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  1. jrodimus

    Flasox wins GENS A title

    Congrats! A worthy champion
  2. can't wait to watch these....
  3. jrodimus

    Play by Play Attempt - GDL 8

    That was great, iceman
  4. jrodimus

    leaving for RedWingDevil Town

    Look out for the cartels!
  5. jrodimus

    Sabres Win Another 7 Game War

    Congrats, voc. Keep on truckin!
  6. jrodimus

    Flasox vs Ice series delayed

    Yeah, like old WWF....A retirement series!!
  7. Weight bug fixed classic sounds sick
  8. Im proud of you hokk :'^(
  9. jrodimus

    GDL update

    How about you get it started, you drunken bastard?
  10. jrodimus

    Edmonton (10) vs Winnipeg (7)

    Go get em, iceman!
  11. For the record, watching soccer isn't exactly thrilling either :/
  12. jrodimus

    Funeral for a grandmother

    Sorry dude.
  13. My prediction: enraged hokkee in 4!!!! (or a broken new pc)