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  1. I use one called GENPLUSDroid. It was free. It runs old NHL games.
  2. Thanks. I knew someone would be interested in it. I actually debated changing the home whites, but I left it because of personal preference. I kind of wish the NHL would go back to home whites. Anyway, I can definitely change them, it just takes a bit of time. I'll add it to the list for when I work on this rom some more.
  3. This is kind of a strange one, but I like it. I enjoy season mode, I enjoy smaller leagues (rivalries seem better). I'm a bit of a prospect nut, and I fondly remember the Whalers, Nordiques, and the North Stars. When I found this 12 team rom, I decided to make a sort of version of the pre-camp prospect tournaments they hold (like the youngstars in penticton, or traverse city). The rosters are basically under 25 versions of the teams i included. It's a mix of good established young NHLers and the best CHL, NCAA, and European prospects. As an example, here is the Canucks lineup.
  4. NHL 98 with current rosters, as of today, 08/06/17. A few things to note. All I did was I used NOSE to copy rosters and some jerseys from other roms which have been posted here already, so thanks to naples, skip, slapshot, and thetome (also wboy for creating nose, it's awesome) I trust you don't mind, as it seems to be a good community here. I did a few players and jerseys myself, but not much. Lines are accurate as well. As this is based on the 98 game, there are teams missing. Vegas, obviously, and also Winnipeg, Minnesota, Nashville, and Columbus. The divisions are all fuck