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  1. don't worry about u r ducking bracket I'm the king of Canada I luv u brother
  2. mo sa hah lalalalalala $100 on egypt vs greece
  3. Jesus predicted the szechuan sauce craze before rick and morty!
  4. looks like the plate is worth more than the car ..it's gonna be like a tattoo "now that I have the plate I'm gonna do up the whole car". ..official nhl94 mobile..I'm gonna have to bless it with some magi smoke! ......how much are plates now a days ....I havnt been behind the wheel in 6 f**kin years
  5. don't eat breakfast near hotel be like trump only eat mcdonalds!
  6. the best setup I had was was win xp with crt TV ....old commodore64 ...and cable Internet before the advent of smart box tvs
  7. the king approves this message great article bud! ......should be a new record turn out for this one
  8. ya I feel ya kingraph ..... I remember after losing my controller in the taxi at kof94 I felt so uncomfortable playing that snes champion....felt like I was playing with un sharpend skate lol
  9. the only entertainment I need is Brutus bingo ball draft lottery but no this was not to be ......you owe us another damn video!
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