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  1. Thanks mate! Gotta love those oldies.
  2. Thanks !! Highly appreciated as usual But what's about the "Original" and "New" roms ?
  3. It's no fake...A real retro game ! Coming out on PS3, Wii, X360.
  4. Also looking forward to this release Does this include the player pictures ?
  5. Uh-un. I just picked up NHL 08 on PS3 and it was a HUGE disappointment. I thought it would be really great but...NHL 94 is still the great one. Gameplay only, plenty of fun.
  6. Just one thing : Man, this is tremendous, how did you do that Pictures from 1991, right ? Just love those details.
  7. Yeah I know, but it's not really convenient...Is it possible to add in the future a simulation function or at least something to manually enter the other scores ?
  8. How a great tool !! Thank you so much. But I've got a simple question : can this program take in account CPU's results (those showed in the "Other scores" menu) or is it just for online playing ?
  9. Tremendous work, thanks Looking forward to the 80's
  10. Yeah, I understand, but is it really so "practical" ? I mean, one global league is the best solution but the travel / time zones issues are really annoying in this situation. Can you be more precise please ? And what would be exactly the Playoffs format ?
  11. I suggest 4 divisions, 30 divisional games, 40 inter-divisional games, 56 inter-infra-divisional-conferencial games, 89 inter-minor-leagues games...Heck, how could the NHL season structure be so complicated ?? We're still talking about HOCKEY, right ??? As far as I know, hockey is a nice sport with simple rules, so let's make the schedule simple too, at least easy to understand. Forget about the inter-conference games, forget about the divisional games : we've got 30 teams, splitted in two conferences (East and West) of 15 teams. Seriously, what else do we need ? Each team plays 84 games, meet
  12. Great work indeed, but why didn't you use real photos for the player cards instead of fake ones ?