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  1. I missed the vid the first time. Great watch! @smozoma
  2. Just updating this post if someone is searching for NHL 95 content. We have a website now for the NHL 95 league @UltraMagnus has created. https://www.nhl95.net/
  3. Great read @chaos and @smozoma anything new that needs to be added to this? Thanks for writing
  4. This is the best thing on the Internet Just did a google and found this is the top search for NHL 95 Online League. AND YES IT IS STILL GOING. JOIN US! If you longed for the old Dorm Days of the Late 90s Playing Full Season Modes in NHL 95 with a dozen other players. Well your prayers have been answered! We have multiple NHL 95 Leagues now. All you need is a Computer, Internet Connection, and a Controller. Everything else is Free Free Free. The Crown Jewel of NHL 95 leagues is the W (see pic above) It is 32 teams, Dynasty League with draft, trades, and full stat tracking. It’s also a great community with podcasts, league news articles, and just guys being dudes as the kids say. The link to our league is below on a thing called Discord. Don’t worry its kinda a mix of AOL and old page forums. Sign up https://discord.gg/x3qs8D9
  5. Doing good work boys! The 29-year reign of the 128 pt bug is over.
  6. @von Ozbourmethis is AMAZING. I have spent almost as much time playing Baseball Stars on the NES than NHL 95 on the gens. It's like it was custom-made for me. THANK YOU!
  7. love the charts @Tickenest Kirk would be proud
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