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  1. Team Name: Minnesota Wild LD: Duchense RD: Manson LW: Sundin C: Fedorov RW: Kozlov (make # 14) & put him in anytime LW or C gets a penalty X: Lemieux 3rd D: Kasatonov G: Richter
  2. Minn. Wild LW-Davydov C-Recchi RW-Fedorov Other fwds: Reichel, Cullen, Thomas * Make Thomas come in for any penalty or injury LD-Ulf RD-Patrick LD-Kasparaitis RD-Ellett G- Hextall (starter) G- Chevy
  3. Team Name: Minnesota Wild LD: Kasparaitis RD: Wilson LW: Zhamnov (make jersey # 9) C: Roberts RW: Reichel X: Claude 3rd D: Johanssen G: Hextall ***Please put Claude on C whenever Roberts or Zhamnov gets a penalty. If possible also put Thomas on LW when that happens.***
  4. updated one more time at bottom.....new post so you get a notification
  5. will be updated in new post later
  6. Sharks LW - Eklund C - Roberts RW - Phousse LD - Kasparaitis RD - Schweeney 3rd D - Yawney G - Burke X-Richer
  7. Montreal LW- Tikkanen C- Murphy RW- Juneau LD- Burt RD- Suter 3RD D- Yushkevich G- McLean X- Kvartalnov (make #11)
  8. Team Name: Wild LD: Lumme RD: Lowe LW: Davydov C: Fedorov RW: Tikkanen X: Cullen 3rd D: Burt G: Cheveldae
  9. Team: Carolina LW: Ricci C: Sanderson RW: Reichel LD: Patrick RD: Ellett 3rd D: Ulf G: Roussell Extra: Nolan Make Konroyd # 7
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