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  1. NHL 99 for the Playstation isn't too bad, I still play it from time to time on my PS2. Then again I'm more of a fan of NHL 2004 these days....
  2. Hmm lets see, I used to be a collector of NHL jerseys so lets see if I remember what I've had or still may have somewhere. Yzerman Gretzky, Los Angeles Kings Quebec Nordiques, no name on it Colorado Avalanche New York Rangers, Adam Graves, number 9 Philadelphia FLyers, Eric Lindros
  3. Looked like a good hit to me, pre Lockout that woulda probably been a legal hit. I swear the NHL is going soft, guy wasn't even injured or didn't seem that shaken up when he got up Bad call by the ref for sure, lets make hockey tough again.... Damn Bettman, I dispise the man.
  4. Having recently played both games, I have to agree with the OP here. 94 is just a bit too slow and NHL 95 seems to be the better game. I won't argue that 96-98 are too fast, though. NHL 99 seems alright but I dunno 95 has to be one of my fav of the series
  5. If I lived in Canada I would be there for sure, too bad I live too far away... Oh well, nice to see support for more Canadian teams and if Quebec gets a team back hey I'll be happy as hell!
  6. ..Figured that, thanks. Maybe I'll have to pick it up and see. Thanks
  7. Probably so far my fav PS2 hockey game, of course I don't have the playstation 3 so I can't speak for '10 or the soon to be released '11 I need to get out and get 09 to see what that's all about, anyone play 09 and try it? Just curious if it's worth it
  8. also the difference between the southern fans and the real hockey fans(as I refer to them as) Is that unlike the people in Minnesota the Dallas fans didn't have to see the Stars when they were bad. They'd NEVER of supported a bad team, they're not true hockey fans like the people of Minnesota or Hamilton, It makes me SICK to see hockey in places like Florida, California and Dallas and even Atlanta, it's a f'n joke! I mean hockey in Nashville, are you f'n kidding me? The NHL today is a joke, and that's the problem Bettman runs it as too much of a f**king buisness. He doesn't see what he is doing to the TRUE hockey fans like the people of Quebec, Winnipeg and Hamiliton. I will NEVER support the NHL in the south, It is ruining the great game of hockey. Down with Bettman and lets build towards a better NHL Game WITHOUT THE SOUTH!
  9. Doesn't change the fact Bettman is ruining the game, if I ran the NHL there would be NO Southern Teams OR teams in F'n California, what kind of joke is that!? Then again that's why I rarely watch the NHL anymore, Bettman has ruined the league with his hardon for teams in the south Give me a break
  10. You know what I may be a bit of a hockey snob, okay so more then a bit but I don't give a f'n damn. Those dumb rednecks in TExas have no respect for this game, same as in Florida and F'n Pheonix, look at all the trouble the damn Coyotes have been having. Yet that f**king moronic twit Bettman supports the southern teams over the northen and Canadian teams? Bettman is the dumbest f**king sports executive in the god damned known world. he should be pushing hockey in Canada where it belongs, it's THEIR F'n game you moron!. Canada came up with hockey not the US! IT's their game It's a f'n disgrace seeing hockey in the south, places like Texas where they really know nothing about the great history of the game, all they know is they have a great team that wins and is entertaining. I bet if they had bad teams like when the Dallas Stars were the Minnesota North stars all those dumb rednecks would abandon the stars so fast! The people of Minnesota supported their team during the bad, unlike what the dumbass Southerners would do. So no my friend YOU are wrong My mind will not be changed, I will support the elimination of Southern Teams in hockey till the day I die, it is WRONG and the creators of this great game must be doing backflips in their god damned graves seeing this bullshit
  11. They deserve teams way more then places that the people have no idea what hockey is and only support it cause they have a winning team IE Dallas. Seriously the NHL should of never been put in friggin TExas biggest mistake ever to give those damned stupid rednecks hockey Let them stick to their football and basketball
  12. Ah, okay.. I thoguht checking rating made better hitters... alrighty.. Guess I have a better idea of the game attributes now Thanks man
  13. Ah, okay it's only in the Gens version then.. I have the super NES version somewhere, thanks man
  14. I realise this is a bit off topic but does anyone know if the checking rating still means how often a player hits in the newer games also? Cause when I make players I give them a high checking rating cuase I was under the understanding it made them better hitters.... Just askin
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