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Vintage Roms 1908-Present Date Project!!!! NHL95


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Hello NHL95 Fanatics!!!

Im bring you a database of games. A long project but an important one for the history of the NHL, and preNHL leagues as well. Cause that is where the roots lie, in the NHA, ECHA, MPHL, PCHA, WPHL, WHA, IIPHL, and so on.

Ive created the beginning of this projected and wanted to share with everyone with time specific rosters, ratings, teams, arenas, rinks, logos, and much more.

- The roms will span the history of hockey in North America from 1908-09 to present date.

- Teams specific to each season and their actual schedules of that season (side note, when playing season mode, please allow about 10 seconds to allow the mode to start)

- Logos, Arenas, Player Cards, Jerseys and even players with no helmets including the goalies.

A huge thanks goes out to a few members @von Ozbourne @kingraph and others.






1908-09.bin 1909-10.bin 1910-11.bin 1911-12.bin

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Great stuff, loving all the graphical changes and the mini info pack replacing the credits.

I'm not big on '95 but these will definitely get me playing it more often!

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