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  1. we share life goals. I have many games in my head! but... I don't play the lottery and I don't grind 120 hours per week of high-pay hustle. here's to it working out somehow. I imagine a toggle button for many preformatted modes based on the variety of versions of the game, hacks since, our great ideas to improve it all. winning?
  2. you seem well aware and up for the challenge. I hope you win at least one game. the Genesis community is a far deeper pool to play in, so it should be easy enough to get some practice in before April. have a good rookie season!
  3. good luck making the switch. I find that Genesis action needs to be anticipated more than SNES which can be reacted to more effectively. it is more of an RPG in that you select an option and wait as the result plays out in front of you, but you can't await your next turn while watching your button pressings play out in animation or you'll fall even further behind. and the light players become heavy in the human-controlled checking math, but not while in the control of the AI. and a bunch of player-control buttons are missing.
  4. this thread is excellent. I wish there were people geeking out like this about the SNES version, but this is all to the good. keep tinkering!
  5. I am almost definitely not going to be completing another current-rosters ROM without at least one serious partner, but I am here and willing to work. if you would like to help with the other "half" of the tasks, I am very much willing to contribute, so please let it be known how you'd wish to precede. I do this much all of the time anyway:
  6. thank you for noticing the setup and making contact with the pitch.
  7. ha! yes! it sure does seem to enjoy the gap.
  8. um... what?! hi! the whole "leave them wanting more" thing is something I have yet to add to my repertoire -- you have the teasing-nondisclosure-leading-to-interest thing down, don't you?
  9. thank you for explaining what you meant by the r/p/s experience -- it didn't click for me what you meant until you went into the explanatory details.
  10. ….no need for this, but at least take it to the NHL '94 Community section, yeah?
  11. the tips say that your faster players are better at faceoffs, so I think that is a big factor. it would be nice to know if there is a you-were-too-early penalty that delays your next attempt like live Jeopardy (game show) has.
  12. hi! blueline slapshots on the Super Nintendo?! those are rare. welcome.
  13. I am wondering if there is a way to not have the Emrick sentence's period roll onto the next line -- it makes your very professional work lose a touch of, well, professionalism, to me. would using generic player pictures for the last few teams prevent crashes? thank you for all of your hard work.