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  1. HB's completed for the following: Arizona Cardinals Kansas City Chiefs Buffalo Bills Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Carolina Panthers Dallas Cowboys
  2. Denver Broncos - Completed 3 of 30 Jacksonville Jaguars - HB+DB completed
  3. Hello All, v2 is available (Post Trade-Deadline - April 14th, 2021). Posted above.
  4. Some progress. l'll post some of the screenshots over the next few days.
  5. Here are the tecmo super bowl ones. Tecmo Super Bowl III '19.bin Tecmo Super Bowl III '20.bin
  6. Here is the 2020 Rom. Triple Play Gold '20.bin
  7. Potentially. Really focused on finished primetime NFL first.
  8. Hello All, I've decided to create this feed for the NFL Primetime football games from Sega Sports. This will allow everyone to follow the progress of the game as I update new features and players. Highlighted in BOLD Green is completed for the positions and DARK BLUE when a team is completed. Also, all the players (over 2200 players to update) will have their ratings, names, NFL Experience, colleges and 2020 player stats. Rosters Arizona Cardinals (QB, HB, REC, OL, DL, LB, DB, K/P) Atlanta Falcons (QB, HB, REC, OL, DL, LB, DB, K/P) Baltimore Raven
  9. Another preview video. QBs completed...ratings need adjusting. Also, rookies in the game Zach Wilson to the Jets after the Sam Darnold trade yesterday and Trevor Lawrence to the Jaguars. These are the rosters as of this morning, with some teams needing an extra few players (ie TampaBay) since Ourlads.com only has Brady as their QB. Gens - Genesis _ PRIME TIME NFL 2021-04-06 07-48-37.mp4
  10. Progress report. Almost scrapped the whole project to love it to NFL 95. Since the main screen can be edited. But I'm on the fence about switching still since NFL95 has the main screen customizable, but no inseason trades and signings. Where Primetime has inseason moves but no customizable main screen. What do you guys think? Also the Breakdown. Logos - 100% completed, need to clean them up a little. Jerseys - 75% completed. All Money players+their stats and image completed. 50% of the rosters completed. Some help on the rosters should be great.
  11. Sure. I'll begin this when the season is over. Have a few other projects on the run.
  12. Anytime. Need to due some changes still. But need to get some other roms completed as well. Im in the process of completing a NCAA version of World Series Baseball and almost done with the NFL Primetime rom (Super excited about this one)
  13. To all TRIPLE PLAY enthusiasts!!! I've fixed the is issue of the dreaded TODD's TEAM or GHETTO CITY, or not being able to play a season from the start or Unable to create, release and players. Look no further, we can now all enjoy the "Your Out", the crouch scratching and the great game play. What's New 2021 rosters (effective as April 2nd (FanGraphs Baseball | Baseball Statistics and Analysis) Team Names updated (Washington is under the name D.C.) Player Stats will be updated in the next update. There is no expanded teams (No Arizona DiamondBacks, and T
  14. A definite one, since helping @CoachMacwith the Tecmo bowl one I'm going to be diving in to NES games frequently.
  15. I'll get it completed this weekend.
  16. Will do. It would be great to have the 3on3 or 2on2 for NHL95. Give more options for everyone who enjoys the games. Cheers
  17. So, good news and bad news. Good news - 3on3, 2on2 can work in the game. Bad news - not able to change lines as the game freezes. Can't cycle through the player cards...the game freezes. Even used the "Hex 0" setting for the none used players and it works to play the game, but not change lines and cycle player cards. So, if you know the lines and would prefer that setting and apply it in NOSE without going in out of the lineup that would be the only go around right now. Needs further testing. Unless there is something in the game that can prompt it to allow cycling the cards,
  18. Hey. I'll do a small video in the coming days.
  19. I've done some testing on it. It will work. Just as @von Ozbourmeand @smozomamentioned. But reducing the team sizes helps with doing it. Especially, limiting say to 3 defencemen and 9 forwards or 6 forwards. Also knowing that in the in-game settings for the lines is to edit out 2 of the positions you don't want. Ie LW and LD. This will also have to be edited in NOSE with putting Invalid or Hex 0 player. The player cards always mess up in 95. So having them as the team logos would help reduce the overall impact of having to cycle through to see them as you would be aware of the impact of they h
  20. Haha. Put it this way. There is alot more people on that pesky island that I'm willing to help more than on this huge rock. Kidding aside, I found some thing I can modify to improve the visual astheics. Mainly, this is an hour tops of a job if I'm not getting dragged into a nother work meeting.
  21. Either one works for me. But like I mentioned it takes time to do these. But if the person is willing to help provide the information makes these go alot faster. I personally would like the 30-34 team Memorial CUp one.
  22. I agree with @Sauceas that is what I've done to have the NHL95 season mod to reflect the actual NHL season. It is a bit time consuming. But if you have a plan and the tolls to execute it. (Which so many great modders have provided, like @wboyfor NOSE, @smozoma for Ditherer, @Jkline3@kingraphfor his knowledge and many others with what they have provided. @wboy@smozoma
  23. If you wanted the colors a bit the ice logos would as well as the darkness of the team select logos.