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  1. Gretzky was correct. It is that one. Hack was "officially" released the 30th of June, one month ago. That's just the patch. You are going to need Lunar IPS tool and the original FIFA Soccer 95 rom to convert into a binary ROM file. Best, TA Marcos Translations
  2. Gilmour always lights it up with/against all of us. I've just played against Dan The Man, being his team Maple Leafs, and I just received a goal from Doug.
  3. Doug Gilmour, Wayne Gretzky, Teemu Selanne, Jaromir Jagr, Theoren Fleury and Mats Sundin. No order. I just played NHL97 and from yesterday I started playing NHL94.
  4. Thank you. The intention of the post is going further than that. The information is good, but what is important for me is that those players should have their suitable attributes. Thanks CamKneely2. I have created an excel file. If you feel ready, I can send it to you. It's a heavy work. Your mission is refill every empty cell with values between 50 (minimum) and 99 (maximum), in every parameter (FIELD GOAL, 3 POINTS, OFF. REBOUNDS, SPEED, AGILITY....) corresponding to every player, and trying to be as realistic as possible. In this file there are 14 teams. 2 of them are marked
  5. A few days ago I started a project of hacking NBA Live 97 from Sega Genesis. I will convert it into FIBA World Cup (no year) with up-to-date rosters based on the event and performances of the 2019 FIBA World Cup in China . What I have done until now is modify the names of the teams, insert a few logos and modify three rosters (for Spain, Argentina and Brazil). It is a project I am working slowly and I want it finished before summertime. I have to recognise I don't watch too much basketball since 2009. So, what I need for this project is someone who was an expertise on international baske
  6. Regarding the issues I found hacking the rom. 1. There is no possibility to add the extra two teams without the "sacrifice" of others two. 2. EA Sports and Renegades teams contains repeated tiles in their prematch logos and names. That's why I had to insert as "CZ REP." and "FINLAND_" (That _ is part of the L) 3. I corrected CHECH REP as CZECH REP. I know that was an issue. In that graphic text there is a Z, but it is not showed when you type Z on hex. The Hex code for the Z for that graphic is "29." 4. I had to look after the prematch logos. Because of the limitation of 1
  7. Oh I understood the ice logo was black and the kit was red. The solution is very easy. Anyway, I am going to send you a private email with that modification of that logo and you can upload it here or wherever you want. I did already on my site. Best, TA Marcos
  8. So, Canada's ice logo is red or black? And first kit is red or black besides white?
  9. OK. Let's go to the party. https://ta-marcos-translations.blogspot.com/2020/04/nhl-97-best-national-hockey-teams.html#more
  10. I guess you modified with a tool like Hivepal. If you modified one color, those colors that are shared are modified too. I will modify the logo also. Gimme a small amount of time, I am finishing the hack
  11. I guess I am going to start to ask for money for working in all these stuffs....
  12. Hi Thornton, Checking the way is programmed as follows below, there is a possibility to include Czech Republic and Finland, BUT you should "sacrifice" two teams instead: The solution is as simple as going to the "No cheats" area in the ROM and use the pointers of Czech Republic and Finland wherever you want. So it is up to you, if you want to go ahead or not. If it yes, let me know which two teams do you want to remove from original game. Best, TA Marcos
  13. Hi Thornton, I got something similar for FIFA: Increase or decrease the number of teams in every domestic league. In this case, being this a cheat I may make something else besides modifying 1byte-value. I will check and let you know. Best, TA Marcos
  14. That repeating sounds like crowd chants are programmed. It is possible to insert a sound to be repeatead as much as you can, but what is the point of that? There is no need to enlarge a rom for it, that's why that is programmed. I hope I can solve those questions. Best, TA Marcos
  15. Update until now: SWEDEN at 100% RUSSIA at 100% - I need to correct a graphic error that duplicate a couple of tiles in the main logo. CZECH REP. - I have checked on the screen before the game start, there is no way to add the "Z." I checked the graphics for that letter and the Z was not there. I modified the X which is useless on that screen. I will take a look later on. FINLAND - Working on it. I think by tomorrow I will finish the whole thing. From now, have a look to the screens captures I made: Best, TA Marcos