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  1. Sorry about the wait boys, I'm at cottage. I'll take Montreal, thx
  2. I'm probably C Lg now cause I'm so s**t but I'll do B lg i guess...
  3. LW - Mike Gartner C - Evgeny Davydov - #13 RW - Terry Yake LD - Kirk Muller RD - Chris Chelios G - Kirk Maclean 1F - Geoff Courtnall 1D - Glen Wesley 1D Sub - Glen Wesley 2D Sub - Geoff Courtnall
  4. @CoachMac we should do one of those 70's leagues again - WBF of course - those were fun!
  5. Btw @Skip and @Slapshot fantastic amazing job on the rom, it looks dope, graphics beautiful, esp centre ice logo. Really f**king awesome, thank you!!
  6. Thanks Raph - I think I'm starting to get the hang of this. One question still - Do I: apply hacks (like SmozRom, Ybutton hack) to 30 team roms and then edit graphics, OR apply hacks to normal rom and then convert to 30 team ROM?
  7. Hello. I have recently enter the world of ROM hacking and I will say, amazing job boys, esp. @smozoma and @wboy!! I am attempting to build the following ROM: Classic Roster 99min OT WBF 1 min Penalties Y Button Goalie control Custom Splash Screen(s) I have a few questions, apologies if they've been answered. I seem to suck at searching on the forums. Mostly I've been following @CoachMac compendium here: I started with a nhl94_playoffs rom. Added WBF hack (both of them using smozeses .exe's), added 1min penalty hack through Hex Workshop. Then the problems started. I couldn't figure out how to edit graphics. Specifically the starting splash EA logo. None of the tutorials worked for me, and I couldn't find the graphics in the offsets. Then I realized the tutorials are for Wboys 30 team ROM which has uncompressed graphics. It seems we can only edit graphics easily on the WBoy 30 team ROM? I tried to convert my nhl_playoffs.bin hacked ROM using SPATCH.exe from At first i thought it worked as the ROM ran and I saw updated graphics, but once gameplay started there were errors. Questions: 1) Are there are two Roms that are hacked separately? WBOys 30 Team ROM for hacking graphics Regular ROM which can be hacked using all the tools wboy and smoz created 2) Can I convert a regular ROM to the 30 team ROM so i can hack graphics after I apply some hacks? 3) Can someone point me to the Y-Button goalie control hack? I can find the ROM, but can't find the actual hack. 4) Does anyone have the offsets / instructions for editing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd splash screens when the ROM loads? Can't find them. Thanks!