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  1. AtomicRaven

    Updated NHL 2019 by Skip & Slapshot67 - V3

    Hey guys, thanks for this it looks awesome! Alot of hard work and thouroughly appreciated
  2. AtomicRaven

    2018 Fall Classic League Season Ends Jan 28th

    Hey Man, no worries, without you @chaos, we'd all be in hell...playing Nintendo 94!
  3. AtomicRaven

    Gens B League Games

    I'd like to schedule some Gens B games. The league ends in 7 days. AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I still need: @Gundogoon x3 @jrolling x2 @spaceGhost9 x2 @flatcrusher x2 @Darko99 x3 Please PM me here or on discord to setup time. I am on most nights after 9pm EST.
  4. AtomicRaven

    Defending Those Cheesy Crease Cuts

    There is no defense. U R fucked
  5. AtomicRaven

    Et Tu Brute Deuce IS OVER!

    Thanks Brutus was a great league, total blast. Congrats on the cup!
  6. AtomicRaven

    Fall'18 GENS Team Selection Draft

    Greenest team on the planet, I choose OILERS
  7. AtomicRaven

    Et Tu Brute Deuce - Schedule Games

    I'm avail tonight after 10pm, Sat, Sun and Monday periodically through day. Always on nights starting @9pm est. Pm me on discord.
  8. AtomicRaven

    Et Tu Brute Deuce SET YOUR LINES ASAP

    I just made final changes, hopefully I made the cut. You're the best Raph!
  9. AtomicRaven

    Deuce Trades & Trade Block

    He does not like luc. Unless it's Jean luc
  10. AtomicRaven

    Deuce Trades & Trade Block

    Looking for a C with 5/5 shot, or 4/6. willing to give up Sid Smith or zhamnov.
  11. AtomicRaven

    Deuce Trades & Trade Block

    Smith, Leetch and Jenny on DA BLOCK
  12. AtomicRaven

    Et Tu Brute Deuce SET YOUR LINES ASAP

    Hamilton Tigers C Sid Smith LW FleuryRW RichardLD SmehlikRD SavardG Henryx lebeauFirst Forward Sub: zhamnovFirst Defensive Sub: Leetch
  13. AtomicRaven

    Et Tu Bruce Deuce: Team Selections

    I'll take the Hamilton tigers please. Thanks Raph!
  14. AtomicRaven

    kingraph (VGK) vs IceStorm (BUF) Winner Bracket Finals

    Man just watched gm 2. Intense!!