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  1. thank you for noticing the setup and making contact with the pitch.
  2. um... what?! hi! the whole "leave them wanting more" thing is something I have yet to add to my repertoire -- you have the teasing-nondisclosure-leading-to-interest thing down, don't you?
  3. thank you for explaining what you meant by the r/p/s experience -- it didn't click for me what you meant until you went into the explanatory details.
  4. ….no need for this, but at least take it to the NHL '94 Community section, yeah?
  5. the tips say that your faster players are better at faceoffs, so I think that is a big factor. it would be nice to know if there is a you-were-too-early penalty that delays your next attempt like live Jeopardy (game show) has.
  6. hi! blueline slapshots on the Super Nintendo?! those are rare. welcome.
  7. I am wondering if there is a way to not have the Emrick sentence's period roll onto the next line -- it makes your very professional work lose a touch of, well, professionalism, to me. would using generic player pictures for the last few teams prevent crashes? thank you for all of your hard work.
  8. trudatman


    thank you for that. yeah... the weight miscalculation thing is pretty brutal. I have no sense of flow with the fixed versions of the Genesis NHL '94 game, though, so the real downfall of that game for me is the frustrating button response delays and the general frustration between what I want the player to do and what I see happen on the screen later. I find it to be by far the least fun and most frustrating version of the game. not as bad as SNES NHL '93, though!
  9. trudatman


    so... I am back in Massachusetts, living on the Cape lately, in Boston for the weekend. what part of our Commonwealth are you in?
  10. hmm... that seems right... GENS and the other common Genesis one have toggles, but SNES9x and the SENS -- or whatever it is called -- one don't, yeah? so... if I want to have a slower flow, I need a foreign console? would a USA-market cartridge fit or would I need a foreign ROM-running cartridge, too?
  11. trudatman


    thank you. I am sorry for disappearing as we gained momentum. you have been a tremendous help in my 'Chel hacking and general discussion experiences. I look forward to getting back to it ASAFP. I am a bit intimidated by the amount of work it'll take to become involved in such endeavors again, but I also look forward to affecting positive outcomes for you and the others around here who can truly benefit from my presence. (I don't think I am as conceited as that may come across, but I guess it is plainly fair based on the lack of action in the areas I used to populate.) I am now noticing your signature. any thoughts on where Sega CD version and NHL '92 would fit in your chart? thanks for still being around!
  12. oh.. whoa. is that on SNES emulators, DomJag? I have been trying to come up with a simple way to make NHL '94 faster and slower. I think I'd prefer slower, but... wow. explain it again? works the other way to slow it down?
  13. Smoz: yep. is it 50 versus 60? something like that. the game and music are then at the normal speed that makes it match the other version of the game. EA Hockey was a kind of sloppy export of NHL '92 -- it is not NHL '91 at all. I freaking LOVE these games. these two, Sega CD, PC NHL games from circa 1994 are each almost as good as NHL '94 (for the SNES, of course). '92 has flow.
  14. only if you are emulating it incorrectly. the actual games are the same except for the brandings, right down to the fact that the two teams that would be allstar teams on the earlier NHL '92 are excluded from the playoffs in the later EA Hockey release.