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  1. There are a lot of things that are missing from manuals that are still there. It happened. After the Timeout was over. It was gone from the screen. It would make no sense that the Genesis game has Timeouts but the PC versions did not Not a big deal as I really never did Timeouts either.
  2. I called a timeout once I never replicate it. One thing I remember, Timeout was lit up in yellow.
  3. Awesome. One number change for Montreal. Edmundson is 44 not 5.
  4. Hopefully this shows it. It is the best I can do. IMG_2501.MOV IMG_2500.MOV
  5. I had an awarded goal in NHL 97 PC. I saved the replay. Anyone had it before in any other game?
  6. I think I found what caused the game to crash in the edit line PP screen. I had a forward on the defense during the powerplay. Edited to another defenseman and it did not crash. So, EA either needs to fix the lines and make sure defensemen were on the defense during the powerplay or add both forwards and defensemen to each positions selection so we can put forwards on defensemen and defensemen as forwards.
  7. Did it crash when the wrong one scored?
  8. I played as Montreal. The unknown player replaced Tomas Tatar on the PP
  9. Anyone else have the game crash? Either in edit line PP screen or after the unknown player scores. This happened after I edited my lines.
  10. You can get all Roster Editors here https://www.dsgambelluri.ignitiondomain.com/nhlrostertutorial.html However. There are no addons there as I did not save them.
  11. The next entry in the NHL franchise, NHL 21, is set to release later this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC lol
  12. I never had a SNES so I never would have known. I just simmed a season to see if there were any irregularities due to the Micah Aviazoff incident from the NHL 94 Facebook page.