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  1. Interesting. I had taken that info directly from a version of the manual I had (and never assume the manual is right!). In the PDF version of the manual on the nhl94.com website there are no indicators for who starters are? Sorry about that, yes will need to update that info for sure to accommodate Sega and SNES versions. -Evan
  2. Yes, I've experienced this with the organ and my son thinks it's hysterical when it happens (he plays shootouts sometimes which is when it seems to happen most). Didn't think to mention it anywhere but good call it should be noted.
  3. Very cool! I especially enjoyed the part about Mark Lesser shooting raccoons and @kingraph's t-shirt. Thanks for sharing. -Evan
  4. Well done commish - a perfect fit in my opinion! Did it come with NHL'94 sunglasses? Or just take a pic wearing the jacket with sunglasses on.
  5. Ah, ok thanks for the explanation on the ratings. Makes sense if based mainly on last season's Save Pct. As an aside, being a NY Rangers fan they are a ton of fun to play with!
  6. Great ROM, thanks so much for all the effort putting this together! I did notice that both SJ goalies were both rated 50 in the game? Seemed like a mistake (at least for Martin Jones) and wanted to let you know. Thanks! -Evan
  7. All 3 nominees deserve it, but I'm going with @chaos (don't want my house painted)
  8. Thanks for the kind words, it was a pleasure to run this and of course play in as well. There was certainly plenty of ‘94 talent present which makes all the games tougher. This was also the most prizes/swag we’ve ever had at a tournament so glad most went home with something. We did notice a lot of similar matchups being picked throughout the day with our new team rating/tier sheets but seemed to keep matchups fair. Congrats to Raph on a well deserved championship! He was locked in. Included a few pictures below though realized we never got a full group shot. Thanks to all who helped and participated! -Evan
  9. Hey Eman, I added my Calgary playoffs in the earlier post. Enjoy, -Evan
  10. Hey Eman, Thanks for sharing. I can't access the dropbox link because I'm at work (will check out later), but I do something kind of similar. Each year during my end of year holiday break, I choose 1 team to play best of 7 playoffs with on the original cartridge. I use 10 minute periods, line changes auto, and penalties on except offsides. My 1 requirement/goal: Every skater gets at least 1 goal, 1 assist and 1 shot. I've always been able to accomplish this, and I should gather all the teams I've played with/results as I keep track of a good amount of stats. My most recent playoff run was with Calgary, which was a ton of fun and had the highest goals per game average I've done yet. When I gather my stats into 1 sheet you can view, you'll same similar results where certain players underachieve and overachieve. Ranheim was my underachiever, and Lindberg was my overachiever. Anyway, I'll try to gather the stats soon for fun. -Evan CAL-Playoff-Stats-2018-12-20.xlsx
  11. Very nice, thanks for sharing Sauce! It always comes back to NHL94. I fully expect at least 1 Whalers alumni to be in attendance.
  12. Hey guys, I dabble with music (have a personal studio) from time to time, and had some time today to make a fresh mix of our beloved NHL'94 Theme Song (Sega). Attached in the MP3 and WAV. Feel free to use and abuse. Enjoy! -Evan PS If someone has an SNES Theme Song midi file I can make a mix of that too. NHL94 Theme Song (Pixel Blast Remix).mp3 NHL94 Theme Song (Pixel Blast Remix).wav
  13. Hey Smoz, That's probably the idea. I'd have to start playing around with how to properly blow up a screenshot that big in my minimal free time (I've done it in the past). I was assuming folks here have done this already and can either provide some screenshots in this topic at the requested resolution, or explain briefly how to resize, crop, and save the image. He wants them for an article coming out on Sunday on nhl.com. This is one of the images he provided as an example he wants to blow up (but it can be any interesting game screenshot): Thanks, -Evan
  14. Hey guys, A writer from NHL.com is looking for help making very hi-res images of NHL'94 ingame screenshots for both Gens and Snes. Can anyone help out on this? He's looking for them to be 2568x1444 pixels in size. He emailed me examples but its really just any '94 action shots and such. Please post an example if you have one! He needs these ASAP. Thanks! -Evan
  15. Congrats corbett! What a turn of events. I was considering going but wasn't able to commit the day similar to Raph. Nice prize. Eliot, do you think this expo/tournament will happen again? If so, let us know early on. I could probably help out with the next one.
