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  1. Here are the pics of the NHL '94 cart that started the idea. The new board is so small they had to use thick plastic for it to even line up with the holes. So if this works... Sega Genesis is next!
  2. It all started two years ago when I ordered a bootleg NHL ‘94 cartridge from AliExpress for the hell of it. I got the cart and box for $15. As expected the box (and box art) was really crappy. The cartridge shell was sub-par and the label was just a scan of the box art. But there was more. I knew they didn’t just have NHL ‘94 ready to sell cause they offered the whole line up of NHL titles from the 1st all the way to NHL ‘98. I figured they must make them as people order them. So if they can make NHL ‘94’s to order they could make any ROM to order. When it finally came in... to my surprise the game worked great! You can’t tell it’s a knock off from playing it on a real system. But opening the cart up to see the board was the breakthrough. I have never seen anything like it at that point. There were no ROM chips just a black blob that looked like Silcone on an empty board. After talking to some retro experts on Twitter they explained to me that those are “cheap” knock off “Glob Top” boards used to make cheap games and most people use them to scam people into thinking that they are buying real games. Of course I didn’t really care about the scamming part as the game worked perfectly. So in my head I thought, what did this cost the seller to get it to a $15 selling point. I know from experience that this stuff always needs around 100% or more markup to be worth it for individual sale. So... Cheap Sega Gens Box $.50 Printing labels $.50 Cheap Sega Shell $1.50 Custom ROM Board $2 labour $1(to burn ROM, print materials, assemble and package to ship) ______________ $5.50 cost of goods sold and $15 sale price is looking pretty good deal for the seller. So what are the strengths? THE $2 ROM BOARD! The box and shell are garbage. So what did I do. I did the research and found a company that is making high quality knock off SNES games in Asia. I dont care about the insides as I know the Glob tops work for what we need them. The trick was to find a good Shell and Label for a good price. We don’t need to trick people, we just want the game to work and play like the original. So we put a Glob top in a decent Shell and a nice label and we are done! So we go from a $40 custom game (or $100 everdrive) to a $10 game and it plays the way we want it to. With a $10 game we can now afford to buy custom games for a custom Draft tournament! After the tournament the game carts now act like a time capsule for the tournament and and awesome keepsake. Only thing we need now is people to play the games.
  3. Good news, the test SNES NHL '94 ROM I sent the Cartridge Manufacture passed. They quoted me $9.65 (USD) per cart and that comes with the classic grey SNES Shell and Custom Label. WIth shipping and exchange to Canadain its going to come out to around $14.95 each. This comes in under budget and the Draft Spots (entry fees) will cover the 10 carts that the top ten players will get to keep plus leave room for a $500 top prize. I'm personally making the gold cart myself. Now we just need to nail down a date and the Draft Spots will go on sale!
  4. We are working on finalizing the date and rules now. The tricky part will be having enough time to sell the tickets (Draft spots), doing the draft and ordering the custom carts and having it all ready before May. But I'm excited about this new process as it is something new. I would like to have the tickets go on sale sooner than later. I think our break-even point will be around 20 players (depending on Draft spots sold). I'll cover the difference as a guarantee. I'm working with the overseas supplier now testing ROMS. If this works out and people enjoy their time, we can do the same for Genesis next year.
