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  1. ^ Good stuff. And isn't it whacky? Whacky, whacky Facebook land.
  2. Knobbe was practically a ghost when I first started really participating on the TecmoBowl.org forums as more than just a lurker in 2007-ish. It took some creating activity by me and others in the forums to get him back on track. It's too bad to hear the people with the editing permissions don't come around too much anymore. I wish 'those in charge' would have the foresight in their own disinterest, and hand the reigns off to someone who plans to stick around and keep the community active.
  3. This is something that we're working on over at TecmoBowl.org, too. Staff pages would be a great addition to both sites. It's hard to know who does what and why on either site, and creating some clarity would help, we think, establish a better basis for communication to new members about whose interest is directed toward whichever specific part of the community that they oversee, so questions could be filtered through the proper channels, and etc.. Categories like Online Play, Hacking, General site information, et al. When I first landed on this page, I had no idea who owned it, or if there were moderators / staff that focused on specific aspects of the community-building here. Just a thought.
  4. re: fan page timeline photo. I would stick a 'classic' gameplay image in there that shows off the game's graphics. When people visit the page, it'll help job their memory / nostalgia interest to see something they can identity right in the header and get excited about.
  5. Facebook advice: do a Google search for best times when to post on Facebook. If I'm not mistaken, you can even line up posts in a queue to be released later (I may be wrong at that). At any rate, posting three fan page stories in the span of 30-minutes is not going to help as much as you might think. You gotta spread out the love. Find the times that are best, in terms of Facebook traffic for viewership. And encourage your 119 fans to share the page. If someone is handling the Facebook now, and acting as NHL94.com representative, encourage them to Like other retro game pages / NHL game pages and spread the word.
  6. www.nba-live.com handles NBA LIVE from all generations, including 16-bit era hacks and resources.
  7. Hi gang, I'm a big fan of trying to understand Web site traffic. These forums are usually populated with several members at any given point, but down at the bottom of the page where it lists members / guests / etc., I also see that there are usually anywhere between 75 - 125 guests visiting the forum. Is this accurate? Is there anything inflating the numbers? The reason why I ask is because of the comparison to the TecmoBowl.org forums. Usually, at any given average time, there will be 10-15 members with around 25 - 50 guests, which is a far different ratio. And I'm totally curious now, about where the guest traffic is coming from for you guys. Thanks for any insights you can provide!
  8. This is an excellent explanation. Many thanks, Segathon! One thing I noticed from some recent postings of the very average video game fan on Facebook (The Tecmo Super Bowl fan page linked ot the new Facebook fan page of NHL94.com) is that in a series that has lived for so long, you're going to have people preferring their nostalgia from different eras of the game's lifespan across the board. The NHL series isn't Tecmo Bowl, in that Tecmo Bowl has, basically, four generations of (popular) games. The NHL and NBA EA series' have lived for over a decade, so you're going to have fans who were introduced to the different series all throughout this lifespan. From that fact, my opinion is that it will be VERY helpful in creating greater awareness of this site, by having documentation about the various differences between years in the series. You have a lot / most of that already in the form of forum discussion. So, perhaps, the task of creating this documentation is as easy as finding those conversations, and stripping them of the necessary information? Having this documentation, and readily posting it for all to see somewhere (and in your social media outlets) will go a long way in educating the general passersby as to the lead differences, pluses / minuses of each, which will not only cut down on the nonsensical arguments that I'm sure will live throughout the lifespan of this Web site, but help people get into the details of the game, and encourage them to recommit themselves to it, and by doing so, the community here.
  9. And then Knobbe / Rod found the obvious... http://www.nba-live.com/ Um. That's a huge site. Trudatman, if the above site exists as it does, then I think NHL94.com is safe.
  10. Hi guys. I'm MGK. I came to this forum because I talk with Knobbe, who runs / owns TecmoBowl.org all the time about how to expand outreach of the Tecmo Super Bowl universe or update Web site concepts. I'm an administrator over there. I got into re-coding ROMs in 2007, and was heavily immersed for three years. I don't have as much time these days to commit to game hacking, so I spend more of my time trying to find ways to expand the base of users. My favorite hobby now is to 'make things better.' This past weekend, I finally found some time to come over here and start a conversation about the work on the NHL series you do, which I have a lot of respect for. Our communities and mission seem very similar, so it only made sense for me to create a point of conversation and develop our efforts in symbiosis. I come in peace. Thanks for doing what you do!
  11. Yeah, dude! I think you guys do good stuff. I'm interested to see if you can expand that into new directions.
  12. Suggestion, in one of your upcoming posts (and every once in a while), I would direct-link to a fancy little pre-packged ROM pack (including emulator and instructions) of the NHL '94 2012 total conversation ROM. Them Facebook peeps love to have things spelled out for them, complete with coloring in the lines. And you'd have a heck of a piece of content to post on Facebook if it were a link to a download package here on the forums. Again, I'd take a look at TecmoBowl.org's 2013 ROM thread as an example. Lead them calves to water! Also, reading up on when / how often is best to update your Facebook page will be important. There's reading about this stuff all over the Internet, accessible from a Google search.
  13. Yeah, at this stage in the game, it might be too late to switch if a commitment has been made to the current page. The "Message" button at the top of each fan page will go directly to the admin of that page, though, FYI.
  14. Also, did you guys ever consider trying to get in-touch with the previous owners of the NHL '94 Facebook page that has nearly 2k fans, and ask if they're no longer interested in running it? And possibly transferring ownership over to you? That page has the best Facebook url, and it's sadly defunct. Just a thought. "Fans" who run pages have a tendency to think the peeps who actually generate game changes or edit ROMs are pretty terrific. There's a chance this person might have just handed over the reigns.
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