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  1. segathon

    NHL 94 2019 box cover

    looks great! Really like the white background EA used from 94-98 and you did it perfectly.
  2. Great Tourney Buds! The final GENS game in OT was a great watch with everyone hooting and hollering. Then of course the goal horn at the end was icing on the cake.
  3. segathon

    Game of Thrones ROM

    Two of my favorite things have joined together, not sure how to process it yet.
  4. segathon

    NHL'94 World Rankings List!

    There's a guy in Prior Lake that loves 94? That's the heart of Segathon Country. We will brainwash him and show him the FUTURE.....
  5. Any vegas odds listed for tourney favorites?
  6. segathon

    NHL "95 Full Season Bug

    I don't remember that one as well, was it 128 pts as well?
  7. segathon

    NHL "95 Full Season Bug

    Going to have to put some work in to recreate bug, Was hoping to autoskip to April win a few games to recreate bug, but it looks like I will have to do about 20 games at end of season to make it happen. Fun fact the the actually attributes of player must not mean anything when doing autoskip as I traded a bunch of great players to the Flames and they went .500 and Mike Donnelly lead the league in Goals without Wayne and Luc on the Kings.
  8. segathon

    NHL "95 Full Season Bug

    I'll mess around with it, What program should I use? GENS?
  9. segathon

    NHL "95 Full Season Bug

    had to spread the word of Smoz's big brain
  10. segathon

    NHL "95 Full Season Bug

    Awesome work. I think you are the first person outside the EA programmer that messed up to know exactly where the glitch was!!!
  11. segathon

    94 Memes

    This one really makes me think about my life choices. I could of learned an instrument or a language but I chose retro video game roster knowledge....
  12. segathon

    Nintendo Switch - SNES NHL 94 Online Play

    maybe mutant league hockey since there is no nhl license?
  13. segathon

    Fighting in NHL '95?

    Correct, no fighting in 95. In 96 it was brought back but the mechanics were different. I liked the nhl 93 dodge fighting back and forth better.
  14. segathon

    NHL "95 Full Season Bug

    I know it happens in the Sega Genesis Version, not sure on SNES or PC. To get around it and you don't want to lose games you can "Start season after today" on the cart. Pretty Crazy after a quick google search I found people talking about the glitch in 1995!topic/