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  1. Should be done the whole thing before the end of the weekend.
  2. That is in the works.
  3. Great to hear. I'm in the process of creating all the divisions and schedule to reflect this season as close as possible.
  4. New Developments...will be re-creating the NHL21 version with the exact current league settings. New Divisions Updated Schedule Teams only play each other within division 56 game season mode Updated rosters Updated logos, ice, banners, etc.
  5. I'll give them both a look. Thanks.
  6. Yeah if you can help with the CHL rosters that would be amazing. I actually prefer doing all the graphics as I have a different thought of how things should or could look.
  7. Looks like it will be done in a few weeks. But making progress on PS1 NFL Blitz
  8. I've started a 98 version for this to get some of details done over the next few weeks. Likely be a 2021 mod for the 2022 season.
  9. Coach K is one that I've been working on for a little while. Espn hockey I will also and Madden N64 is almost done.
  10. Yup. Want to finish a few teams and test before giving the green light
  11. Ill definitely do the CHL historic rom. Im originally from Montreal, and now in Mississauga so Im getting used to all the CHL teams. MLB great would be in the World Series Rom or the Triple PLay? NBA - This is going to happen, but might be a longer-down-the-road. I came across another rom Im wanting to dive into @Engelby77 presented to me (NBA Action '95). Its like NFL Primetime/NFL98. Which will give me a new project to jump into instead of NBA Live all the time.
  12. Yeah. The version I have as long as you are using RetroArch with a MS/GG/MD/CD (Genesis Plus GX) it will initialize the game as if it had the battery backup. Allowing you to start a clean season from scratch and all the rosters updated. I'll be adding the updated rosters and stats for this upcoming season. Ive attached my 2020 version below, but its just the roster names that I changed. This years is going to have the stats updated and Im working on the banners. Triple Play Baseball '20.zip
  13. Thanks @SauceJust waiting to see if there is any class worth wild to add.
  14. Ive updated the rom to show that. It works properly now. Thank you again @DeterminedApathy for bringing that up. Ill also, be releasing one last version. The day of opening night due to some potential waivers (Perry, Erickson, and Juulsen, so far.)
  15. Yeah I think I didn't check that when modding it. Ill update it shortly and repost. Thanks for noticing @DeterminedApathy
  16. Master List of GENS '95 Roms - NHL '95 - NHL'94 Forums This the link. I tried to find all the roms of NHL 95.
  17. This is a list of '95 GENS ROMs that are found all over the forums. Links to the original source have been added to give credit to the creator/authors. This will allow you to see the changes as well as the content included. If I missed something to be added, please reply below and I’ll update this list. Classic ROMs NHL95 Original Rom by kingraph (original post) 34 Team Expanded Rom by kingraph (original post) Updated Roster ROMS 2021 by UltraMagnus (original post) 2020 by UltraMagnus (original post) 2013 by wallywojo (original post) 201
  18. It would be a Master List of NHL95 mods. Ill create it so we have something similar to the NHL94 section, like kingraph did. I know there is versions we out there that would be better in a group. Ill message you that it is completed.
  19. Its not too messy. Its more time consuming since it takes alot of time finding specific things to change. I did a Madden 01/02 version 2 years ago. As well as a version NHL 02 as well.
  20. I've started actually looking into this today.
  21. Hi @Evanis there a way to request a topic to be pinned to the top of the specific section of the forum. Just wondering as there is beginning to have more content on NHL 95 and was wondering if we can do one like the Master List of 94 Roms by kingraph?
  22. Hello Blitz Fans!!! Pleased to introduce NFL Blitz 2K21 for the N64. New updated rosters as of WildCard weekend - January 9th, 2021 through Ourlads. Addition of the Houston Texans. Updated Screens and Ratings. Plus, DIY file below to create your own Blitzmania (All required programs included, plus a Step-by-Step user guide) NFL Blitz 2K21.z64 NFL BLITZ Step-by-Step.docx Blitz Modding.zip
  23. Hello NHL95 Enthusiasts!!! I'm delighted to announce NHL21 (95) has arrived with a bunch of new features and a little early. New Intros splashes. Updated Ice Updated Banners Some Easter Eggs (Can you find the some of these) New Screens to the game Updated Player Cards. Some top prospects with their new teams (Lafrienere, Byfield, etc.) Seattle Kraken consist of the top remaining Free Agents and some of the TAXI players as of January 9th, 4PM EST. Futures are the top prospects for the 2021 Draft and the Legends return as the Hall
  24. Ill be releasing manuals for all the games to help with some other people wanting to put their own spin on it. Plus, Ill included the editors, and images to help start them off. I know that it took me some time to do alot of these, but it would be easier from someone else with them.
  25. That is already in the works. Just trying to find the details before diving in. The logos are the easiest