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  1. Do I have to re-add all the 94 contacts on Discord or is there a 94 room or what??


  2. In, Just got Discord - "Sicarius Fulgur"
  3. Blues LW - Bondra C - Kamensky RW - Broten LD - Brisebois RD - Manson G - CuJo
  4. Blues trading Coffey to FPB for Kamensky Confirmed by FPB
  5. Sicky? I need to introduce to some good beer named Slamming Sammy Adams.. That Heineken s**t is more skunky than the skunk weed we smoked 20 years ago...
  6. Most weeknights after 8:30pm CST & most weekends same time frame.
  7. Blues LW - Yzerman C - Kamensky RW - Eklund LD - Patrick RD - Chiasson G - Richter X - Nemchinov
  8. Sicarius

    GDL XV Draft

    Blues taking Chiasson
  9. Sicarius

    GDL XV Draft

    Blues taking Mike Richter
  10. Sicarius

    GDL XV Draft

    Blues taking Valeri Kamensky
  11. Sicarius

    GDL XV Draft

  12. Funny s**t, great job Brutus and I'm pretty certain you nailed Plab's voice 100%!!!!
  13. St. Louis Blues LW - Bergeron C - Eichel RW - Fabbri LD - Josi RD - Ekblad