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  1. Likely Twitch live streams, maybe later rounds will convert to YouTube.
  2. @Champ Weit, you should invest some time learning to play online, if you can. I, and a lot of others, are always looking for guys who think they are the best to play. You may very well be good, but it's usually a humbling experience playing against some of these top guys. I think if you can keep within 5 goals vs me, @Uncle Seth, @angryjay93, or any top player, that is a much greater challenge than scoring 100 goals vs the CPU. While I'm sure scoring with only goalies is a challenge, it doesn't sound particularly interesting or something I want to spend time on. Especially '93, as
  3. Records are done in the 10 minute period setting, and it's biggest blowout (net difference between goals scored and given up). Records, and videos, can be found on the Twin Galaxies website. Documented list is here on the forums: For NHL'94, the recent record is 104 (110-6). For NHLPA'93, it's 87.
  4. Is this what's needed in order to make NHLPA'93 fun? So to be clear, the challenge is to get a boatload of penalties so your entire team is in the box, then your goalies enter the ice as forwards? And then score with them?
  5. I believe the weight bug fix is included, let's see how they handled that.
  6. I agree, the 3 legged orange guy can use a little touching up on the sprite! Not sure if this is some goofy shared/mirror tile thing happening, or if it's just sloppy drawing. I haven't looked into that, but maybe will because that is also now bothering me, lol. One more interesting note, when you remove the menu, you can see the rest of the crowd sprites. I don't believe these are shared with the in-game crowd sprite tiles, so you never see the man in yellow, or that little kid on the edge of the seat in the middle aisle. Meaning, these tiles are never seen in game and can probably b
  7. One thing that has always bothered me, is that there is a severed leg in the stands in the scoreboard screen. Second row from the bottom on the left: It turns out that this appendage belongs to a guy wearing a green shirt, who was in the stands in the '92 version of the game. Check him out right here! So this was converted to the empty chair/weird leg in NHLPA93 and kept in '94, but it turns out that the actual graphic tiles are still in the game! So in order to correct this, all you have to do is remap two tiles: BDEAE: Change from 0063 to 2
  8. 20 minute periods I assume...what team is the CPU? I think a few of us around here can get this done with Ottawa, but that's quite a challenge!
  9. Strange place to post this question, but the answer is no unfortunately. No updated roster hacks are available for the SNES.
  10. I don't think it's quite as simple as just hitting the sweet spot, but maybe? Here's my reasoning: I forgot why, but for some reason I needed to make a video clip of the glass breaking. I never really tried to break the glass, but I did know that the glass always broke in the same spot, and always while shooting up. So I started playing and just taking shots up, and to the extend I could I kept aiming at that same location. I swear I hit that sweet spot a bunch of times, but it didn't always break. In fact it took friggin' forever to get the glass breaking animation! As I thought ab
  11. That was my impression when I played, but I can't confirm that for sure. It'd be interesting to hear if others have the same experience.
  12. Sega Genesis is still the best version. The extra video graphics and sounds on the Sega CD don't really make the gameplay any better. Unfortunately the game slows down/lags for a split second, usually on a change of possession. Happens a lot and it's awful. Second, it seems to me that EA reduced the effect of speed in this game -- fast guys don't have as big of a burst, breakaway speed. In addition, the CD reader (on the physical console) make some noises when loading a new crowd noise which is annoying. I was pretty disappointed in the CD version, I thought it would be Genesis with cooler
  13. It's missing, which is a bummer. I guess you need the magazine version for that.
  14. The single greatest article ever written about NHL'94 is now available without a paywall: Thank you to Sal J. Barry!
  15. Question #1 In relation to GB, Minnesota is preferred for two main reasons. 1 - direct flights and 2- actual hockey town. Question #2 : TBD, but Minnesota is better (see Q1) Question #3 : Sunday would not be preferable as it would force a day off work. Question #4 : Unless other known SNES top players make it, I personally find it uneventful. Question #5 : Chicago, ease of travel and city highlights. Question #6 : KO94 takes precedence and I could not do two traveling retro gaming events so close to each other.
  16. I'm not sure myself. It might be tile number 41B from a tile set that starts at offset 8360. I usually scan and look for graphics by eyeballing in TM. If you know the palette, it helps to load that first so the graphics really pop.
  17. This is perhaps the most constructive and helpful feedback received! Thanks for taking the time to share, this is good advice and something we need to consider.
  18. If the left handle can be rewired to a dpad, there can be no greater gift.
  19. The only thing I'd suggest is checking out @smozoma's dithering program to convert an image to 16 (or less) usable Genesis colors. That's my main goto for graphics editing: Thanks for the write up!
  20. That particular wireless, 2.4ghz, works well with no noticable lag as confirmed by some players who use them.
  21. Seconding this controller recommendation!
  22. Welcome! 94 & 95 are two completely different games. In the 92-94 series, The skating dynamics and overall gameplay just feels much better. That's pretty much the simplest answer. It's just better gameplay. What really kills 95 is the skating. In many ways, it feels like what you said about deck/street hockey -- way too much running!