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  1. Wheeling Nailers Line One: LD: Chaisson RD: Tinordi LW: Neely C: Ysebaert RW: Selanne G: Casey X: Ranheim Line Two: LD: Olausson RD: Maciver LW: Ranheim C: Statsny RW: Craven G: Pietrangelo X: Selanne
  2. Zarley Zalapski and Tony Amonte at an autograph signing when I was 3. Right before Zalapski got traded for Ron Francis. Went to a bar near the Arena right after a game with my Aunt and Uncle. A car with a few Penguins in it pulls up, and as Alex Goligoski is entering, my Aunt yells "Hey, Gogo!" followed by "You suck!" Was out on a Saturday night a few years ago after Last Call when I thought I saw Beau Bennett walking in. I shrugged it off and considered it a drunken hallucination until I walked out of the one-person bathroom a few minutes later to see Sidney Crosby waiting for me to finish.
  3. Did you have the draft already? Am I too late?
  4. Oh sweet, now I get to see how bad I chart form! Good stuff.
  5. Can anybody play today, @MikeGartner22 @Mitch Kramer @Thrillhouse @Brutus @pistolpete42?
  6. C, please. ...alright, fine, I guess I'm good enough for A.
  7. Not surprising. They really managed to make Bure feel like a Russian Rocket.
  8. Looking for a 4th. Join Discord if you want in.
  9. We're playing 2on2 tonight at 11 PM EST. Get on Discord if you want to join.