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  1. Ugh, you and me, both. The B1G ruined everything. I'm a huge Gopher fan, BSU alum, living in St. Cloud. None of it's the same anymore...
  2. Thanks. I spent a ton of time on it and even though that was a long time ago, I still remember the long stretches of time on the couch editing and testing. Took for frickin' ever to finish and only about 2 seconds of looking at your edit to realize it was my rom, so I was really annoyed at first. Again, thanks for owning it. We're good.
  3. Looks like you just totally ripped me off, using my 2014 rom as the base and gave me no credit at all. I've been back on the forums for one day, lol...
  4. Bumping an old post, lol. To be fair, this is my first post in almost four years. I did this one over six years ago (wow). Not sure if it’s “the best”, but I did spend a lot of time on it.
  5. beavers33, you doing a new MN HS Tourney game this year?

  6. I still never use CB. Just haven't practiced and have no idea how to use it properly. I probably only pass shoot 1/10 games.
  7. Hard to say because I'm self employed and am pretty much always working, but usually I can make myself available on Monday and Tuesday nights from 8:30-10:30 and weekends around the same time.
  8. beavers33

    GDL XV Draft

    6.9 ATL selects Kevin Lowe
  9. beavers33

    GDL XV Draft

    5.16 - ATL selects Matt Schneider
  10. beavers33

    GDL XV Draft

    4.9 Atlanta selects Ron Hextall
  11. beavers33

    GDL XV Draft

  12. beavers33

    GDL XV Draft

    2.9 ATL selects Gary Roberts
  13. Raph, could you please do the baby blues for home? http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/pycehreub4fzt9ohyxxpf4uhg/Atlanta_Thrashers/2008/Home_Uniform Regular whites for away. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/ug85soqxnimrtylrhqqqjeexm/Atlanta_Thrashers/2008/Road_Uniform Thanks!
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