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  1. metzgerism

    NHL94 League Idea!

    I worked on trying to get something like this going, although I was waffling between having them in lines and turning line changes on, or just having each player be able to use whoever they wanted from the outset - I believe that it would have required pretty big rosters to do it right (three types of forwards, three times, right+left = 18 skaters, two types of defensemen two times, right+left = 8 defensemen, 2 goalies). You'd just standardize the types of players from the start: Puck-moving, attacking defenseman Heavy, hard-checking defenseman Small light quick goalscoring forward Midweight mideverything forward Power, heavy forward Goalie
  2. metzgerism

    WBOY...Need your help!

    lol good luck finding wboy
  3. metzgerism

    The Hokkefan movement

    It's seems that you, too, have forgotten.
  4. metzgerism

    The Hokkefan movement

    Hokkee has been given multiple chances to tell me what I want to hear. He has failed on every opportunity. (9:48:54 AM) Hokkeefan2: booo to metz (9:49:35 AM) Hokkeefan2: bringing up all dat old s**t (12:38:43 PM) Hokkeefan2: alotta people pissed at u and wondering why u would bring up old bad s**t and attack me? (12:38:51 PM) Hokkeefan2: doesnrt make sense (12:39:16 PM) Hokkeefan2: especially when ur mia (12:39:19 PM) Hokkeefan2: for a long time (12:39:31 PM) Hokkeefan2: then just show up and sink the hokkee ship (12:47:10 PM) metzgerism: you forgot (12:47:20 PM) metzgerism: it's why we say it (12:47:24 PM) metzgerism: our motto and creed (12:47:48 PM) metzgerism: you self-ex-communicated yourself from the church of (12:47:54 PM) metzgerism: you no longer believe I can see that now (12:48:09 PM) metzgerism: let mark lesser have mercy on your thumbs
  5. i like reviving old topics it excites me let's all read about the history of shall we. Let us Play - Dear Lesser, Our Programmer in Heav'n, Hallowed be thy game, thy kingdom come, thy deke be done, etc etc etc. 134340.
  6. metzgerism

    2000 POSTS !

  7. metzgerism

    The Hokkefan movement

    hamburger hamburger I oppose until hokkee tells me what I want to hear. Some people are driven to insanity. Some are driven to the liquor store. Hokkee is both.
  8. metzgerism

    Classic '94-Spring 2010 is here!

    I think I signed up (or tried to) like a week ago for GENS B and C. Can you confirm this?
  9. metzgerism

    Classic '94-Spring 2010 is here!

  10. metzgerism

    2010 Summit Series Scores/Results

    Can 4-1 USA Can 4-2 USA Can 6-1 USA USA 4-2 Can USA: orangeblack & metzgerism CAN: nationals1 & maverick
  11. metzgerism

    2010 Summit Series Scores/Results

    USA 6, Canada 2... OB92/Metz vs. Tuba/Nats
  12. metzgerism

    My AIM is on the fritz

    orangeblack92's account was apparently hacked and he sent me a URL that Firefox identified as an attack site. Watch out.