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  1. Team Name: Chicago Blackhawks LD: Rob Blake RD: Kevin Lowe LW: Pat LaFontaine C: Mats Sundin RW: Pierre Turgeon X: Ed Olczyk 3rd D: Dimitri Yushkevich G: Ed Belfour Blake and Lowe are both 4 I'd be happy changing either but I think Lowe makes the most sense because Blake is the better player. Maybe make him 7 assuming Yushkevich isn't 7
  2. I don’t believe either version is “superior” they’re just different. SNES is much more offensive focused (because you can shoot 3’s more consistently) whereas Genesis is more shove focused (because the injury bug is the most important part of the game). I’d love to play an updated version and I’d love to dominate everyone
  3. This is a tough vote as all these guys are amazing. @chaosknows what he does and how amazing it is for the community but for this year because of the help he has given to the little guys and the fact he hasn't even really been in the community very long and has become such a huge part of it. I gotta go with @danTML7we sometimes argue on the discord but I turn to him with all my little problems I have with NHL94. He's my bud of the year.
  4. Can't wait to get back to the Edge VR Arcade. Venue was comfortable and the employees were great. While this is still a game I'm a novice at, I'm hoping to be much improved by tourney time. Troy was a great host As always at the Hardcore Tecmo Super Bowl tournament and I'm sure that will continue. If you're on the fence about this I'd recommend giving it a shot. Worst comes to worst they have a pretty good (and reasonably priced) beer selection! Just be ready to grind with some low tier teams if I get to pick teams.
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