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  1. Can't believe someone got paid to make pun names back in the day. Basically my dream job.
  2. That would be great, I know the big brains over at Tecmo made a ROM that doesn't flicker on NES emulator. Not sure how they accomplished that as the forum is gone now. I love both Mutant League games, but the hockey frame rate has not aged well. Also make sure not to offend @clockwise because Coach Wimpson was based on him.....
  3. Played some and streamed with my buds on Saturday. They were amazed by your work. We did have a issues with the End of the World ROM Wu Tang vs the Cardinals froze in 3rd for player sub. Again great stuff! you can watch some of it here
  4. Have not seen that, but have seen that poor penalty shot AI
  5. Rubio back on the wolves! can't wait to play, make sure he has a beard
  6. Hey game froze, picked Team Jermey team 1 team nhl 95 team 2. music went weird and then couldnt do anything. Using retroarch
  7. We are going to get @clockwise to be the guest of honor at one of our NHL 95 Segathon tourneys and then burn him like in Wicker Man.
  8. keep up the stellar work Ultramagnus!
  9. WOW! can't wait to try it.