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  1. Yeah the Drone Penalties are killer and random I think the only way to enforce would be pausing and switching to auto goalie which kinda kills flow of game.
  2. So what do you think of this wrinkle to game play? I always thought being on the power play isn't that much of an advantage in the 16 bit version of game. So to give the power play more oomph what do you think about "no manual goalie" for team on penalty kill rule? I like it a lot, but my biggest worry is can it be enforced during the heat of the game. What would be the penalty if someone switched to goalie during PK?
  3. I need some player previews or something so I can live vicariously through you guys. Whats OG champs Mikael's odds. Does he have the juice or did we win in a time when players smoked darts between periods?
  4. Updated census of the current NHL 95 Tribes competing next year.
  5. Got to be a trojan horse of some kind. break it open with a sledgehammer and be ready to kill whatever is hiding inside.
  6. segathon

    Ryder Cup 3 Way

    2018 recap, aged only 8 months this time.
  7. Good stuff, funny how none of us have really read the manual closely. Gonna have to crack open 95 manual again. I remember in 95 they talk about that directional passing too. Passing really took a step back in 95 and you can't really pass it anywhere but straight ahead, a wicket angle to corner of rink that's useless or to a player. I was just amazed that the manual goes past 50 pages, albeit smaller pages. They really filled those up.
  8. I am right with you Clockwise. I roam these old forums like that pesky robot Wall-e , reminiscing of the great forum posts of the past in the roaring 'aughts' of this new millennium when was the hub of my Internets. Facebook is overrun with my aunts that post "you rock!" on everyone one of my witty posts and Discord frightens and confuses me.
  9. I want to put Calgary's diagram on a shirt it's so perfectly Balanced with Theo as the Phalanx
  10. Just saw the new set up. Looks great!