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  1. I still miss the old WCHA with all the MN schools in one conference.
  2. loved that lindros check, may have to fire that game up again.
  3. I'd really like to hear your thoughts on scoring moves etc from just your play through compared to 94 scoring. You have so much knowledge on 94 and wondering what applies to 95.
  4. awesome! thanks so much
  5. Thanks for that, read it a couple times and it's still overheating my brain. Does anybody sub out similar players during the game to get a "feel" if one player got the better hot rating, do you think you can tell the difference on the blue 16 bit ice?
  6. So the range in "4" is 80 to 63 right? So one "4" could be almost 20 pts faster than another 4?
  7. I wonder with the different emulation if it makes the AI do different things. I know at the last Tecmo Madison we used quite a bit of new 3rd party NES systems and some of the better players complained that long bomb throws weren't working as well on those systems.
  8. So if two Doug Gilmours were on the ice the 4/4 rating could be different between them because of multipliers? I think i read somewhere that the actual rating when checking line up aren't accurate?
  9. Thanks @smozoma Liked all the traffic to posting, too bad it was all about Covid19 and infowars
  10. Thought I'd make a more official post here as we are months away now for the NHL 95 World Championship. Would love to have more buds join us. Ask questions here and feel free to reach out.. Gonna copy/pasta from what I have at NHL 95 World Championship Where: Toronto Waves Egaming When: August 1st Who: NHL 95 Tribes from across the World from USA, Canada and Finland THE STORY: Many kids in the 90’s grew up playing the NHL series on the Sega Genesis (and Super Nintendo) and have fond memories of it. Leagues in college dorms and one night tourneys sprouted up among friends…..and some of those events are still happening today 25 years later. The plan is for all of the NHL 95 Tribes to unite for one large Tournament on August 1st in Toronto at Waves Egaming. You have a crew of buds that want to make the pilgrimage? Send the Commish an Email at and we can add your to the tribe list. BELOW ARE THE TRIBES OF 95 Segathon: Tourneys started in 2003. 10-25 guys mostly from same home town in Minnesota play a 1 night tourney for the Belt. Michigan/ Boston: Been holding Tourneys since College as well, and also compete for a Belt. Actually played the Segathon Tribe in 2011. Tampere Sega NHL95 Tournament: Finland’s yearly tourney is the NHL 95 Largest Event. Been holding tournies since 2007 NHL 95 Championships: Out of Waterloo Ontario, been doing Tournies since 2011. Will be host of 2020 Highland Avenue: Group out of Pennsylvania, doing official tournies since 2014 TheUnholygrial: RIP, was the grandaddy of them all. When I googled NHL 95 they came up and saw their funny event recaps, reason we made Other Tribes Not Pictured Yet: New Jersey Tribe: that made the treck all the way to Madison Wisconsin for a NHL 95 Tourney Deer Hunt Camp Tribe: in the Hinterlands of Canada that play while chasing Wild Game Riker’s Island Rules Camp: A Deranged group that plays 20 Minutes Periods There are many other NHL 95ers out there from St Louis, to Weezer Tour bus to Parts Unknown etc. Currently having a United Nations Email Chain between ranking Tribes to figuring out details, here is what we have so far VENUE Waterloo has booked Waves E Gaming in Toronto Event Fee, looks $15 a person for venue, right now but that could change. May add a shirt for event etc. There will be no Prize money though, just bragging rights They have a bunch of old school Tube TVs so we will be playing how the game was meant to be played. BOOZE AND FOOD. We have a beer sponsor and working on to make sure we get a license for the weekend Looking into a food truck RULES Below is tentative, could change but this is where we are at right now Round robin with 8 pools (depending on how many players, we’ll divy up the pools accordingly. So it might be 8 pools of 4, or 5 , or 6 etc). Play each person in your pool once in the round robin. Top 4 from each pool moves on to 32 team elimination bracket. First two rounds are best 2 out of 3 Quarters, semis and finals best 3 out of 5 5 minutes periods Manual goalies No penalties, no offsides, no line changes Madison Rules – so one player picks the two teams, and the other guy gets to choose which one he wants to use.
  11. Bumping this Oldie So In NHL 95, Stick Handling ratings are different instead of 0-6 HEX they are 0-F. Wondering why they would of done that? One thing I noticed is Jeremy Roenick has the highest Hex Rating of "D" the next highest rating is "A" for players. But both D and A are rated as a 81-98 rating in NOSE Maybe they made him just a tad bit better than everyone else.
  12. We need to hang out in person before we die @clockwise
  13. Sure thing Raph, I'll send him a DM. I'd even call out the Movie Swingers right away for those who may not pick up on the joke.. Not exactly sure how to word it though. Troy, I think the majority of people that have fond memories about the 16 bit era of their childhood remember the NHL series in general. From my talks with people most played/owned more than one version. Got to remember we are in a superfans bubble, most people haven't given this game much thought since they had pimples on their back. Even in the Swingers Movie, they talked about how the programmers took out fighting because kids were hitting each other but you can still make a guys head bleed. Not correct as both were removed but most people remember that and think it's correct, because again they haven't played the game since they stopped buying OXY pads.