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  1. To my knowledge of current emulators, both SSF and BizHawk (Version 02.00 and later) are the closest that we have at this time to utilizing the Multitap features in an optimal form, SSF is best to use for better emulation accuracy and BizHawk II uses Saturnus for easier input synchronization; both of them sadly do not have any known Netplay capabilities by normal means (yet), special builds of the emulator that can utilize Kaillera with such a high denomination of players would need to be made for such a liberty, especially given that most Desktop computers only have a maximum of six USB ports
  2. Eight Player would be virtually impossible to make outside of a Disassembly Hack, one would basically need to code in functionality for the menus to display new options for Five to Eight Player Mode, make it possible for players to have uniquely set indicators (it will be harder on the MD due to palette limitations), rework the Multitap liberties to use two Team Players at once, and assure that input optimizations are implemented to prevent lag frames or issues where button inputs are not being registered; for now, I'll keep it at the fact that we might not see it for a while, but I'm sure tha
  3. Totally forgot to do this months ago, at least it's better than never, even though it's long overdue. Similar to my NHL '94: Thirty Team ROM HivePal Offset List, this one will allow you to know the locations of virtually every major palette in Slapshot67's version of the Thirty Team ROM for NHLPA Hockey '93, it will be updated accordingly for any offsets that I did not list at the time of this post; some palettes, like '94, have multiple offsets and will be listed together for the sake of convenience, some are also rendered as Undetermined due to being unsure on which is the exact offset for
  4. For the most part, it's a horribly underrated franchise, I truly would have loved to view where they would have taken the Elitserien series, I guess that it wasn't selling all too well and probably would explain why Elitserien '97 was never made, although they were made available as an add~on for NHL 200I and have been in every installment as of NHL '04. '96 is the only title worth playing out of the two, if I had to say, you boot up the game in NTSC Mode and you will have a rather fun time, better speed and traction control, in my personal view of it; the only downside about '96 though is ac
  5. Data Found! Apparently, my theory worked, so the offset for editing each teams' Matchup Screen values in this is exactly 070 hex values ahead beginning from the "V" in the "V.L.T." section of the code (074 hex values ahead, if you are going for the eight stat numbers), that is extremely good to know in the long run. Now, given this, I do feel that it will be easier to work with editing up these values without a trouble, but after looking further at this, it appears that I will not be able to provide a proper list of offsets for each respective team in this case, at least for the Thirty Team
  6. Looks as if what you have presented here appears to share the same logic in the Thirty Team ROM, the only difference being the fact that the Thirty Team ROM does not use the offsets that you had presented, which are only exclusive to the original, I am able to confirm that after comparing the two (using the offsets for the original ROM, both Revision 00 and Revision 0I, when editing the Thirty Team ROM will result in you finding a whole bunch of hex values that are FF, just to clarify). An easy way to figure out where these hex values start, based what you have presented here, is to go exactl
  7. The information that you view in the highlighted area for the Needham Rockets is what I presume that you are looking into, please do bear in mind that the Rockets are the first team in the team list for Volume 02. Above that data is the text for the commentary and information for each team in the Matchup Screen, and the data before that happens to be a massive amount of code that is used for the sprite of each of the letters in generating the game's text for each screen. Needham, for example, I would not know if the letters and numbers before Courtney Burke's name is what I would have to edi
  8. Alrighty, folks, about time that I come back to do development of titles on here, I have been in a need of returning to the NHL Hacking scene after getting back online completely. Today, I return with wonder about editing in Slapshot67's incarnation of NHLPA Hockey '93, I have presented a good example of how it is meant to be presented, but there is still a few things missing, the above mentioned especially noticeable in the mix. In Revision 00 builds of MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5: Tournament Edition ~ Volume 0I, a good amount of you that have played the game either from here or via The First
  9. The positive reception is well appreciated, good sir, I truly am happy that you enjoy what you are viewing out of this series so far. I still am working on the series behind the scenes, but development has become rather slow in recent time due to other projects that I have on the backburner to handle; chances are though that I will be able to get back to everything in this series (and an upcoming JWHL series that I will be handling after the releases of The Super 08 at TD Banknorth Garden) in all due time, but for now, I am taking it easy and working on one project at a time, what with my vid
  10. From how I view this, for all Genesis and Megadrive versions, that would require NOSE to have an update to its Statistic Editor, the issue with this being the fact that the stat for Fighting is linked to the player's Stick Hand. What would have to be done is that the Stick Hand would have to become standalone for doing stat editing with '92 to '94 and '96 to '98, and then Fighting would probably be able to be properly modified to have a standalone editor; what I do not know of, however, is if we would ever get that at this current time, especially since I don't know if NOSE is getting any maj
  11. About time that this is finally beginning to become implemented, this truly will level the playing field for those that are working on Legacy series titles, as well as optimizing the more recent titles (up to 'I7) with the All~Star rosters and allowing us to have a more recent template that works for us, provided that this project delivers to us more than we are already viewing. Although this project is in a rather early Alpha condition, the 032 Team ROM does seem as if it could help in allowing more to be done with the ROM image, and it truly would be lovely to view where this goes. Now, I
  12. Those of you who have been following the series up to now might have been wondering why I have not released Volume 03, as well as the Tournament Edition of Volume 02, at this point in time, given that it usually only takes me about a week to a month to make a complete build on average when I do not have any interruptions. Sadly, I have been having a lot of personal factors coming up on my end, and in recent time, it will only be harder to get it out on here due to something else that has come up, even though I will have more time to work on the series now; that will be explained below. Clear
  13. Now, I know that it is usually considered as a bit of a faux pas to make and/or release a ROM hack of a ROM hack, depending on what is done with it, but I would say that this particular build is significant and relevant enough to be available on here, consider it to be a gift and optimization of sorts. This was an Over the Weekend mini~project that I had decided to undergo, provided that the build of NHL '94: 20I6 Edition on here is as complete as it could be roster~wise, yet had suffered some technical and graphical issues that were barely yet still noticeable nonetheless. The "Revision 0I"
  14. Simply put, yes. As stated by me on plentiful occasions on here, I'm not much of a fan of the way that the number "1" looks with that little tail on the end nowadays, depending on the font, so I use the Capital I in place of it (except for discussing code, model numbers, and certain other specifics). The resume that is on that page is dated for May 17 of 1994, roughly six months before the release of the title. The Genesis version of ESPN National Hockey Night had come out in November and the Super Nintendo counterpart had come out in December, and I presume that Pegasus Race
  15. Road to the Cup Hockey '94 is rather rarely talked about, much to my shock and surprise, it is one of the only unreleased titles of its genre from that portion of the decade. Far as I am aware, this is probably only the third or fourth major forum post that it that exists on the mainstream sites, but wishfully, this will probably get somebody out there to get the talk on this title expanded more beyond the basic development information, this game could have gone somewhere if it got finished or came out. I appreciate the compliment, it always makes me smile to know that I am able to do this f