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  1. While I personally run and love (great build quality) the 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ on my RetroArch box, they also make this based on the Sega 6 button controller. https://www.8bitdo.com/m30/ Ho ho ho.
  2. Need to learn that s**t myself... maybe one day. maybe not.... we'll see in time.
  3. Very nice work. Well done smozoma! Other than the no organ pipe sounds at the start of a team 31 or 32 home game... I don't think any other crashes have been found?
  4. Just a few edits to the NOSE.ini file would happily support a 32 Team ROM.
  5. Team 31 or 32 as either Home or Away crashes Genesis Plus GX at both the Team Select and Player Card screens. From the Player Cards it always throws also up the address error 0011DB8 = 000000FF as per one of my earlier post attachments.
  6. wboy

    nose on linux?

    No probs.... please report any issues or bugs you may find running NOSE via Wine for all. I only did very brief testing within NOSE itself and found those things...
  7. Thanks jer_33. Wasn't expecting that quick of a response to that request! Seems the emulation within Gens & Genesis Plus GX is more accurate in that regard (compared to real hardware) than both Kega Fusion & PicoDrive. I just quickly tested accessing the Player Cards in-game menu option using both Lakka/Libretro cores. Like before it causes the game to freeze within Gens Plus GX, but PicoDrive renders the screen and behaves fine with the exception of the bogus Records data that is displayed. This is most probably the clue to fixing this issue as either core has no issue showing j
  8. wboy

    nose on linux?

    After you've installed Wine on your preferred Linux distribution, simply download and install the Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 6 Run-Time also and the Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Common Controls (as would also be recommended/required for any Windows based OS). # Tested on Xubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (xenial) - Xfce Desktop Environment. Should also work on any Debian or Ubuntu based distribution including Linux Mint. - Open a Terminal Emulator window. $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install -y wine $ winecfg - Click OK when the Wine configuration dialog eventually appears. $ cd Desktop/ $ w
  9. Missing organ pipe music I referred to was just after you "start game" before the first face off. Team 31 at home sound like a body check, 32 starts with the louder body/check boarding(?). That's all I tested with limited time and effort. Would be good to document all that is noticed. e.g. you say team 30 has no goal music. I assume this also affects my original nhl94 30 team rom hack? I'm sure it can probably all be fixed, but again I'm guessing smozoma's talents are probably better suited here. EDIT: can anyone confirm what it does on real hardware via one of those SD Card ROM attachm
  10. I just tested your ROM within Lakka - http://www.lakka.tv/, an awesome way to retrogame on your TV if y'all haven't checked it out it already. It's basically a Playstation 2 like frontend to Libretro - http://www.libretro.com/ Those who have used RetroPie - https://retropie.org.uk/or Recalbox https://www.recalbox.com/are pretty much using the same thing on their Raspberry Pi. Lakka/Libretro offers 2 cores (emulators) for Genesis, Genesis Plus GX and PicoDrive (the now default Genesis emulator for low powers devices like the Pi IIRC). Genesis Plus GX crashes straight after the first play
  11. That rings a bell you know... as in I think that's what used happen with my attempt too now that you mention it. So it works in fusion? Only ask as I have none of the old hacking tools and emulators installed on any of my current PCs.
  12. Came from the land down under and brought the thunder. Nothing else rhymes except plunder and that would be a blunder.

  13. "Show me the money!" NOSE 1.3b (10 year anniversary edition) New: CryptoLocker support - encrypts all your ROM files and make you pay wboy's bitcoin account to get them back!
  14. wboy

    NOSE 1.2b source code

    Thanks guys. Nice to hear it still gets used today now 10 years on. Helps me justify the amount of time I probably spent on it back in the day rom hacking and coding NOSE... not that I didn't enjoy it... I did... I only just ran NOSE on my Windows 10 box yesterday and amazed to see it worked even without registering the OCXes.... though it did kick of my Office 2013 setup first time before it launched (not sure wtf that happened). lol @ clockwise!
  15. Attached is what appears my last attempts of my 32 team rom (up to stage 8) before I started noticing the games was crashing on me. The stages should relate mostly to what is found in the SG NHL94 - 30 Team ROM.docx as part of the source code zip release, remembering though some of the data pasted within will be bigger thus some different offsets may exit (e.g. two extra banners). 32teamromfail.zip