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  1. That is not an easter egg. The animation is on the back of the game box. The pic before the Zamboni.
  2. In the "convert" folder in a download of NHLInfo I found on your website, there's one particular file that seems to be absent: nhl2000tonhl2001.txt


    There's a txt file used for updating the databases of NHL 2001 with those of NHL 2000, but not the other way around; this is a problem, as the aforementioned mythical txt file is needed for a test I want to perform. If you have this txt file, let me know and link it to me.

  3. I think this qualifies as a glitch. Playing game one of the Conference Quarterfinals in season mode. I injured their goalie. Goalie gets replaced. I score and the game pulls the goalie. The team only has 2 goalies. I score again. I check the replay to see who was in the net. It was a defenseman. I keep scoring. Not checking the player stats just in case it crashes. Game ends. The player in net gets the first star. I check the stats. The goals he allowed counted to his goal total. So right now. Even though his team got shutout in all 4 games. He leads the playoffs in goals and points.
  4. Hamilton Tigers when they played in the NHL, they moved from Quebec. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamilton_Tigers
  5. Some Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers players including Jim Kyte and Charlie Huddy. I personally know Trevor Letowski, Ryan Johnson and the Pyatts. I lined a Habs Alumni game here in town and I got them all signed my jersey. I got a picture with Oleg Petrov
  6. The only NHL source code the hackers probably got is from NHL 15.
  7. Don't know if this was mentioned or your know about it but Winnipeg home and away jerseys are reversed. I am sure there might be other teams. I am playing season with the Habs and have trouble telling my team and the Jets.
  8. There are a lot of things that are missing from manuals that are still there. It happened. After the Timeout was over. It was gone from the screen. It would make no sense that the Genesis game has Timeouts but the PC versions did not Not a big deal as I really never did Timeouts either.
  9. I called a timeout once I never replicate it. One thing I remember, Timeout was lit up in yellow.
  10. Awesome. One number change for Montreal. Edmundson is 44 not 5.
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