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  1. beavers33

    GDL XVI Draft Lottery Video

    Lol, F that...
  2. beavers33

    Best Coaches that Don't CB or Pass Shoot?

    I don't have time to adapt! Hahaha.
  3. beavers33

    Best Coaches that Don't CB or Pass Shoot?

    I still never use CB. Just haven't practiced and have no idea how to use it properly. I probably only pass shoot 1/10 games.
  4. beavers33

    GDL Gaming Schedule

    Hard to say because I'm self employed and am pretty much always working, but usually I can make myself available on Monday and Tuesday nights from 8:30-10:30 and weekends around the same time.
  5. beavers33

    GDL XV Draft

    6.9 ATL selects Kevin Lowe
  6. beavers33

    GDL XV Draft

    5.16 - ATL selects Matt Schneider
  7. beavers33

    GDL XV Draft

    4.9 Atlanta selects Ron Hextall
  8. beavers33

    GDL XV Draft

  9. beavers33

    GDL XV Draft

    2.9 ATL selects Gary Roberts
  10. beavers33

    GDL XV Team selections (POLL)

    Raph, could you please do the baby blues for home? Regular whites for away. Thanks!
  11. beavers33

    GDL XV Roll Call Complete

    In and relocating to Atlanta as the Thrashers.
  12. Alright, guys. I've got nine games left. RoBro - 4 VC - 2 EA - 2 - No availability until 2/29. Ice - 1 I will be available on Saturday and Sunday. Please schedule with me ahead of time. EA, we need to get our games in on 2/29.
  13. beavers33

    EA Availability - GDL XIV

    Would also need to squeeze in our two on 2/29. Would 7-8:30 PM CST work?
  14. didn't see that in my aim history. wonder if it was a text. what times work for you?