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  1. Awesome. Unfortunately I can't find those values.
  2. NOSE has both teams as home team in the playoff brackets however, they are not selectable in game.
  3. I wonder since both those teams are at the bottom of the list that they are the allstar teams for NHL Hockey so they can't be selected.
  4. Me. NHL Depot is not gone technically. Just different and not used. http://nhldepot.info/
  5. You can update the rosters yourself using NHL Info. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B2HAAT4ognPFQndKRVZ4am1NUk0
  6. Sorry. I read it as he was on Arizona.
  7. Weal is on Montreal https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/roster
  8. I thought you can do it ingame but you can do it in NHL Info but it has to be a created player ingame and not a real player.
  9. To make trades in season, you must control both teams. You can edit created players and all players using NHL Info. You can delete created players ingame.
  10. Ok. Just thought it is strange especially when the next time, the date might earlier.
  11. Strange that some of the modified dates are from 2026.
  12. Please NHL Info too as it does more stuff. Also. You can edit team names like renaming the Anaheim Mighty Ducks to Anaheim Ducks, To get NHL Info, click here. To get. Click File Then Click Download GoTitans. I edited the season stat and it did not show up ingame at all. Just the career stats as a season stats.
  13. Make sure UAC is turned off and that the files are not read only.