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March 1st-2nd, 2024 Modano Mo Problems IV presented by Edge of 94 Midwest and AV For You!

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Buds, I introduce to you you Modano Mo Problems IIV, the 8th "annual" tournament brought to you by Edge of 94 Midwest, with some help from our bud @LeifErikson and AV For You!



Signup Link : https://tinyurl.com/modanomoproblems4

Preferred room rate for The Moxy Uptown: Hotel_Room $99 per night!

What : NHL94 Tournament for Sega Genesis

Where : The Moxy Uptown 1121 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408.  We will be in their lobby like last year for the Friday night activities, and Saturday Genesis tournament.

The Moxy Uptown is a hotel, and we'll be in their lobby for the event.  

If you have any issues with booking, you can contact them via phone here: (612) 822-5020

When : March 2nd, 2024, 11AM Registration, with a noon start time.  Side note : There will be side retro action at the venue Friday evening Feb 3rd, completely free to all who are signed up for Saturday's action.  Retro stations, 2v2, custom rom hacks will be live by 7PM, possibly sooner.  We've started something of a tradition of visiting our sponsor UP/Down bar arcade prior to the retro gathering at Moxy.(both are in walking distance of one another)  They have pinball, and classic coin operated arcade games, as well as a great beer selection.
Cost : $50 via PayPal to trojan1979@gmail.com  https://www.paypal.me/trojan1979

Make sure to use the "Friends and Family" aka "Someone You Know" for your payment.

Payout : Approximately 75% of the funds collected will be paid out over the top 4 places.  $15 from each paid entry will go towards the meal budget before this is tabulated.   Additionally the prize pools may be boosted by online tournament contributions.  There are approximately 4-5 staff members participating in the tournament who do not contribute to the prize pool.

Example, if $500 was being paid out
1st Place 50% $250
2nd Place 25% $125
3rd Place 15% $75
4th place 10% : $50

Food/Drink : The Moxy does not have a restaurant inside.  We will be providing pizza during the group/bracket break.  You may bring your own food or order in.  We recommend eating lunch before the tournament begins if possible.  We anticipate a 3:30-4:30 arrival of the pizza we will order.  Those who stay at the Moxy  will receive a complimentary drink ticket.  All alcohol consumed at the event must be purchased from The Moxy.

Format : Group play will precede bracket play.   A single elimination bracket will follow the group play phase.  A Maximum of 32 players will compete and all players will advance to a bracket round.  Rounds of 32/16 will be a best 2/3 series(first to 2 wins). Rounds of 8/4 will be a best of 5 series(first to 3 wins).  The championship series will be a best of 7 series(first to 4 wins).  Higher seed will pick tier and be player 1/home team for game 1.  In game 2 the lower seed is then Player 1 and the home team picking the tier.  This continues to alternate until a series winner is crowned.

Rules(subject to be updated/modified so please continue to reference) : 5 minute periods, penalties on, no offside, manual goalie. 

The Home team(player 1) has last right of substitution, should player 2 make any additional moves.  You may only substitute during a play stoppage, such as a penalty, icing, out of play puck, or in between periods.  Please do not get start button happy during intermission.  Your opponent may wish to make an adjustment.  You may only pull your goal if you currently possess the puck as this requires pausing the game to do so.

If it's in the game, it's in the game.  No game mechanics/glitches are banned.  Examples are pass shots, CB checks, hail mary shots, goalie interference goals, rebound goals on penalty shots, etc..
  A coin flip winner will be the home team(player 1) and call the tier for team selection.  The opposing player is the away team(player 2) and chooses which team they want based on the tier selected.  You may select from within or below the tier specified.    Example: Player 1 selects Tier 2.  That removes DET, BUF, CHI, VAN, MTL from selection in that matchup.  Player 1 chooses CGY, Player 2 selects BOS.   Player 1 and Player 2 may not play as the same team.     You must take a different team in the selected tier each time.  You are only permitted to repeat a team selection once you have used the other teams within that tier an equal number of times. (Exception to this rule if player 2 has selected the last remaining team available for player 1 in said tier, another team may be selected that was already used by player 1) This process resets between group play and the playoffs.

Trojan and Leif Erikson are the tournament referees in the event of disputes/complaints.

Genesis Tiers :


Tier 2: MTL, LA, CGY, WPG, BOS


Tier 4: PHI, EDM, WSH, PIT

Tier 5: NJD, STL, HFD, NYI

Tier 6: TB, SJ, OTW, ANH, FLA


Games cannot end in a tie.  A new game must be started in the event of a tie game at the end of overtime.  Intentional time wasting in your own zone is prohibited.  You must attempt advancing the puck into the opposing zone whenever possible.  Players caught abusing this may have goals deducted, or in extreme cases the game awarded to the opposing player.  Players are required to take a photo of their score and report to the scorekeeper.  There is a 6 goal deficit mercy rule.  The game is technically over once a 6 goal difference is reached.  However, if we are not pressed for time, you may play the game out, but any additional scoring will not count in the official standings.  6 goals is the max goal differential counted.  Players are permitted to bring their own OEM or approved 3rd party controllers.  All other equipment is provided by us.  Having equipment on hand from volunteers as spares is always appreciated, but not required.

Tiebreakers : Goal Differential, Head to Head, Goals Scored, Goals Allowed, Coin Flip

Systems/Equipment : With the exception of our stream setup, which will use a low latency high definition display paired with an Analogue Mega SG, the remainder systems are 1st party Genesis systems on CRT displays, many of which are professional video monitors.  The CRT's are provided by AV For You.  Again, competitors may bring their own Genesis controllers if they so desire, 3 or 6 button.

How can you help?  In short, register early.  Get your hotel and flight(if applicable) booked ASAP.  Invite people to join you on your journey early and often.  Show up on time with a good attitude, and just be an awesome bud to everyone you meet.


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