  5. Hi Guys, I would like to introduce a new way to play NHL ‘94 live that @halifax and I have been working on. Here is the pitch... We are taking NHL ‘94 tournaments to the next level. Imagine playing a whole NHL ‘94 tournament with a team that you built on a real cartridge. This spring we will be hosting a live Draft online. Using your laptop or mobile phone you can draft players and go head to head against other coaches in a race to get the best players. Draft picks (order) will be determined by real world money. We are selling 28 spots all at different price points. This will be the first flexible priced entry fee tourney. Here is where strategy comes in to play. Do you spend the big bucks and get a higher draft pick or do you spend only $10 and take your chances. The prize money doesn’t care what draft pick you got, your skill does. Once we have the teams made, we will be ordering custom NHL ‘94 Saskatoon Draft Carts form a supplier overseas. The winner of the tournament will receive a special gold cartridge just like they had in Nintendo World Series. The runners up will also get to keep their tournament cartridges as a souvenir (who knows they might be worth something some day lol). So please join us in Saskatoon this spring for a tournament like no other! Quick Facts When: May 2019 (date to be determined) Where: Saskatoon Saskatchewan Venue: (most likely the Canadian Brewhouse but subject to change) Players: We are capping it at 28 (full NHL league) Prize Money: 1st $500, 2nd $200, 3rd $100 (Based on a sell out) Games: Guaranteed 10 games!!!!! Screens: Mix between CRT’s and HDTV Consoles: 10 SNES setups Draft Spots: Will be sold on Eventbright at a predetermined time and will be first come first serve. If not all draft spots are sold the draft order will be from highest paid to the lowest ONE Draft Spot per coach. (Basically acts as your registration fee) Draft Spot Prices: 1. $66 2. $64 3. $62 4. $60 5. $58 6. $56 7. $54 8. $52 9. $50 10. $48 11. $46 12. $44 13. $42 14. $40 15. $38 16. $36 17. $34 18. $32 19. $30 20. $28 21. $26 22. $24 23. $22 24. $20 25. $18 26. $16 27. $14 28. $10 The Draft will be hosted online similar to how fantasy football is done. It will be a stand alone draft where each player takes thier turn in order. Auto Draft features will be available. More info on the system will follow. The whole Original NHL ‘94 roster will be available. Teams will be made of 10 players and two goalies. We will be using mostly King of 94 Rules and the tournament structure will be finalized before tickets go on sale. When the Teams are finalized. Brand New Cartridges will be ordered with custom ROM’s for the event. The top ten players get to keep thier carts and the winner will receive a GOLD Cart. More info to follow. (And above info is subject to change). I hope to see you in Toon in May! Cheers, Mikey
  6. Hi guys, If you haven't seen it yet Dave from Dave's Geeky Hockey made a post about adding a Budweiser style goal light to an NHL'94 cartridge. You should go read that article now. Dave is the mastermind who is always coming up with amazing ideas and products. I'm a huge fan. Just now we had a little back and forth on twitter about actually MAKING THIS and he brings up a great question. Can the light be coded to physically come on when a goal is made in the game? Are there other ways to do it? -I suggested a button on the controller. -An active listening device set to activate the light when it hears the goal horn. But like Dave mentioned to me on Twitter. "An active listening device would take up too much power. Something that is triggered by game code would be more elegant." @davesgeekyideas What are your guy's thoughts on this? Can it be coded to activate the light? Cheers, Mikey
  7. Hey Guys, Fall Out Games in Arizona has posted a picture online of their new HDMI consoles. This could be a Game Changer. For future tourneys if these turn out to work and are cheap. As we all know collecting and storing CRT’s is a big issue and most new esports spaces are all HD. I’m getting a Gens shipped up to me ASAP for testing. I’m pretty excited. Fall Out Games has been helping me out with the Doc from the very beginning. Their manager Scott D. Has been a huge help in making the doc and providing me with games and consoles for the King of 94 Tournaments. Kof94 1 would have not happened with out Scott’s last minute help getting me all the original hardware (7 gens and 7 snes) Air freighted from AZ to Toronto just in time for game day. They have made affordable NES and SNES consoles in the past but not in HD. I begged them to make an HD Gens last time i was in Phoenix, have my prayers been answered????? What’s your guys thoughts on going HD? EDIT: I JUST GOT WORD THAT THE GENS WILL RETAIL FOR $30!!!!
  8. Hi Aqualizard! I will answer all of your questions as soon as I have more info and a deal in place bud. But in short My movie will stand and they will produce new content with the raw footage. DVD's are still up in the air at this point as it will most likely lose money and it may be better to have all the content Online instead.
