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  1. NHL 95 cannot be killed by conventional weapons like Keith Richards
  2. Never have seen this before
  3. It's getting Hot in here, so take off all yo clothes
  4. This was the song I danced to at my wedding....
  5. Just viewed the "BeanPot Trot" and I can safely say this is the worst thing I have seen in my life..... Great hacking though on the rom!
  6. Oscar the grouch goal?? HER name is Grover!
  7. MOAR 95 ACTION With highlights of me losing in OT
  8. Great stuff Chaos, So if I understand correctly we can use relay servers now instead of port forwarding? That will help tremendously with my low tech knuckle dragging buds!
  9. All these records should be broken during this weird time
  10. 95 Genesis is 53 now by Nate the Great. Tip for you Cool Cats and Kittens on breaking the 95 Record, (and you may be able to apply this to other versions if they kept the same programming) The Defensemen Assignments is the Left Defender Roams around chasing the puck and the Right Defender stays by the Goalie mostly on left side, so if you are doing the Cross Crease Cheese move come from the right by juking out the roamer and shooting before the Right D can lay you out.
  11. Thanks again @kingraph for the bones of this rating sheet. Here's my 95 Version. Main change is I put first forward as Center, and called out wings due to the deadliness of the cut across move with a back hand. Also put in some little icons for player skill because I love icons...
  12. Posting a video of some NHL 95 Play to get us through these weird times.
  13. Theo Fleury and Robert Reichel. Fell in love with that Chroma Red colored Flames on the Sega Genesis when I was a young pup.
  14. Yup what @kingraph said I'm one of the 95ers here. Still working on the set up with are guys. Will get us working here soon. The whole computer emulations stuff is new to our crew so we get frustrated and drink beer instead of finishing the install
  15. this chart is so great, you mind sharing the working doc with me to make a bastardized nhl 95 version?