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  1. He's awesome. So generous. If I ever meet in person, he will drink for free on me!
  2. very cool. Do you think both games play the exact same?
  3. Here's talk about the Genesis bug. Sounds like SNES version is superior for this reason below
  4. Cool, there is an NCAA version of Jam called College Jam I think. Pretty sure you can do alley oops if I remember right.
  5. I've always coveted an updated version on the genesis. Also a couple other things I would love investigated on the old ROM 1. a hack that just gives the whole roster right away. (there is a code you can do to get it, but it is kinda complicated to get all the players) 2. You can rest guys at quarter to recharge their injury rate, but there is some debate that resting does not recharge them. I'll have to find the clip on retro sports gamer where they talked about it.
  6. Interesting. There are some rare times where you can score after the whistle when a penalty is called.
  7. Very relatable after a heated game with a bud
  8. Thanks for putting this all in one place. You are keeping 95 Alive!!!
  9. was supposed to be a gif.... I suck at internets
  10. @UltraMagnusis NEO with this hacking stuff
  11. Football games ranked 5. Mutant League Football Genesis 4. NCAA ps2 3. Madden ps2 2. Tecmo Super Bowl NES 1. Recess in Elementary school with a Nerf Turbo Football with the Whistle inside