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  1. In, hoping hokkee is in too so I can end up with another top 5 pick and have a chance at winning again.
  2. I'd like to discuss this with you in a more closed setting, are you on Discord?
  3. Does anybody know if there are stats that determine how long an injury lasts or is it random every time?
  4. Wheeling Nailers Line One: LD: Chaisson RD: Tinordi LW: Neely C: Ysebaert RW: Selanne G: Casey X: Ranheim Line Two: LD: Olausson RD: Maciver LW: Ranheim C: Statsny RW: Craven G: Pietrangelo X: Selanne
  5. Zarley Zalapski and Tony Amonte at an autograph signing when I was 3. Right before Zalapski got traded for Ron Francis. Went to a bar near the Arena right after a game with my Aunt and Uncle. A car with a few Penguins in it pulls up, and as Alex Goligoski is entering, my Aunt yells "Hey, Gogo!" followed by "You suck!" Was out on a Saturday night a few years ago after Last Call when I thought I saw Beau Bennett walking in. I shrugged it off and considered it a drunken hallucination until I walked out of the one-person bathroom a few minutes later to see Sidney Crosby waiting for me to finish.
  6. Did you have the draft already? Am I too late?
  7. Oh sweet, now I get to see how bad I sucked...in chart form! Good stuff.
  8. Can anybody play today, @MikeGartner22 @Mitch Kramer @Thrillhouse @Brutus @pistolpete42?
  9. C, please. ...alright, fine, I guess I'm good enough for A.
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