heavy traffic as soon as I got on the highway. Didn’t get in the area until 6:30, so I didn’t make it. How many people were in the tournament and when did it end? Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t make it because I didn’t want to miss the draft haha.
  7. Hello from the grave! Jk I am alive. Just have a full time job along with grad school now, so busy busy. But, I will be there tonight!
  8. This will most likely happen. You make a valid point though. I look forward to the next version. Thank you for your hard work!
  9. Is Petr Mrazek not in the game at all? It doesn't look like he is in the excel sheet.
  10. Two oddities in a matter of two weeks for me.
  11. Had a penalty called on me, the cpu pulled the goalie, puck went loose in front of cpu net cpu took possession but skated it into own net. Goal for me!! And even better, the penalty somehow went away due to that!! This happen to anybody else?
  12. Hey everyone, I am not sure about anyone’s schedules, and when they were leaving Vegas, so I just wanted to make this post as a check in to make sure everyone is safe and ok.
  13. Love it man! The only critique I have is you still have home whites. Were you unable to change that? Thanks so much!
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