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  1. Thanks King, you da Barr!
  2. Hamilton(me) trades Damphousse to Toronto St Pats for Kevin Dineen (Icestorm)
  3. Zhamnov and Damphousse on block, looking for speed
  4. Hamilton Tigres C: Recchi #8LW: Ciccarelli #22RW: Yake #25LD: Leschyshyn #7RD: Wesley #26 Xtra attacker: Damphousse #25First Forward Sub: Damphousse #25First Defensive Sub: Daigneault #48 Goalie: Soderstrom #30
  5. I concur. I feel the online leagues are buried and hard to find. They are likely the top thing being looked for by new players.
  6. Hey guys, thanks for this it looks awesome! Alot of hard work and thouroughly appreciated
  7. Hey Man, no worries, without you @chaos, we'd all be in hell...playing Nintendo 94!
  8. I'd like to schedule some Gens B games. The league ends in 7 days. AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I still need: @Gundogoon x3 @jrolling x2 @spaceGhost9 x2 @flatcrusher x2 @Darko99 x3 Please PM me here or on discord to setup time. I am on most nights after 9pm EST.
  9. Thanks Brutus was a great league, total blast. Congrats on the cup!
  10. Greenest team on the planet, I choose OILERS