  9. Hey Players! Its been a while but I finally have some news about Pixelated Heroes release. A few weeks ago I was approached by a start-up streaming service (in Silicon Valley) about doing an online Aviation News show (much like Philip DeFranco on Youtube). As we were in talks I mentioned Pixelated Heroes and I sent them the screener we have seen in Vegas and they loved it. My original goal was to get PH on a major streaming service and to be honest I have been so busy at work that it fell by the wayside. I burnt myself out getting the film ready for Vegas and needed a break, that's why I have been away from the community. But know I'm reset and ready to start a new game lol. The new company submitted me their offer to stream Pixelated Heroes yesterday, It is not a lot of money and by no means covers the production cost. But what they are offering that no one else would do, is to take my 4 Terabytes of extra footage and make it into enough small videos to make years worth of content to stream regularly. I believe this is the best for everyone, as a lot of you spent your time helping me out and I would hate for the footage to be lost on a hard drive on my shelf (there is a lot of cool stuff and stories). Including full interviews with the producers and programmers. So basically, they will stream the finished full-length Pixelated Heroes on their new site. Then produce smaller videos from my footage and release them on a regular basis. All of this will be on a custom page so its all in one area. And who knows maybe we will do a sequel! I will for sure let you guys know more about the company and our plan once the deal is signed. But for now, keep your sticks on the ice. Cheers, Mikey
  10. The access to competitive NHL '94 has to involve or it will die out. Emulators and desktop/laptop are dying as well. I haven't played a single game of NHL '94 online. So I'm no expert on that process but until you can play NHL '94 on a tablet or phone (with a USB controller or keyboard) you will, of course, see a decline. I have tons of experience with network television and there biggest threat and what will kill them, in the end, is streaming services (NETFLIX). In a way, NHL94.com has the same problem. What worked for to play 94 five to ten years ago is becoming obsolete. There are thousands of people out there that want to play NHL '94 but the access is limited as you have to have computer knowledge to play. If this game was on the PlayStation network and playable though modern consoles, you would have almost unlimited competition and the talent of players would be insane. So the answer might be as simple as to convince EA Sports to re-release the game online. A simple www.change.org might be all that it takes to get the puck rolling. This might sound stupid at first but at least this is a free option. It's not the game that's dying its the medium at which its played on. Resist, M
  11. I think premium is right. The only thing I would add is the ability to host the game in the cloud. So you play with a browser (not with an emulator). Then you get rid of lag and it would be easy to connect online, even play with your phone (if you wanted to). NHL '94 game server that can host online tourneys and keep track of players stats automatically, just like any game that is made new today. So then aqua is also right... build the exact clone (or use the normal code as much as possible) and make it work on a modern engine to run it on a server. The game is so small and straight forward compared to today's online games.
  12. Hey Guys, Well, the film is coming along very good. We are a little bit under budget and a little bit ahead of schedule. The editor and I have spent the last week turning the rough cut into our first Fine cut. That means the film is in a state now where there is nothing really missing and it's in the order we think is the most logical/entertaining. We have some cool animations and "cutaways" that were made by local artists up here and really gives the story a lot of humor. We have 8-bit animation, 3d style diorama sets, and some classic cartoon animation. Also, we have 4 versions of the Sega theme made to put throughout the film (think of the sad version of "America, f**k Ya" in Team America. My question is a need some footage ripped from NHL 2003. It's some specific shots and I'm wondering if anyone here has the tech to do it. Send me an email mikeymcbryan@gmail.com if someone can help out. I need only a few seconds of it. Anyhow, I hope everone is enjoying summer and the playoffs. I'll update more as the film progresses. Cheers, Mikey
  13. Yes kgman, you gotta come. Hopefully, someone here can split a room with ya! You gotta be there to watch the movie with us.
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