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  1. Thanks mate! Gotta love those oldies.
  2. Thanks !! Highly appreciated as usual But what's about the "Original" and "New" roms ?
  3. It's no fake...A real retro game ! Coming out on PS3, Wii, X360. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Man_9
  4. Also looking forward to this release Does this include the player pictures ?
  5. Uh-un. I just picked up NHL 08 on PS3 and it was a HUGE disappointment. I thought it would be really great but...NHL 94 is still the great one. Gameplay only, plenty of fun.
  6. Just one thing : Man, this is tremendous, how did you do that Pictures from 1991, right ? Just love those details.
  7. Yeah I know, but it's not really convenient...Is it possible to add in the future a simulation function or at least something to manually enter the other scores ?
  8. How a great tool !! Thank you so much. But I've got a simple question : can this program take in account CPU's results (those showed in the "Other scores" menu) or is it just for online playing ?
  9. Tremendous work, thanks Looking forward to the 80's
  10. Yeah, I understand, but is it really so "practical" ? I mean, one global league is the best solution but the travel / time zones issues are really annoying in this situation. Can you be more precise please ? And what would be exactly the Playoffs format ?
  11. I suggest 4 divisions, 30 divisional games, 40 inter-divisional games, 56 inter-infra-divisional-conferencial games, 89 inter-minor-leagues games...Heck, how could the NHL season structure be so complicated ?? We're still talking about HOCKEY, right ??? As far as I know, hockey is a nice sport with simple rules, so let's make the schedule simple too, at least easy to understand. Forget about the inter-conference games, forget about the divisional games : we've got 30 teams, splitted in two conferences (East and West) of 15 teams. Seriously, what else do we need ? Each team plays 84 games, meeting the other teams in their conference three times at home and three times on the road. Top eight teams in number of points are offered a place in playoffs, with seed advantage for top three teams etc. So, convinced ?
  12. Great work indeed, but why didn't you use real photos for the player cards instead of fake ones ?
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