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  1. Most Mon-Fri late evenings 9-11 Central Weekends vary, will depend on your availability. Best way to contact me is post in this topic or private message me I don't have AIM on unless I'm looking for players for league or exhibitions without scheduling a game
  2. Thank you so much and look forward to being back from a 4 year hiatus
  3. I have always used Analog because of adjusting to playing PS and Xbox over the years. I don't even know how guys use the keyboard, I am lost with it.
  4. I've been having problems with Hamachi. I download and install it and can't get access afterword
  5. Use to play this game years ago online, looking to get some rust off in Classic league. If any team becomes available let me know via private message Thanks!
  6. I just downloaded the Emulator, ROM and new Kaillera client. Still have no servers when I open up Gens Netplay. Any help would be appreciated... (Now just need to find the old controller...)
  7. Guess I'm not new, but its been a long time. How is everyone doing and have the lag problems in the past gotten better???
  8. Not sure if anybody is a fan of the sport, but there is a really cool online site where you can play against people all over the world. www.playcurling.com
  9. I havent forgot about you guys, its just hard to play games that are choppy online.
  10. The last two EA titles (NHL 09/ NHL 10) are amazing and really are the reason why I stop playing NHL 94.
  11. There's mad rumors going around right now that Atlanta will end up in Winnipeg next season. www.jetsowner.com I dont really believe any of it, but thought it fit the discussion.
  12. Got it yesterday... not needing to play NHL 94 anymore Feel free to add me on Xbox Live: thegr8199kings (yes, it is the same as my AIM)
  13. I have an xbox 360 'nhl 3 on 3 arcade'
  14. Im out due to lack of commitment
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