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  1. Team Name: Wild LD: Lumme RD: Lowe LW: Davydov C: Fedorov RW: Tikkanen X: Cullen 3rd D: Burt G: Cheveldae
  2. Team: Carolina LW: Ricci C: Sanderson RW: Reichel LD: Patrick RD: Ellett 3rd D: Ulf G: Roussell Extra: Nolan Make Konroyd # 7
  3. OTTAWA Make Kasparaitis 21 and Poulin 18 please. LD: Patrick RD: Ulf LW: Davydov C: Recchi RW: Tikkanen X: Clark If Patrick gets PIM or injury, put in : Lowe If Ulf gets PIM or injury, put in : Kasparaitis G: Roussel
  4. this section used to be poppin............where are all the trading whores?
  5. Such an intense game, a real workout for your fingers. Never seems to get enough credit.
  6. For reviving & running GDL-type league, "Chaos Draft League", (just announced) the man should be miles ahead in votes. Dominion machines?
  7. Klima 5th......don't do it! Trade that pick for volume in the 2nd and 3rd round.
  8. Did this happen a lot in the past or was it like one azzhole who did that? I only know of 1 guy who might pull something like that but he doesn't play anymore.
  9. What about draft order. Random or based on ability? I think if some high A coach randomly ends up with 1st pick & gets JR, makes things very tough for everyone else. You know me, always against the luck factor, so I think random draft order is garbage. People can always trade if there are players they really want. FPB used to give up his picks in round 2-8 to get that 1st pick JR. We all know Roenick is worth his weight in gold.
  10. I really enjoyed listening to Raph, Smoz, Dan, Chaos & AJ on the mic during that recent online KO94. It's such a complex game and you all notice & point out things that other's might not. Would be great to hear 2 of you collaborate (on video) on the deep dive idea.
  11. There's still downsides to trying to check everyone with C or CB, you miss and you take yourself out of position. If you the move the puck right before you get hit, no harm done and more ice opens up. Plus C check whores aren't a problem for anyone IMO. PS, I've always felt making great big hits should be rewarded not punished, so all this time big hitters have been screwed IMO. Imagine Tikkanen playing the entire time instead of being in the box 8 minutes of a 15 minute game. A vote is fine. I'll just have to ballot harvest from all the pro-checking coaches lol. Lastly, I like to phrase hot/cold as... "do you like consistent performance (that match the rating you look at when you're drafting) from your players or do you like randomly generated wild swings in performance". I personally feel hot/cold effects are excessive in 94, unrealistically so. If hot & cold were based on say previous game performance that carried over or in-game performance (like NBA jam for example) where you get hot after hitting consecutive shot, then it would be realistic. But Patrick Laine doesn't have a rocket wrister one game & weak the next. Johnny hockey isn't super agile one day & the following night loses a lot of agility. Kane doesn't stickhandle through heavy traffic one game then the next game lose that ability. McDavid doesn't blow past everyone on Monday night but Wednesday be fast but not overly fast. I think you get my drift. The swings are too pronounced in 94. We already have the momentum factor & user/coach based variability. No need for Ron Barr to hijack it all lol. However, if keeping it in the game wins the vote, it's definitely better to know who's hot with ratings on the screen matching on-ice performance. After all, real life coaches always play the hot hand and are be able to witness who is playing like s**t. I know AJ for example likes more randomness (like hot/cold, pims) and that's his preference, but we have that in all the other leagues. Removing more randomness means user ability & performance has a bigger role in the outcome (than refs or Ron Barr). Also, if hot/cold wins the vote, having a bigger roster is better so you can bench the cold and play the hot or average. A benefit of static (no hot cold) means you can have a shorter draft/less rounds. Also Chaos, Plabax's rom neutralized home/away advantages (again, to take more randomness out of the game). PS, I bet Habs would join too if Sebe did. And I'd do my best to convince Icestorm to come back from retirement. He'd be tempted by a serious draft league, especially if I call him out publicly . The thought of having a Phousse & Hogue duo would be too hard to resist for him. I have another trick up my sleeve if he doesn't join right away. I could threaten to show up at his door (he's like 15-20 min from me), with clown gear on if he doesn't. Last but not least, with pims OFF, I rarely change lines. With pims on, I change often. Just trying to sweeten the pot! OK one more thing before Dickon chimes in. Weight bug must stay in the game. Go play SNES if you want your weight bug fix fix.
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