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  1. Sorry for slacking I'll be around tonight and this weekend to play some catch up!
  2. Team: Indianapolis First Line G - Darren Puppa (Change to #1) LD - Sandis Ozolinsh RD - Paul Coffey LW - Petr Nedved C - Alexnder Mogilny RW - Benoit Hogue X - Alexnder Daigle Second Line G - Jeff Hackett LD - Yves Racine RD - Jeff Norton LW - Nelson Emerson C - Alexander Daigle RW - Martin Straka X - Alexander Mogilny
  3. "After about a dozen of those $1 draft beers at my bar... Bulbasaur is off his game."
  4. I think this is the best bet, maybe combined with having the 2nd round be a best of 3 so that the winner has home ice in games 1 and 3.
  5. 1. NHL 94 (Genesis & SNES tied) 2. NBA Jam/Hangtime (either one) (Genesis) 3. NHL Hitz (Gamecube) 4. Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) 5. Madden 07 6. Baseball Stars 7. MVP Baseball 05 8. NHL 96 (Genesis) 9. RBI Baseball 10. Madden 96 (Genesis) Dishonorable mention: Tony LaRussa Baseball - least favorite sports game. The only good part is getting to see Ron Barr's handsome mug
  6. Tru - I feel like everyone is trying to be nice to you but dude you have nothing to do with this league and people are really getting tired of you hijacking threads. We get that you are socially awkward and mean no harm but you never know when to just shut the hell up. Please try to keep in mind the topic before you decide to ramble about trivial bullshit, or is that asking too much? Just make a new thread or send somebody a PM FFS.. Annatar - Congrats on kicking ass and taking names bud!
  7. http://www.pakin.org/complaint?firstname=the+NHL+94+community&pgraphs=5&gender=c
  8. Team Name: Hartford Whalers First Line LW - T. Granato C - B. Bradley RW - D. Gagner LD - A. MacInnis RD - J. Daigneault G - P. Roy X - D. Turcotte Second Line: LW - D. Turcotte C - D. Gagner RW - P. Stastny LD - G. Hawgood RD - G. Hawgood G - R. Tugnutt X - S. Leach
  9. HFD takes Greg Hawgood
  10. 7.20 HFD takes Darren Turcotte
  11. 5.20 HFD picks Dave Gagner
  12. I care more about having two teams in one city.. that's more annoying to me and I think it shouldn't happen unless they're both actual NHL teams (Post-original 6) in the same city, like NYI and NYR obviously. Other than that... just leave it up to you guys running the league what teams you think are good.
  13. http://www.twitch.tv/boknowsnhl94/v/52013727 Unfortunately the video lags during the first few games and I don't really have the thing set up well until about the 55 minute mark. Lots of fun making the this tho and at least now I know how to do it in the future!
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