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  1. I was just chatting it up with Icestorm and he mentioned the tourney in Toronto. I had no idea it happened until after the fact. I left Chicago a while back. Living in Las Vegas now. I heard there's another tournament here in Las Vegas later this year. You should come out!
  2. Thanks man. I just hit him up. Let's see how this goes...
  3. Played a bunch back in the 1st few seasons. Looking to get some exhibition games here and there. So what's the latest way to find people to play? Hope to hear from some old friends!
  4. Eric! Whats up. Your on Facebook? I'll be lookin' you up.
  5. There are always cheap flights to Vegas. It's common to find flights for under $100 bucks one way. Plus there's a ton of other stuff to do once you get your nhl fix. Depending on whats going on (conventions, shows) hotels can be crazy cheap too. I've seen $40 night at the MGM not that long ago.
  6. Did this thing start? is there a 20 game league? Are the rules and all that good stuff posted anywhere?
  7. just signed up. Kinda hard to keep up with everyone here...
  8. My vote goes to KGman. (is he really a "current" player? I haven't kept up) Why? Although he's a cocky SOB, he's a natural. There are the people that need "practice" games before playing a league game. Not KG. After long lay offs and inactivity from NHL he'd jump right in and kick some A$$.
  9. Here's the list. No dates yet. Calgary Edmonton Halifax Hamilton London Moncton Montreal Ottawa Quebec City Sudbury Toronto Vancouver
  10. Hey everyone. I'm still alive. My schedule is still pretty lousy. Just wanted to pop in and give everyone a shout. The summer's been crazy, but managed to meet up with some of the guys here. - Hung out with the Skoolyard Puck last month in ATL for some drinks. Skool's cool. Good times. - KingsCup (is that even your name anymore?) is coming to Vegas next week. We met a while back during a trip I had in Cali. We're gonna have some beers and talk some 94. Maybe he just might give me the push I need to get back playin' sooner then later. - Eric Anthony aka EA and I had dinner sometime in July. No official word on retirement so don't count him out just yet. We talked about the #1 cool thing about the community; that's meeting some cool peeps. My Canada tour is a bit off schedule. I should be hitting Canada late this year / early next year so I'll be hitting some of you up. If anyone wants to shoot the $hit, gimme a shout on AIM. (i may be offline, but I always respond)
  11. Wassup peeps. Just checkin' in. Donch gave me the heads up that shes starting up again. I'm going to have to sit out another one. Having too much fun right now.
  12. I have to believe it totally at random who wins. But generally you got a 50/50 shot at winning the face off. Take a look at the GDL stats. There's a lot of data in there. Everyone is hovering right around 50%. Thats gotta say something. My technique for face offs? I dont have one. In fact i never even did anything. Most of the time I just sat and watch and hoped I'd win it. So with no interaction I still managed to hover around 50% career in GDL.
  13. So the final decision has been made. Bummer... There's really know way I can keep up. I just checked in this morning/afternoon, and again, no one to play. So, rather then get kicked out mid-season, I'm stepping down. I really didn't want to bail, but I just dont see me being able to get these games done. I could try to muddle along, but I'd rather just hand my team over early so someone can enjoy a near full season. Good luck to everyone and my apologies for not finishing it out.
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