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  1. Lol .....that is El Chalten Argentina pretty much the end of the world .....that pic is laguna torre 20km hike my feet were fucked taking some rest days before my next hike on sunday!
  2. Im waiting for my controller!!
  3. Congrats kingraph on your first kof94 title ....mario the penguin is proud of you! ......and Ya im still alive lol
  4. Someone needs to invite this guy to all the tounaments
  5. Terry yake scored 246 goals in 93\94 simple math would tell u that....the crazy part was that brian leetch was benched and lead team in scoring that night lol
  6. Missing footage?? .....did ms brutus sabotage the draft. Or brutus get ding by the youtube algorithms......hung over brutus - solid b - rating........just a little disappointent .........kgman demands a team full of bob bassens clone and wendall young in net!
  7. Buying a house in philly lol ....why dont u just throw u money in the toilet and flush u might have chance of seeing it again!
  8. So plabax how did u start using a dpad and then switching to keyboard something doesnt add up.....detective kg
  9. This photo and board game cover are earily similar
  10. Picked it up for 5$ at valuevillage ....i could see kingraph going nuts playing this lol also the one i have hasnt even been touched not missing any pieces sweet find
  11. Ontario Tourism Your trip confirmation and receipt ToKarim Apr. 18 at 6:46 p Toronto to Santiago Aug 20 2019 Santiago to Toronto Nov 21 2019 Date Receipt # Amount April 18, 2019 $635.93 CAD Total: $635.93 CA Halifax u have worst timing lol
  12. la robbie reappears just as soon kingraph wrapping scandal hits the press ........damage control and distraction imho....what's next Dr pizza comes back to run gdl please .....u guys are just sheep....this is coming from a goat.
  13. if kingraph gets indicted for this wrapping scheme I will happily vote to ban raph and any future shrink far does this go is nhl 94 just a front for a world wide wrapping cartel .....Evan ?????
  14. don't sell it an unboxing video! lol
  15. I thought this was Allan bester maple leafs goalie .......he's the Bob basses of gc
  16. where r these votes coming from?? isn't this really just gdl with Excel pivot table ........sorry but I been awake for 24 hours just had job interview with licenced mj company .(so kg said he was good at excel lol 10hrs of YouTube and he is an expert is lucky he didn't get stuck in China 2 canceledx before Trudeau fucked it up for all Canadians........all things happen for a reason confusous once never said
  17. i would make a goalie with lowest ratings and both teams use em or empty net
  18. voting doesn't make sense ..........I rather see these guys play it out 1 on 1!.....not sure if the rom is possible
  19. tournament is off Raphael put out a hit on the 6x champ....he's in hiding
  20. congrats raph and aj!'s too bad gens final wasn't competitve but Wendell young is a beast! ....good job on commentary Trojan better than most NHL live casts lol
  21. usenet is watching you........but seriously have we passed the point of singularity? this is insane .....