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    Doggy Style, Spooning, Double Scissor Earthquake, Nothing finer than a 69er, 3 Point Rocket Stance, pick any of them ;-)

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  1. Do I have to re-add all the 94 contacts on Discord or is there a 94 room or what??


  2. In, Just got Discord - "Sicarius Fulgur"
  3. Blues LW - Bondra C - Kamensky RW - Broten LD - Brisebois RD - Manson G - CuJo
  4. Blues trading Coffey to FPB for Kamensky Confirmed by FPB
  5. Sicky? I need to introduce to some good beer named Slamming Sammy Adams.. That Heineken s**t is more skunky than the skunk weed we smoked 20 years ago...
  6. Most weeknights after 8:30pm CST & most weekends same time frame.
  7. Blues LW - Yzerman C - Kamensky RW - Eklund LD - Patrick RD - Chiasson G - Richter X - Nemchinov
  8. Sicarius

    GDL XV Draft

    Blues taking Chiasson
  9. Sicarius

    GDL XV Draft

    Blues taking Mike Richter
  10. Sicarius

    GDL XV Draft

    Blues taking Valeri Kamensky
  11. Funny s**t, great job Brutus and I'm pretty certain you nailed Plab's voice 100%!!!!
  12. St. Louis Blues LW - Bergeron C - Eichel RW - Fabbri LD - Josi RD - Ekblad
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