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  1. 77, you're a funny guy All of the work on my ROM is original but feel free to use anything that you think will be of benefit to your ROM's.
  2. The ROM is now available. It was finished and completed on the opening night of the new season but there's been a little delay while some work was done to update the NHLPA93 website. The ROM is completely faithful to the the 2013-14 season and is also fully compatible with NOSE. You can download it from the left hand column on the main NHLPA93 website... http://nhlpa93.nhl94.com/
  3. It should be ready for download in a few days. I'm waiting to find out each players jersey number for the new season. That way the ROM will be completely accurate and authentic.
  4. Just want to say that I am releasing a new update for NHLPA 93. It is just about complete and the only thing left to update is player jersey numbers for the forthcoming season. Shortly after these are released by the NHL, I will complete my update and a download link will be added to the NHLPA 93 website, just like before with my 2010 update. Here is a list of the new features in NHLPA 13... Rosters Player Ratings Uniforms Team Banners Team Ratings Team specific pucks (Pucks now reflect home team colours) Centre Ice Logo Goal Nets (complete with NHL net cams) Timekeepers in the Penalty Box Trapezoid Goal Crease Faceoff Circles Bluelines Ron Barr Quotes Playoff Tree (now reflects both conferences) Font and more..! There are many more features that I want to update but some of the graphics are still compressed and cannot be changed, like Ron Barr's picture and the EASN game clock. It's time to drop your gloves and get ready for some in-game fighting. I can't wait for the new season to start..! RayGun
  5. Superb work Top Shelf What you're doing is very dramatic I will watch your progress with great interest because I have thought about doing this myself. It's great to see that someone with similar thoughts has taken up the challenge
  6. Hi guys I have finished my 2010 rom for NHLPA'93 complete with current lineups and player ratings plus the following graphical changes:- Updated crease New generic centre-ice logo Trapezoid Updated face-off circles Updated goals and a few other small graphical changes Team ratings and uniforms have been updated too along with Ron Barr's introductions It should be available very soon It has been a long process to update the game but I have found it highly rewarding thanks to WBoy, Clockwise and all the other assistance posted on the forum. A big thank you to everyone at NHL94.com. Cheers guys! Regards, RayGun PS- here are a few pics
  7. I am making a 2010 rom for NHLPA'93 That means... you will be able to make Sean Avery bleed I have updated the line-ups, team banners, crease, centre ice, goalposts and team jerseys I am still working on a trapezoid for the bottom half of the rink but can't seem to get it right! [any help is welcome ] I plan to release my 2010 rom shortly after the season starts
  8. Hi bro's, I had a `eureka' moment while editing NHLPA'93 over the past few days and I have successfully updated the crease However, I have found a problem while trying to create a trapezoid in the bottom half of the rink Whenever, I make changes to tiles in that area of the rink, they overlay the players so I am changing tiles for the glass and not the ice. I have successully inserted a trapezoid in the top half of the rink Does anyone know what tiles and offsets make changes to the ice beneath the glass. I know that trapezoid's have been inserted in NHL'94 so hopefully someone here can help me and I will release an update very soon. I am so close but frustratingly stuck! I will post some pics once this problem has been solved Thanks, RayGun
  9. Hi bro I have been trying for a very long time to edit the crease in NHL '93 but have failed to create a 2009 crease (see the image below). The format of the tiles is not the same as NHL '94 and not straight forward I would welcome any help and assistance. I believe WBOY is our key to solving the problem but his time is limited Cheers, RayGun
  10. Thanks wboy I might make an updated ROM for NHLPA '93 and knowing this info is available makes it seem an easier project to do Cheers, RayGun
  11. Hi guys I simply love this site and its dedication to playing NHLPA 93 & NHL 94 My favourite game is NHLPA '93 but it's far too easy to score by `passing' the puck between the goalies pads! Has anyone ever managed to fix this bug? If they have, they would make my year because this game is nothing short of brilliant If no-one has a fix, then I will gladly work with someone to fix it (unfortunately, I have no knowledge of editing DOS games ) Thumbs-up for everyone on this site for keeping these games alive RayGun
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