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  1. Oh sweet, now I get to see how bad I chart form! Good stuff.
  2. Can anybody play today, @MikeGartner22 @Mitch Kramer @Thrillhouse @Brutus @pistolpete42?
  3. C, please. ...alright, fine, I guess I'm good enough for A.
  4. Not surprising. They really managed to make Bure feel like a Russian Rocket.
  5. Looking for a 4th. Join Discord if you want in.
  6. We're playing 2on2 tonight at 11 PM EST. Get on Discord if you want to join.
  7. Cool idea. At first I forgot what FIBA means and was like "How the hell are you converting soccer to basketball?". I am familiar-ish with the international players and could help.
  8. There's been some games played recently but I haven't been a part of it because of timing or whatever. Does anybody wants to try and schedule some exhibitions here?
  9. Those special moves are in 97 too...I think. There was something weird with them where if you traded for guys you couldn't do their special move on the new team anymore. So lame. Probably to prevent little punks like me from stacking my team. I don't know if this effects the code somehow or anything but it might.
  10. I can do some live commentary. Considering the fact that I should be out of the tournament pretty early I shouldn't be too busy.
  11. I'm not sure how feasible it is but that place is ideal for streaming...maybe we could reach out to forum members that couldn't make it and have them Skype in?
  12. Not sure if this is still open but I guess I missed it when it was posted. A few points: 1. @clockwise I'll definitely be at the next one, whenever we can have it. And I mostly played Duke because of my famous financial follies, I'm pretty sure if Congress starts doling out some Corona Checks, I'll still have just enough to pay my fee by September. 2. @Bob Kudelski I played in both Jam tournaments so we probably met. I also got crushed the entire time. If only somebody had hosted such a thing in 1998... 3. I do agree with @CoachMac on one thing: The atmosphere picked up once we
  13. Since we're all about to be put on lockdown, how about a tournament? I'll put two rolls of Cottonelle up for the winner.
  14. I've wracked my brain trying to come up with non-joke answers to this thread, and so far all I've got is this: Make sure you budget your sleep correctly. Especially if you're going to be playing competitively the next day, but even just to function. It's very important. You don't want to be a zombie after spending time and money to come to one of these things, it really dampens the experience.
  15. He'll respond as soon as he gets done napping on a couch.