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  1. does anyone have the ability to get one of these made and send it to me? i'd be more than glad to pay a fair price for this service. email: mikebscullin[at]gmail.com thanks for any help
  2. I'VE DONE IT! eastern quarters: flyers over sabres 4 games to 2 eastern semis: flyers over penguins 4 games to 3 eastern finals: flyers over canadiens 4 games to 3 stanley cup finals: flyers over red wings 4 games to 1. game 1 - flyers 5 - red wings 4 (OT) - gwg greg hawgood game 2 - red wings 7 - flyers 6 (OT) - gwg steve yzerman game 3 - flyers 7 - red wings 6 (OT) - gwg mark recchi game 4 - flyers 6 - red wings 5 (OT) - gwg andrei lomakin game 5 - flyers 5 - red wings 4 - gt ppg lomakin, gw ppg lindros in final minute conn smythe goes to lindros - 39 g, 19 a, 58 pts in 25 gp. G leaders: lindros (39), brindamour (22), recchi (18), eklund (10), lomakin (8), dineen (7), acton (5) A leaders: lindros (19), brindamour (15), eklund (14), hawgood (14), dineen (13), recchi (11), lomakin (9) P leaders: lindros (58), brindamour (37), recchi (29), eklund (24), dineen (20), hawgood (18), lomakin (17) if anyone has some solitary downtime and a sega i highly suggest this, most fun i've had playing the computer in 15 years.
  3. finally succeeded in about my 5th attempt, with a thrilling series victory in 6 games over the sabres. lindros is absolutely playing out of his mind, and has to play the full 15 minutes + OT every game because of his extra attacker status. his line through 6 games: 12 G, 6 A, 18 PTS on 43 SOG. now onto the habs...
  4. this is actually fun and challenging for me, and i have to try my best (short of using lame money goals) to be competitive with the computer. going on a quest for the cup with the flyers... first season, i was eliminated in 6 by buffalo in the first round in overtime. now going for it against the habs in the first round...
  5. sorry if this is another stupid question, but is there an easy way to make this become correct?
  6. hi all, i'm a beginner at this so there's probably a very simple and straightforward solution to this that is beyond me, but i just did some simple editing of players' names in a hex editor, saved the file and tried to open it in the gens emulator. all i got was a black screen. this isn't a case of me fooling with things that shouldnt be fooled with, because the same happens when all i change is one letter in someone's name or something of the like. i'd imagine i need to do something to fix the checksum or header of the new rom (i have no idea what these terms mean but i see them thrown around a lot), but i really dont know... can someone help me out and explain how i can prevent this? before you say "just use one of the rom editing programs," i'm attempting to edit other games which don't have editors released so this is an important problem for me to figure out. thanks a lot
  7. sorry to bring up an old topic here, but im having a problem getting the game working. after i get it installed and follow the instructions to play, i get the error message "COULD NOT OPEN ALLFILES.TXT FILE." anybody have any clue how to go about fixing this?
  8. anyone know where i can get these for genesis?
  9. was wondering if there's any easy way to do this? this would be a help for people like me who are too lazy/unknowledgable to go through and actually change all of the photos in editing a rom and would settle for the generic player pictures over someone else's picture which is in there originally. wboy, if you could add a "make all player photos generic" option in your editor that would be a huge help... but i don't really know what that would entail. any help appreciated.
  10. anyone know if there's any way to edit nhl 94 so the A-button triggers only the line change menu like in '93, not the worthless crazy puck flip thing?
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