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  1. Gibson - Hand - ? all of the rest - fixed an update will follow.
  2. DAMN! you are officially hired. wow, wow, wow. looks like I'll be busy tonight! this is some serious work you have put in and I would like to appreciate it in a way that you would be comfortable with. if you stick around I will be trying to elicit your help for next season's ROM, too. if you'd like, you can surely consider this to be your project, too. if there is anything on your mind about this thing, please let me know. this is just plain great.
  3. that editor is great. it only has a few very minor glitches and it has served me well for years on a few different computers, mostly Macs. this series owes most of itself to the editor's existence.
  4. I'll ride my unicorn right over and grab it.
  5. please do. what can I do to motivate you to create ANY programs/tools/apps for our beloved game?
  6. I'd like it if it had overall ratings calculated, but, of what we already know how to do, there really isn't much missing from that editor. it's a great tool.
  7. pretty much EVERYTHING I have found relating to hacking the SNES ROM is listed in the ROM mapping thread pinned to the top of the SNES hacking section. if it's not there, it's not here. what does "csv" mean?
  8. that's a very common problem for emulators and stand-alone gaming programs. if your old indie game or emulation program of choice lets you choose any size -- preferable holding to scale, at least as an option -- consider yourself lucky.
  10. I think the better solution would be taking those extra players back off and changing the pointers to the first goalie, first three forwards listed and the first two defensemen, too. that way, as long as you have a full six to ice, you won't have the crashing/freezing issue.
  11. when was the last version? I don't think there will be a "next" version unless somebody here takes it upon themselves to redo it... and that's a LONG shot in this sparse hacking landscape.
  12. oh, yeah. I don't know how y'all put up with any delay at all; the Flow can be broken so easily. the biggest key to the game for me is that immersion from seeing your -- and your opponent's -- inputs displayed so rapidly on the screen. that has always been my issue with the Genesis version on the system console and with emulation, but folks swear there isn't a delay difference between the systems... I notice it EVERY time and it is frustrating feeling the lack of response on the lesser system to the point where I fully understand the desire to minimize it as much as possible. Kega adding an even more noticeable delay is not okay. it's too bad there isn't a better option for Genesis emulation; it is really unfortunate for those that prefer that version.
  13. then why don't more people use that? or do they? I seem to recall that most don't....
  14. seriously; maybe half and half at the absolute most. why the aggression?