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  1. Uncle Seth

    Plabax League Playoffs

    Well it wasn't a wild one all. Plabax takes the crown with suffocating D, along with better: passing, possession, playmaking, intercepting, AI from his fwds and D (i'll never figure out why), and shooting accuracy. I had a lot of chances in some of the games but missed a whole bunch of shots wide. I had and still have no answers. You could even argue my team is more potent. If I had to play the series over again, I don't know what I could have done to change the outcome, and I usually can critique my game well. Except maybe using J. Murphy instead of Gartner, seriously, I still hate him. He was a liability in this series despite being an asset in the previous round one. But anyway, congratulations to Primetime Plabax, he earned it 100%.
  2. Uncle Seth

    Plabax League Playoffs

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments. Had to stay focused, composed and put it all on the line vs a heavyweight like Raph. I have loads of respect for him, he's helped me recognize the crappy habits in my game so that I can fix them. Don't know what else to say. A man of few words I guess....when I'm not in complaint mode. Should be a wild series up next.
  3. Uncle Seth

    Plabax League Playoffs

    sometime later in the week
  4. Dude..... great video. That looks like so much fun. Love how the dogs are included and just follow the entire way down. Those are some happy pups. You can tell all you need to know about a person by the way they treat animals.
  5. OK, I'll accept that you intentionally plugged that Trump lingo in there. I'm not mad, in fact I hardly ever get mad with anything related to 94 (exception being lag). Frustrated, disillusioned, yes, but angry, rarely. That's your turf. Also, I don't bring what happens in league games into these discussions. I respect all opponents and keep the worlds separate. These are strong differences we have with how the site and leagues should be, mixed with some barbs related to behavior. I know people have grown tired and annoyed by me and Plab. I get it, believe me. But we speak up because we care about this game and love it. You think it's just us wanting to troll or whine, but it all stems from frustration of not seeing what we deem to be progress. Maybe you haven't noticed, but both of us can be added to the list of those who are losing interest and have been for a while. For the exact reasons we've been b*tching about. We're trying our best to keep ourselves here but it's a losing battle it seems.
  6. I take issue with this "elitist" term you and Depch have placed on our vision of what a league should be. Neither of us have ever been against lower level players in the league. If elite to you means we want strict enforcement of clearly laid out rules, then yeah, you could call us that. Not wanting slackers and those with crappy connections, that's elitist? I've complained about AJ's and KG's in the past, top level talent. I've also bashed others who are nowhere near that level. You're imagining things man and for some reason, trying to paint us as guys who only want to play A coaches. Ask around, many a B guy can vouch for the advice I've provided over the years. I'm fine with smaller leagues and favor quality over quantity. By quality I mean, dependable, decent connection, and easy to get games in with (non-slacker). Or you can just keep thinking I mean "A".
  7. You're such an ineffective troll Brute. C'mon, up your game. Everything is c*nt this, c*nt that, blah blah blah. It's hard to take you seriously because you're so emotional. Get some new material. Mix it up a little bit, I'm long past being desensitized. My points and stances are exactly the same as Plabs', which of course you can't seem to see. I don't bother explaining to you because you disregard anything you hear from people who are in your sin-bin. That's why, if you've long wondered, in the past, you've asked for more in depth explanations from me in various threads and I've just refused to give them to you. It's the same thing with Plabax; so many people here bash his ideas or just ignore the value of them because they don't approve of how he acts. But if the same ideas were brought up by the poster-children of this place, the crowd would be applauding and welcome them. Don't let your personal beefs affect your ability to be open-minded about different ideas. Picture them being delivered by a different messenger, someone who doesn't get under your skin. PS, you're starting to sound like Trump now (lol), the way you worded that. Not going to lie, that is funny.
  8. How is what I do, any different than the other guys who are always on green, but they're not actually available to play or even respond? I get my games in, even with the invisible ink. Pretty impressive IMO. If someone IM's someone who's on green, but that person doesn't respond, is it not the exact same principle as IM'ing someone who's invisible and doesn't respond. The response is what matters. Being invisible, you don't know if I'm here or not to respond. Being on green for many guys here is an equivalent status. If I were to be on green 24/7, but only responded when I was actually at my PC, that would make you less irritated right, but essentially, nothing has changed. Not responding is the issue, not lack of color. Or how about some guys who can't even receive messages offline. Never heard you complain about that, despite it causing problems for other coaches.
