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  1. DSgamby

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    Didn't realize that Skalde had higher ratings down the list. The two main ratings though are Speed and Agility though. Other than Mogilny and Yzerman. The next best player only played in one game in 92-93.
  2. DSgamby

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    There are higher rated players than Skalde that shouldn't be.
  3. DSgamby

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    Keyboard controls from the manual
  4. DSgamby

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    I always do this.
  5. DSgamby

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    That is only if you are the home team. For the away team F5 - Line Change Line 1 F6 - Line Change Line 2 F7 - Line Change Line 3 F8 - Line Change Line 4 F10 - Pull Goalie / Return Goalie!' Also Pressing the pass and shoot buttons changes lines too.
  6. DSgamby

    Looking for more players for nhl 2001

    This not NHL 2001 they are talking about. It is NHL 94 Genesis version with 2011 rosters. https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/forum/143-gens-2011-league/
  7. DSgamby

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    The center ice logos were based off of the real logos and location of the center ice logo. I got a few GMs and a few 5 and GMs for Checking from behind Sometimes, intentional and sometimes accidental. NHL Hockey PC had more players. Pretty much every player that played in 92-93 is in the game, NHL Hockey PC only had 4 discs. I first saw this game at a local computer shop. The employee was playing it. I thought it was so awesome. When I did get it. It didn't work. I had to get a friend to fix some settings to get it to work. The manual also includes the Player and Goalie info and stats from the Official NHL Guide and Record Book for 1993. I still have it.
  8. DSgamby

    NHL 95 PC! A hackers dream!!! anyone play it???

    2. Don't delete the installer. Reinstall it again or install it somewhere else but don't create a desktop automatically.
  9. DSgamby

    NHL95PC, Dosbox Howto

    It works. Just don't create the desktop shortcut. Create it manually afterwards.
  10. DSgamby

    NHL95PC, Dosbox Howto

    I wonder if you can do multiple installs of the games.
  11. DSgamby

    NHL Hockey (94) DOS Solitaire League

    The games are still named like that. The older console just didn't get roster updates like now.
  12. DSgamby

    Pixelated Heroes Available Now

    There is also Abuse of Official Game Misconducts.
  13. DSgamby

    NHL Hockey (DOS)

    No create player but can edit players using NHL Info. Also, still trying to find out how to call a Timeout.
  14. DSgamby

    Bug 12 Goalies

    It works on ROMs too and on NHL 06 version of 94. Does it only work for 1 period?
  15. DSgamby

    NHL '95 Game Boy

    https://www.mobygames.com/game/gameboy/nhl-95 https://www.mobygames.com/game/gameboy/nhl-95/screenshots I wouldn't call it a good game. Better than NHL 2000. https://www.mobygames.com/game/nhl-2000_