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  1. DSgamby

    Another set of updates for NHL95

    The only problem I see is there are a lot of number errors. For Montreal. Domi is #13 Alzner is #27 Tatar is #90 Niemi is #37
  2. I was responding to I got the puck
  3. Did you mount the game? Here are my mounted games. mount a "c:\Program Files (x86)\wolfenstein-3d" mount b "c:\Program Files (x86)\superstar-ice-hockey" mount c "c:\hockey" mount d "c:\Program Files (x86)\NHL95" mount e "c:\Program Files (x86)\NHLHockeyPC" mount f "c:\Program Files (x86)\Micro League Baseball" mount g "c:\Program Files (x86)\blades-of-steel" mount h "c:\Program Files (x86)\california-games" mount i "c:\Program Files (x86)\face-off" mount j "c:\Program Files (x86)\MLW2" mount k "c:\Program Files (x86)\tag-team-wrestling" mount l "c:\Program Files (x86)\wayne-gretzky-hockey" mount m "c:\Program Files (x86)\wayne-gretzky-hockey-2" mount n "c:\Program Files (x86)\wayne-gretzky-hockey-3" mount o "c:\Program Files (x86)\winter-games" mount p "c:\Program Files (x86)\caveman-ugh-lympics" mount q "c:\Program Files (x86)\eishockey-manager" mount r "c:\Program Files (x86)\hockey-league-simulator" mount s "c:\Program Files (x86)\hockey-league-simulator-2" mount t "c:\Program Files (x86)\Wayne-Gretzky-Allstar Hockey" mount u "c:\Program Files (x86)\world" mount v "c:\Program Files (x86)\LakersvsCeltics" mount w "c:\Program Files (x86)\micro-league-baseball-the-managers-challenge" mount x "c:\Program Files (x86)\microleague-baseball-iv" mount y "C:\Games\Sports\Solid Ice Hockey\ICE" When you run DOSBox. I just type y: and it switches to that folder Type ice.exe and the game will run
  4. Thanks but it doesn't work on Windows 10.
  5. DSgamby

    Fighting in NHL '95?

    It came back in for NHL 96.
  6. DSgamby

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    They were still called the North Stars in 1992-93. The logo just omitted the North. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_North_Stars
  7. DSgamby

    Imported Music

    Did you change the music to import music only in the game options?
  8. DSgamby

    95 the year 2020

  9. DSgamby

    Rock the Rink (ps1)

    This an awesome game.
  10. DSgamby

    94 Memes

    Awesome memes. Can anyone post the missing memes from the first 2 pages? Would love to see them. Thanks
  11. DSgamby

    How to change team name in NHL95PC with NHLinfo

    If that is the case. You are SOL until you get the Windows version.
  12. DSgamby

    How to change team name in NHL95PC with NHLinfo

    So, that's the first screen when you start NHL Info? Not after you select the game.
  13. DSgamby

    How to change team name in NHL95PC with NHLinfo

    Strange. Post the pic of when you click to start NHL Info