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  1. I don't know where I am supposed to post something like this so forgive me if I posted it in the wrong subforum. Anyway... If anyone lives in north Jersey and would like to play in a live, money game of (NES) Bad News Baseball, you can Private Message me. (Live as in, in person)
  2. I loved the arcade game Hit the Ice. The SNES version seemed too slow, but it may just seem that way to me.
  3. Has anyone played the hidden 16-bit gem of the hockey games called?: RHI Roller Hockey '95 Most people have never played nor even heard about this Super Nintendo game. There isn't even a good known dump of the game (which is very rare.) I feel bad for this game because it's forgotten about. It gets no love. I may have over exaggerated when I called it a "gem", but it's not that bad of a game. What's your thoughts on it?
  4. First of all, does the website TecmoBowl.org have any relation to NHL94.com? Because both sites are very similar, both hack the game, and both use the same brand of forum board. Secondly, I was wondering if there are any other websites that you guys know of that are similar to NHL94.com/TecmoBowl.org? Meaning, a website that is dedicated to a particular retro NES/SNES/Genesis/Arcade game that has somewhat of a decently active forum. As long as the forum is not entirely dead, I'd like to hear the websites. It doesn't have to necessarily be a sports game either.
  5. So, from what I understand, it is possible to remove them. I figured trudatman would like this idea since how he feels about the highlighted stars. I think it would be great if someone can pull this off. It will make the gameplay have more surface area, the screen will look larger, more action can be seen, etc. That EA logo under the in-game timer is quite large, covers/hides a decent portion of the screen, and is completely pointless. And the in-game scoreboard is unnecessary as well... it should only be displayed after a goal is scored during the celebration.
  6. I have a ROM hack idea. How about removing the scoreboard and the EA Logo that is below the timer that is displayed during gameplay. So all you're left with is a small timer on the bottom left corner of the screen. By removing these things, it will create a larger screen size (I can't think of the word I'm looking for, but you know what I mean) so you can see more action. There's no need to have the scoreboard constantly displayed in the lower right corner of the screen during gameplay. This takes up screen area and is not necessary. Even the television networks that televise professiona
  7. I really like the graphics on this one. Nice job.
  8. I can't figure out what this ROM hack does. You can already control the goalie in NHL 94. So what does this hack do?
  9. I grew up playing (Genesis) NHLPA NHL '93 and (SNES) NHL '94. Those two games I like the most out of the series due to them being great games and the nostalgia factor. When I finally got into the emulation scene a couple decades later, I tried out the rest of the games in the series for the Genesis and SNES. The Genesis and SNES versions each have their positives and negatives. But there is one game that stood out like a soar thumb. And that game is the SNES version of NHLPA NHL '93. At first I thought it was just emulated poorly, but I realized that wasn't the case. The two main things
  10. @SlapShot... are your ROM hacks for NHLPA NHL '93 from the original ROM GoodTools format (REV00) or (REV01)? Meaning, did you hack: NHLPA Hockey '93 (UE) (REV00) [!] or NHLPA Hockey '93 (UE) (REV01) [!]
  11. I think that is a good idea to offer the two. I don't see why you would care which one someone plays because they are both YOUR ROM hacks. So regardless which one someone chooses, they are still enjoying something that you hacked. Analogy: If your favorite team is "Team # 12", would you hack the game so that people can only choose/play with "Team # 12"? Of course not. If it is not hard nor time consuming for you to offer your hack with stars enabled, then you might as well do it. It can't hurt. If anything, more people will be attracted to your ROM hack. Now, in a hypothetical situa
  12. I'm new, I just registered. I'm surprised and delighted to see this game have an active forum dedicated to it after all these years. Although I prefer the Genesis NHLPA '93, the NHL '94 is a close second in my opinion.
  13. Also, do you have a change log for this ROM hack? I never knew about this original game. I like it though. The "NHL Hockey" is disgustingly slow. I like "EA Hockey" much better since it's so much faster. "EA Hockey" reminds me of the "Bill Walsh College Football '95" of hockey...ex: The feel of the gameplay, the crowd noise, the hitting noise, etc.