  9. Oh Brutus, what ever shall we do with you. You can't seem to see the connections, so I won't bother trying to dumb it down to your level. And talk about emotional, you've had a hard-on for me for a couple years now. I let it slide pretty much every time. You get personal with your jabs. It's a little worrisome. Mental health is nothing to take lightly. I can recommend some very effective drugs, as it's clear you need some help with your anger, lashing out, name calling and emotional frailty. SSRI's, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. They work wonders man, believe me. Things that most people would shrug off, you seem to get extremely irritated by and feel the need to attack! Those are some (of many) indicators of an underlying issue, be it learned or genetic. Talk to your doctor dude, this rage of yours is unhealthy. Unfortunately, you'd have to cut back on the booze because it can negate the effects of these pills or intensify them. Zoloft is solid, Paxil too. They will start you off small, for a couple weeks then gradually increase the dosage. You may get some side effects, but they are common and generally harmless. Tremors at night, with or without sweating. Maybe some indigestion if you take them without food. Occassionally impotence can kick in, but that can be countered with other pills. Everyone's had limp-dick before, especially with alcohol. Anyhow, after about a month, you'll start to be able to deal with things much easier. You'll feel calmer, happier, and definitely less prone to outbursts. You'll be able to think more clearly and not get weighed down so much by feelings of anger. It's a marvelous (I know, gay term to use) place to be. Come join the club. But wait, there's more....... - feelings of frustration = lessened - urges to insult people = decreased - general invagination with daily stressors = much less I can send you some samples if you'd like. Lemme know.
  10. This is where I'll probably get a lot of backlash. But I think the outreach to people at these live tourney's has been a complete failure. Numerous lost opportunities to expand the membership here. All these tourneys with non-forum attendees, what % of them are even joining the site? I'm not placing blame on a single person. But clearly, there have been avenues (the live tourneys) to gain coaches, and nothing comes of it. If we want to grow the site, you have people in the palm of your hand at these live events, why isn't more being done to get them on board here?
  11. Yes, true. But we KNOW why some are leaving, so it's best to try to attack the issue we're aware exists as we have voices speaking out about it.
  12. There's a rule in business that states that it's much easier to keep your existing customers than to try to gain new ones. I think it applies here. If you lose or alientate your core constituency, you're doomed and will always be in rebuild more. But maybe we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  13. But the opposite has been occurring. The casual players who continually refuse to change their behavior or just unable for whatever reason to adapt, are the ones driving away the committed coaches. The coaches who are the most serious about fixing things are the ones who will leave when their complaints and suggestions aren't considered. The casual people will always be around because they could care less either way, strict league, lax league, anything goes for them.
  14. agree with 95% of it. Aqua understands. JJ too.
  15. Plabs is trying to change the culture around here so that it's more efficient. Hokkee had the same goal but his style was brash and he became a joke to some people. Plabs created his own league specifically for this reason, as many of us who feel the same have had our pleas and suggestions ignored. Look at the GP completion of Plablegs. It's a thing of beauty. Many of us love it the setup of it, and loathe the unpunished slacking, dragged out seasons that have become the norm here for a long time. It takes the fun out of for a lot of guys. This place is losing coaches (and will continue to) and nothing has been done to try to stem that tide. What a shame it was to lose Ba55ist, a great dude and coach who was quickly increasing his skill level. He decided it just wasn't worth the time investment given how inefficient the leagues were. Although Plabs created it, Plablegs is as much my "baby" as it is his. This is why Plabs "picked" who he wanted in his league and exactly why it's been so efficient so far. You don't play your games in time? Over the wall you go! Atrocious connection that tortures opponents? Over the wall you go! Disappear for weeks at a time and hold things up? Adios amigo. The design of Plablegs and management of the league has been a breath of fresh air. It's been inspiring to see what can be done if expectations are established and enforced. For some of us, it's like "hey, maybe we can change this place for the better". Then Brutus makes his league that reverts back to the old ways, and I think Plabs feels like the progress has been undermined. Sure, Brutus can make whatever league he wants and his intentions are good. People will join and most likely have a lot of fun. Yet it doesn't change the fact that it seems like we're going backwards and the wind has been taken out of the sails. The ones who have been demanding a change in culture are once again alienated. At least that's how I feel. This site is dying and none of you can see it happening. The community should have listened to hockey. They still don't get it and it seems they never will.