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  1. I could definitely be convinced that this is a justifiable expense. Can we also get a sponsor for whiskey? Not exactly a deal breaker buuuuuut
  2. What a blast it was to play in this again, great to see a lot of familiar faces and to meet some new ones. To keep with tradition, I funneled beer and whiskey into myself until even my Irish blood was having trouble keeping me upright, at which time I slinked off into the night with some buds from town to finally get some food into my stomach. Once I knew AJ would be there again I knew it was a longshot for me to take the trophy home, and as expected he handed my ass to me every time we played. Still a great time, and I can confirm every cent of my winnings immediately got funelled into a night of debauchery on the town. Cheers to all that attended, congrats to the winners, and I'm looking forward to the next one already
  3. Damn, was looking like I was going to have to work Saturday so held off on signing up, but got the good news today that we have the day off only to run into the bad news that the tourney is all filled up. If somebody has to drop for whatever reason I demand their spot, otherwise I'm in town anyways so I'll be showing up to drink some beer and watch some games nonetheless
  4. I remember that, we were both up for elimination and I was thoroughly in the zone (read: drunk) by that point and was super into that game, crazy close too. The outburst bit makes me laugh, when I came back to Sports on Tap to get my car on Monday I had to let it warm up, so I went inside and grabbed a beer and the bartender came up to me and said he remembered me from the tournament as, in his words, the loud one. Really hope to see something like this again, or if not at least we know there's enough Saskatoonians to get together for a beer league.
  5. If you set up another tourney for next year, I will make my way back to Saskatoon by any means possible to get another shot at the gold. Until then, I'm in the city until summer so if you ever need me to show you what the SNES version of Sundin can do, I'll be around, Halifax ;D.
  6. What a blast that was, good buds and good drinks. Can't wait to see what I said in an interview, because my memory of the night got a little foggy after I got eliminated!
  7. I've been practicing, but all i've got is the emulator and a keyboard, and that'll be my excuse when I come in dead last!
  8. Currently scrambling to find some current SNES players on AIM to get some much needed practice in. I want the hardware!
  9. Had to dust off this old account to get in here and say how excited I am for this tournament and the documentary! It's awesome to see this community is still as busy as ever, and even better to some familiar faces still kicking around. That being said, barring the odd game on my laptop against the computer waiting for a uni course to start (or just killing time while it's being taught,) I'm so out of practice and am gonna have to get my ass in gear with a Rocky montage this week so I can finally taste gold. See all you buds on Saturday!
  10. I disagree, but I know what you're talking about. The AI has one move it loves, which is the winger-to-defenseman-to-same winger-to same defeseman-repeat process for passing, I've literally seen 20 passes just pack and forth without anything happening. It's minor and I don't see it that often, surely once a game but rarely a lot a game and rarely for that long. They dump the puck when it's appropriate, and I've been leveled too many times going across the blue line to say they don't hit. NHL 10 is an absolutely fantastic game. The one gripe I still have about these games is the movement of players/goalies still almost looks inhumanly fast, it just looks a bit too fake sometimes.
  11. I've invited gr8, but Sebe and Russian Rocket have to accept my friend requests before I can invite them. I'm pretty sure you have to go to your player hub to accept the invitation for the league though, it doesn't send it through xbox live messeges for some reason.
  12. Pretty simple stuff. For this first season, you play 4 games vs every coach. After that short season, you go to playoffs, which is a best of 5. Only rule is your team MUST be an NHL team. Trades are off for this first season, we'll go from there. If you want in, simply post your Xbox Live gametag in this thread, i'll invite you to the league.
  13. Agreed, I love it. Makes it a lot funner, and it doesn't hamper the offense as much as people say it does.
  14. Because we all know the skill of a player is based on the number of cups he's won.
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