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  1. Not sure if I like them in real life, but these jerseys will look great in 16 bit form
  2. Just retweeted it to like minded NHL 95 fans.
  3. I’m up in the north woods away from computer but will download when I get back!!!
  4. I love both 94 and 95. EA really did a phenomenal job on the whole series and most sports games in the 16 bit era. I got one of those 800 game genesis carts on amazon and amazed how well the EA games hold up compared to some of the other sports games back then. So here’s my off the top of the head tail of the tape 94-95 on Genesis Camera Angle - 94. In 95 they tilted the angle up a bit and doesn’t look right. From what I heard EA wanted the game to look different every year so people would keep buying the game yearly. Skating - 95. They really tightened the controls in 95 an
  5. @DrBill there are some NHL 95 Disciples here too but we are to busy kissing chicks and doing push-ups to learn how do to online play. glad you found the site and I’d do the blue controller too...
  6. You are the legend @UltraMagnus for doing this work. We aren’t even computer literate enough to get a group to play online so anything we can bring to the live console is awesome.
  7. Great work, you are quick too! We are going to have a Segathon Toureny with College teams when this is all done! Can't wait.
  8. Played this last night, thank for making it. My brain had a hard time seeing players on different teams with different ratings as I have played probably the most games of NHL 95 than anybody in the world. Watching you and @UltraMagnus hack 95 makes me want to dip my toes in the hacking water.
  9. I'll see if I can recreate again, but downloaded it on to an everdrive, and the game froze up in 3rd quarter. Playing two players Wolves vs Lakers. Was very fun.
  10. Awesome, I know my crew would love a NCAA college rom.