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  1. will be updated in new post later
  2. Sharks LW - Eklund C - Roberts RW - Phousse LD - Kasparaitis RD - Schweeney 3rd D - Yawney G - Burke X-Richer
  3. Montreal LW- Tikkanen C- Murphy RW- Juneau LD- Burt RD- Suter 3RD D- Yushkevich G- McLean X- Kvartalnov (make #11)
  4. Team Name: Wild LD: Lumme RD: Lowe LW: Davydov C: Fedorov RW: Tikkanen X: Cullen 3rd D: Burt G: Cheveldae
  5. Team: Carolina LW: Ricci C: Sanderson RW: Reichel LD: Patrick RD: Ellett 3rd D: Ulf G: Roussell Extra: Nolan Make Konroyd # 7
  6. OTTAWA Make Kasparaitis 21 and Poulin 18 please. LD: Patrick RD: Ulf LW: Davydov C: Recchi RW: Tikkanen X: Clark If Patrick gets PIM or injury, put in : Lowe If Ulf gets PIM or injury, put in : Kasparaitis G: Roussel
  7. this section used to be poppin............where are all the trading whores?
  8. Such an intense game, a real workout for your fingers. Never seems to get enough credit.
  9. For reviving & running GDL-type league, "Chaos Draft League", (just announced) the man should be miles ahead in votes. Dominion machines?
  10. Klima 5th......don't do it! Trade that pick for volume in the 2nd and 3rd round.
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