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  1. @mitch13 Im open to making changes. That's why I joined this community. Positive comments, even negative ones are appreciated. I love making these roms, and having peoples input in them helps out immensely. Makes the experience better and more authentic.
  2. Hi @mitch13 I put the last 8 teams (non-season teams) in based on the who are the most recent to leave the league. If there are other options I would be happy to replace them. Potentially using Extraliga teams from Slovakia or Czech.
  3. This is the last one of the alternate roms before submerging myself into my custom Europe Rom (Europa Hockey League). After that, its on to prep for NHL21 and other sports. NFL Prime time World Series NBA Live Triple Play
  4. I did some testing on the trade options and all the teams work for the trades except for Vegas which shows Gibson for everyone. But the ratings and play # are the right ones. I tried a trade and the proper person showed up. So, I'll do some digging in the code to find that out. Also, in the Trade option on the main screen the top team can cycle through all teams. But, the bottom team are limited to Anaheim through Tampa Bay only.
  5. They are omitted from the season since there is more information and hacking to be done to find how to have all the teams in the season. As for the trading, I'm unsure why that would happen. I'll check it today and see if there is something causing this error.
  6. Glad your enjoying it. I'll fix that minor issue. No need to have things messing up.
  7. ECHL is here to stay!!!! This is a NHL95 version of the ECHL (East Coast Hockey League). 26 Teams in the league - Just like in real life. Rosters updated as of September 4th, but will need a quick once over. 8 additional teams from previous years (folded) Alaska Aces Chicago Express Dayton Bombers Greensboro Generals Knoxville Cherokees Peoria Rivermen Elmira Jackals Quad City Mallards If there is anything else you would like to see in NHL95. Let me know of PM me. ECHL21.bin
  8. I just tested the game to see what you are seeing, and unsure to where you see that since I pull up everything on their roster being correct,.
  9. Here is the first taste of ECHL
  10. First steps into EHL - Europa Hockey League!!! Welcomes the EIHL....formally known as the PACIFIC division.
  11. Ill get something together today and see how it comes out.
  12. Well your getting 8 of 10 teams....and from your profile pic I'm guessing the Cardiff Devils. LOL.
  13. Here is the final Rom breakdown before I dive in. The rom name will be Europa 21. Consisting of the following teams and divisions DEL - Central Division (Top 6 teams based on points last season) Liiga/SHL - Northeast Divison (Top 7 teams from both leagues combined based on points last season) EIHL - Pacific Division (Top 6 teams from league based on points last season) Extraliga - Atlantic Division (Top 7 teams from both Slovakia/Czech combined based on points last season) Remaining Teams 27-34 will be a combination of the remaining leagues likely 2 from each division above.
  14. There was a thought of doing that. But in doing so, your leaving out a lot of good teams. But you might be right. Will save me a ton of time.
  15. After multiple inquires and requests, I've decided on the following leagues to be completed. There will be 3 new roms and are as follows: ECHL - As requested by @I got the puck. SuperLeague (its a new name) - Will be the top 5 teams from each league (DEL, EIHL, Extraliga - Czech and Extraliga - Slovakia and the remaining teams will be a dash from across Europe) Scandanavian League - SHL and Liiga merged (One will be EASTERN conference and the Other will be WESTERN Conference)
  16. Yes, it would be putting together the rosters on word or excel also providing the ratings for each player which would make things easier. Not sure if you have the knowledge of the league to have that happen
  17. Amazing work @Drunken_1. Keep up the great efforts. No one should expect this in literally in a few weeks or before the season. Take all the time that you need. Its hard work and effort and a HELL of alot of time is required.
  18. Hello Fellow NHL95ers!!! Here are some snap shots of NHL'21(95).
  19. COMPLETED!!! A huge thank you to @Jkline3 for the Banner options and roster details (MAAAAASSSIVE help), @wboy for NOSE, @kingraph for the mapping, @smozoma for Ditherer program. This game has provided an appreciation for each one of you and the impact you had on this game. KHL 21' is now living in NHL95!!! Let me know what you think regardless. KHL'21(95).bin
  20. Thanks!!! I have thought of it. The time consuming part is updating the rosters. If I can find someone to do the rosters, I can pump out Roms once a week.
  21. To Fellow NHL95ers, Im writing this to gauge the interest of expanding the reach of the NHL95 impact in the community. Ive completed the follow ROMS, and would like to know if there are other leagues we can make. Since some of the leagues below have small amount of teams it would be interesting to merge them into 1 or 2 roms (SHL vs.Liiga, or EIHL vs.DEL). Ive also thought that a great concept would be take the top 6 teams from all the leagues and merge into 1. Just snowballing ideas. Let me know what you think. COMPLETED NHL2 NCAA21 KHL21 (In progress) AHL21 (in progress) Potential Leagues SHL EIHL Liiga DEL Extraliga - Czech Extraliga - Slovakia
  22. I agree with @kingraph. Ive used the program over 10 times now and it works great.
  23. COMPLETED!!! A huge thank you to @Jkline3 for the Banner options and roster details (MAAAAASSSIVE help), @wboy for NOSE, @kingraph for the mapping, @smozoma for Ditherer program. This game has provided an apprciation for each one of you and the impact you had on this game. NCAA 21' is here dawning NHL95!!! There are 2 options (One with traditional banners and the other with the new and improved). Let me know what you think regardless. NCAA'21(95)Alternative Banners.bin NCAA'21(95).bin
  24. Would love to see the outcome of that. Ive followed your website for a few years and was always interested. Great to have finally be able to contribute to the legend.