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  1. Does anyone know what the CPR button actually does? I mean hardware/software wise. Does it reset the connection? Drop all frames in queue or something? Since the summer, I have been CPR'ing alot during games (twice on average). Never had to do it before then. Same router, conn, modem, computer as before I started having the issue. My hope is that if anyone knows exactly what that button does it will help me troubleshoot (or even hack the game to auto CPR!) ================================ Also this is of interest: "This project contains an improved version of the public domain okai peer to peer kaillerclient.dll file supported by many game system emulators.I have fixed issues with permanent lockups where even the CPR button didn't help and prevented ping being detected as over 500ms - this both caused packet misorder issues and made the game unplayable.Also I have added ability to manually switch ping as ping detection can be too unreliable for some connections.For more details check readme.txt"
  2. My 6 million cents: Firstly Halifax you are the man! Seriously dude, you have another career in sports broadcasting I think! My thinking is that while yes NHL94 is a video game, it is a video game that olde guys play, and olde guys want to have their fun AND play video games. We aren't 20 yr old Borknite players. I think most folks going to this and any event also want entertainment, and the location of Waves eGaming is just not good for that. The no beer situation, while not an issue for some, others like myself, would've totally kicked back and had a few Saturday after I was literally ROBBED of the title. Good thing was I had an hour and a half on the bus ride home to cry about it! BTW, This place downtown could be a good alternative in the future:
  3. Because that is what I would buy. 1 million 6 button ctrls at 6 dollars each. They better give you a deal!!
  4. Haha I missed the amount somehow on the broadcast! That is going to buy alot of OG Sega 6 buttons Raph!
  5. Thanks King, you da Barr!
  6. Hamilton(me) trades Damphousse to Toronto St Pats for Kevin Dineen (Icestorm)
  7. Zhamnov and Damphousse on block, looking for speed
  8. Hamilton Tigres C: Recchi #8LW: Ciccarelli #22RW: Yake #25LD: Leschyshyn #7RD: Wesley #26 Xtra attacker: Damphousse #25First Forward Sub: Damphousse #25First Defensive Sub: Daigneault #48 Goalie: Soderstrom #30
  9. I concur. I feel the online leagues are buried and hard to find. They are likely the top thing being looked for by new players.
  10. Hey guys, thanks for this it looks awesome! Alot of hard work and thouroughly appreciated
  11. Hey Man, no worries, without you @chaos, we'd all be in hell...playing Nintendo 94!