  16. Hey guys, Just wanted to get some brief feedback and pics here. Overall, great tournament and great time hanging with other NHL94 peeps. @halifax did an outstanding job organizing this and keeping it moving. Can't thank you enough for all the hard work bud. @McMikey gave us a preview of his documentary, which was awesome to see. Thanks for sharing with the group. @angryjay93 congrats on an outstanding performance and winning the Gens. I have yet to win a game against you... EVER. @Jammer - KO94IIsnes congrats on a super solid performance winning Snes, and also your celebration was also solid. @CoachMac thanks for bringing that key CRT TV for us to play on throughout the weekend, and also for helping out during the tournament. Coach is a class act. These events are all about hanging around great people who share the love of NHL94, from all walks of life. Most of the feedback already mentioned I agree with so no need to say it again. For me, this was a little more fun than Toronto because we had the opportunity to play more games in both the tournament and friendly games as well. Also had more opportunity to chat with guys. Got to play @halifax finally (1 game on each system), and some 2 on 2 Gens after the tournament as well with @egg, @IAmFleury'sHipCheck , @chaos, @kingraph, and @corbettkb Thanks for all the good times guy! -Evan
  17. Egg and I are officially booked (coming in Friday). We'll see you guys there.
  18. Here's my thoughts and notes on yesterday's tournament. First of all, we have an amazing admin group with Egg, Chaos and Raph. We were ready for anything, and we had to be! 1) When we first get there, we see that we're not in a "room" as advertised, but instead we have a space between fighter jets that is very long and narrow. The whole afternoon we're ducking and squeezing under missiles and wings to keep things going. - Amount of table space was tight, but one of the expo guys let us setup another table to spread out more. Even with that extra table, things were still tight. - Raph brought a projector to display info for everyone but we had no good place to project to. You'll see in one of my pics above that the best place was where you see it. 2) The wi-fi was constantly coming and going so most of us turned off wi-fi on our devices since it drains the battery. 3) The expo had a station for tournament signups, and after we requested to max out at 32 they kept going. People were coming over requesting to sign up close to our start time, 2pm. At one point we had over 40 signups, and ended up with 38 people (I think?) in the tournament. 4) We had laynards/name tags everyone wore that was very helpful. They included a number we assigned players and their name/handle. 5) The start of the tournament was a 3-game round robin. We split up players into 9 groups of 4 (though that only equals 36?) and things were hectic in the beginning because we didn't get to explain rules formally. Since there were a few of us bouncing around, we were able to explain/help as needed and things got rolling. 6) A HUGE help to keeping scores were printed out score cards Raph made. At the end of a game, the players would fill it out, and hand it to one of us to enter. 7) After the round robin, we setup an 18-team challonge single elimination bracket. Though we only used this for the first "3" rounds (round 1 was 2 games for the 4 bottom seeds), as the semi-finals and finals were best of 3. We weren't sure if you could change the format per round in challonge, so we just kept score on paper the last 2 rounds. I was entering challonge scores on my phone at first (which was brutal) but then Chaos got it going on his laptop. 8) Once we got to the semi's we were down to 4 players and things settled down. Smoz/Lupz and TexasPach/EyeTwitch (non-forum guy) were the final 4. 9) Smoz/TexasPach made it to the finals, with TexasPach taking it in the full 3 games. Again, congrats to TexasPach on a solid performance! All of this can be seen on the http://twitch.tv/kingraph page. 10) After the tournament, we got to squeeze in 1 4-way game. Raph/Chaos vs TexasPach/myself using the original game (5 skaters a side). We ended up going into OT 2-2, and Raph/Chaos scored with 11 seconds left in the 10min OT. When does that happen? Good times! As always, these things are fun but move quick and is kind of a blur. We started a little after 2pm and think we ended a little around 6pm? We should DEFINITELY do more of the twitch stream to record games and player reactions. Great setup. So while we were prepared, you never know what's going to happen and have to be adaptive at tournaments. We ended up using pen and paper for a lot of the score keeping. But looking back on it, things went great, people had a good time, and was certainly a successful tournament. Thanks to everyone who participated! -Evan
  19. Hey guys, It seems not that many people know about the "internet archive way back machine" where you can see really old versions of websites. This link is a version of the nhl94.com website from Aug 27th, 2004: https://web.archive.org/web/20040827194209/http://nhl94.com:80/ And here's nhl94online.com from Dec 24th, 2005 (that includes the first season standings): https://web.archive.org/web/20051224193612/http://www.nhl94online.com:80/ I'm not sure how much of the sites are functional but at least you can see what it looked like back then. I tested clicking a team logo which brought up the team ratings and also the screenshots of nhl94.com and both worked. Enjoy! -Evan
  20. Indeed on Raph's post. Full day and was a blur for sure. Here are some more pics, will hopefully give a more detailed write up soon. -Evan
  21. Well have a twitch feed going today: http://twitch.tv/kingraph Orange and Black and Texas are in the house. Wifi situation is bad but hopefully it works out.
  22. Backhandfloater! Great to have you back and we'll see you at the big tourney later this year. -Evan