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  1. I am definitely in the 93 camp. Let’s be honest you can’t have hockey without fighting. I hate one-timers as I think it spoilt the game by making it too easy to score from them and to difficult to score with a normal shot –not realistic. Anything +94 as stated above was too fast and unrealistic + you could only score by using the one-timer. I also don’t like SNES 94 – not realistic why did they not make it like Gens 94?? I will stick up for SNES 93 as I spent a lot of time playing it. It is a bit basic and the player movement sucks but there are certain things which I love on it. One big th
  2. The link for 6 button support for NHL 94. I guess it's possible to add this for NHLPA93 on Genesis for someone who has the knowledge and a lot of time.
  3. Yes I'd go for: SC1 - as your 4th line SC2 - as your second line CHK - as your checking line PP1 - as your top line and top pp unit. PP2 - your 2nd PP line PK1/PK2 - the same As long as you have access to Sc1, SC2 CHK and PP1 at the same time there shouldn't be any problems apart from not forgetting SC1 is your 4th line. This would also allow minimal editing of data on roms already created. This is the easy part. Is the only way to achive this to programme in another button?
  4. Totally agree. A 4th line would be great on NHLPA 93 as all the tough guys would be on this line with your best defensive players on the chk line. Would make it much more realistic.
  5. Here is the link for adding 6 buttons support for Gens. Doesn't look that easy to me but maybe I'm daft
  6. This would be good. The fact that it is much easier to score on a one-timer rather than a regular shot is one of the main things that spoils the game for me. I would also like a better balance on Sega 93/94 for shooting as it much too easy to score high far post over other areas. I like SNES 93 because you have an equal chance in scoring in any part of the net.
  7. I don't think you could use the PP line as a 4th line as without adding a button. I found an article on reprogramming/adding a button and it looked pretty highend stuff. You say it isn't that difficult? Do you have any information on this? If so please post it.
  8. Anyone remember this great game? Definitely up there with NHL 93/94. I played all the NHL games on PC and still think this was the best ever. Plus was one of the few games that was better on PC than PS. Although you could edit players/lines/uniforms it would be great to hack the gameplay someday??
  9. I did both these awhile ago + plus the info you supplied for the SNES 30 team+ rom was very helpful. I think there needs to be a list of what hacks are needed + that are possible. To me though the only hack worth doing would be adding a 4th line (on the SNES) but is probably too hard as would involve reprogramming the buttons.
  10. I tried this and it runs through but then crashes!! Is there anything else to change? Tried 18 but this missed the blurbs out then crashed after the goalie bit??
  11. No it doesn't it crashes at Ron Barr screen. I copied the data from a .bin file. as already had OD at the end. However the data is longer than your 64 team data so the 'Welcome to' is now at 9470D and is #24 rather than #65
  12. Smoz, can I change the location of the "Hi Welcome to [Cityname]. I'm Ron Barr for EASN." because I only want a rom with 23 teams, so need it to be the 24th instead of the 64th? Is there a quick way of doing this?
  13. adding a fourth line - I know I asked this before and you said its possible but a lot of hard work but I guess so was the 30 team SNES rom Would you ever have a go at this in the future? waving off icing if a player is near - would be good but hard I guess. Getting the goalies to stop moving when they get the puck behind the net(in 93 only) line changes without having to dump to puck - is a great shout also. Also will your "assist bug fix" work on SNES I thinks its only for Sega at the moment?