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  1. The next entry in the NHL franchise, NHL 21, is set to release later this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC lol
  2. I never had a SNES so I never would have known. I just simmed a season to see if there were any irregularities due to the Micah Aviazoff incident from the NHL 94 Facebook page.
  3. I simmed a default roster season and I noticed this.
  4. McIntyre and Vujtek are in NHL Hockey PC but not McDonough.
  5. Anyone else has their computer restart after going to full screen?
  6. They realized it later on and did a part 2. However it has not been posted yet.
  7. I know that place. I can't remember where I got mine. It might have been there.
  8. Awesome. Unfortunately I can't find those values.
  9. NOSE has both teams as home team in the playoff brackets however, they are not selectable in game.