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  1. xot82

    xot82's SNES video thread

    Just had to share this. I managed to get one win vs annatar in SNES classic. Weird bounce in overtime.
  2. xot82

    xot82's SNES video thread

    I just added this video:
  3. xot82

    Dislodging the net

    With fenty I think I have pushed the net back and forth between us at least 3 times. Looks funny.
  4. xot82

    NHL '94 Player Ratings Page (Filterable)

    Hope it can be of use!
  5. I started working on a project that could filter NHL '94 players in many different ways a few years back, but I never had time to finish it. Recently a friend decided to help me out and now we have a first version to be released. I don't know if something similar has been done before. I haven't seen it at least. Here is what I am talking about: http://snesot.com/index.php?task=nhl94ratings Some things you can do: Filter players on all attributes, like speed, shot power, passing, checking etc. Compare players by ticking the checkboxes on the left side. Click a players name to see if there are similar players. You can even select tolerance from 0 to 50 rating points. Columns are clickable so you can get the players ordered from highest to lowest or lowest to highest. Thanks to c4outlaws for adding all the player attributes manually. I didn't know how to extract the stats from the rom at the time. And thanks to Laz for finishing the programming that I started. Hope this can benefit you guys. If there are other functions you'd like to see please let me know.
  6. xot82

    NHL 94 3on3 Winter is up!

    Would be nice with a few more players, anyone?
  7. xot82

    New SNES glitch?

    Tried to recreate it but couldn't. Might be a 'one in a million glitch'.
  8. xot82

    New SNES glitch?

    Played some coop on SNES NHL '94 with a friend yesterday and the CPU got a penalty shot. My friend used the goalie and dove straight ahead when the attacker came close. I think the puck flipped and the player tried to grab the puck with his hand but froze in the "grabbing" position. Penalty shot mode ended after 5s and game went on to the next faceoff. Strangely the only player on the ice at the faceoff was the CPU center. He of course won the faceoff and got a breakaway. After that the game normalized. I have seen many penalty shot related glitches before but not this specifically. Worth noting is that if you dive with the goalie at a penalty shot the CPU player always freezes in the position you hit him. When I think about this specific glitch that happened yesterday, the flipping puck and attacker trying to grab it, probably glitched the whole penalty shot so it didn't count. Cause it took quite a while before the whistle even if the goalie had the puck. Maybe both the goalie and the attacker were registered having the puck or something, I don't know.
  9. xot82

    What about an After Season Winter Tourno?

    NHL '94 tournament on SNESOT it is! Remind me in about a week and I'll start sign-ups for it.
  10. xot82

    Let Houly Play Classic?

    Last time I had contact with him acted completely normal. Maybe he should get a new chance. Can always boot him out for good if he missbehaves again.
  11. xot82

    Time to replace...

    I never see Salon online...
  12. xot82

    Congrats to daddy Halifax!

    congrats! did he come with a controller?
  13. xot82

    SDL Chatter

    xot82's hair is turning gray and retirement is coming closer each day, unless Messier can pull something out of his hat the 2nd half of the season.