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  1. Everyone needs to understand these are long term projects and not going to happen over night. If you don't like that. Im not the resource for you.
  2. @ddmansearch in google wn95hl/nhl95 Or nhl94 discord they would have them there to join.
  3. https://discord.gg/WaAhMp5w
  4. It's just a hex editor. But ill send you the locations and stats you need.
  5. Belfour Hasek Roy Are the top3 auto control goalies. On manual it doesn't matter. @WileECoyote
  6. Would be cool if we can do that in 95. @von Ozbourme @kingraph is this something that can be done?
  7. Ill check...cause I might do an update with the teams that are in the playoff hunt or non-playoff teams...bottom 6 teams could be removed from season mode.
  8. UltraMagnus


    @Matt55 Its not 94. But I did a 95 one last season. ECHL21(95).bin
  9. Wow @von Ozbourmecan you dm me what you did. As this is something that I've wanted to try. Much appreciated for your efforts as always.
  10. I'll be doing them monthly. Also if your interested we have an NHL95 online league as well. A few different ones.
  11. We have an online league as well.
  12. @Tabs3121 @JparkIve attached the update rom. Sorry for the delay.
  13. @Georgenothing is stopping you from creating your own, or not using it at all. I make this for myself and anyone interested.
  14. I'm going to post shortly.. was side tracked yedtrday
  15. Yes. Just have the King of 94 tourney
  16. @JparkIm going to one last go through on the rom to make sure everything is in line
  17. I know what happened jn mine. Easy fix. All with rhe home jersey when I updated it. Change one color and the palette grabs that and overrides the original color. Just need to flip in the editor to change the color. Easy pesy
  18. https://discord.gg/dd2mjXDD Come join and test it out if you want to join.
  19. Yes. Likely every 2 months. Also we run an online league too.
  20. Yup. Will be releasing an update opening jight.
  21. I would definitely be willing to assist if you need any help.
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