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  1. I've exchanged a bunch of discord messages with @Ovrki1 as we both collect '94. I suggested he post on forums because this would be the best place if anyone was interested. He was concerned he may come off as spam (as you thought). BUT I CAN SAY HE'S LEGIT! I bought his copy of NHL'95 for PC a while back as well.
  2. Having witnessed one of these in person at the LI tournament, I am now on the lookout for a 14"-20+ PVM. Heavy as hell, but there is no better picture. BONUS feature on these is that is has an additional output in the back, which saves the need for a splitter when you want to do a livestream at a tournament.
  3. Finals between @MikeGartner22 and Schmidt. Unedited footage! Commentary by me and @chaos Challonge Bracket Will get the Round Robin results shared later.
  4. Sorry, had random WiFi issue on my computer, which was the stream. Finals were recorded and will post tomorrow.
  5. BRUH PM for anything you may be looking for, I tend to save lots of '94 stuff.
  6. First of all, this is a great and well-researched project. Thanks for putting in all the work ahead of time, I'm confident you'll be able to get this completed. I'll share my own preference in creating a ROM: * Use the base 30 team ROM (you can use 32, but since you have 10 teams, not needed) * Change the team names, locations, and abbreviations in NOSE - so you'll have the first 10 teams in alphabetical order as you wish * Update the team strips (use NOSE) - remember, the home ice strips will be the same color as your center ice logo. So EITHER you create the center ice logo first and know which colors you have to work with in the strips, OR create the strips first and recolor your center ice logo into the home ice palette. Hope that makes sense, happy to explain further * Update the center ice logos (palette should not change after strips have been completed...otherwise you will have to redo them again). * Update the team selection logos * Update the team selection home/away banner colors * Update the in game team banners (first 10) * Update rest of graphics in any order you want (splash screens, titles, logos, timers, ron barr, proset, etc) * Update rosters in NOSE, limit selectable teams in EARE * Update playoff matchups in NOSE (optional) to keep matchups to the 10 selectable teams. * Last step would be player card photos, once the entire ROM is complete. You may also consider renaming the unused teams in the ROM as the "other scores" and "highlights" in between periods will reference those hidden teams. Also, you may consider adjusting the music for each team if you have preferences, or just can't stand the Sabre Dance Good luck! Keep us informed of your progress!
  7. I've been swamped recently, just haven't had much time to promote as usual. We should have a great turnout.
  8. I think @Freydey opened up his own dental practice.
  9. I was reading the NHL'94 Sega Genesis manual (I have a goal to read books this summer), and came across a few "clues" that can help us understand parts of the game we don't fully grasp yet. I found these to be of particular interest: During use (p.2) "Rest for at least 10 minutes per hour while playing a video game" Ummmm, this was before the 2v2 ROM was created, so they didn't know resting 10 minutes per hour was going to be impossible. The Face Off (p.18) "As you learn the game you will find that certain centers are tougher than others, and that some are more skillful with the stick. You will want to be aware of your center's particular strengths and weaknesses if you want to make full use of him on face offs" I feel like this suggests a players attributes (stick handling, awareness?) will lead to more faceoff wins. I think we generally believe button smashing is not key to winning and it's random, but perhaps not! The manual also doesn't say smash B to win. It says when the puck hits the ice it's live and you can "Hold the D-Pad in the directions you want to pass, then press B". Passing (p.20) "The best passing method is to press the B button, then press down on the D-Pad, then release the B button. The pass is launched when the D-Pad is pressed while the B button is down." What? I THINK I press the direction before a pass, not after. However, I did learn from @PlabaxV2 that if you hold the b button the player just holds the puck in a frozen motion until you release the button. Change/Remove Goalies (p.35) "In NHL Hockey '94, the goalie is chosen randomly for computer controlled teams in regular season games, when line changes are ON. Otherwise, the first string goalie starts" ORLY? Didn't know that. Hot and Cold Streaks (p.39) "The player ratings will vary hot and cold (+/- 10-30% in each category) depending on what kind of streaks the players happen to be on" We know this, but I like that the manual puts in a percentage range for us to verify Goalies / Def. Awareness (p.47) "Goalie's sense of what's going on around his net." Interesting, I think this attribute may help auto goalies position themselves better....just a hunch. Line Players (p.48) "Off. Awareness Player's offensive instinct Def. Awareness Player's defensive instinct Pass Accuracy Player's accuracy in passing the puck Stick Handling Player's overall skill with the stick Aggressiveness Player's likelihood of being penalized" Passing (what is called in-game) is categorized as pass accuracy. That's always been somewhat of a mystery. I also think the language around Stick Handling is related to the faceoff notes from earlier as well (skill with the stick). Crowd Meter (p.49-50) "The Crowd Analysis screen displays the statistics on decibels recorded from the crowd's cheering. These include the current decibel level, the average decibel level recorded over teh course of the game, and the highest, or "peak", decibel since the opening face off. Analysis of the crowd is based on readings of the Crowd Meter throughout a game. Don't just blow the Crowd Meter off - the higher the reading, the BETTER the teams play! If you break the Arena record, gameplay for both teams speeds up (about 10%)." Ok, clearly this Crowd Meter has some effect on players given the BOLD statement made at the end of the manual! I have done initial investigations on what moves the crowd meter, I have to check my notes, but I know winning a faceoff at home is an instant boost vs losing, etc. Now, we just have to figure out how it affects the teams. According to the manual, "gameplay" speeds up 10%. Timeout (p.50) "When playing with line changes off, the players do not lose vitality, and so the timeout has no real function." Still...momentum man. I will call timeout damn it.
  10. Here are some others that I've noticed from the last name. I never bothered to check first name shortening:
  11. A large part of me loves this idea, but the reality is this will have to be your own passion project. There isn't much demand for something like this specific, and much of this already exists in other ROMs. Player cards are great, but rarely do people go to the menu to look at all of them. I am always happy to help, and I tend to be pretty detail oriented when it comes to ROM hacking, but too many other '94 related projects out there for me at the moment.
  12. Unfortunately this doesn't exist. The last update I have seen to SNES was the 2015 rosters: To put it on a cart, it probably makes sense to purchase a Super Everdrive where you can load the ROM onto a flash card and play on SNES. I'm not sure which ones are best, I'll leave it to others to post if they own them. Or just google. I own a Mega Everdrive for Sega that I bought from Krikzz and it's great.
  13. kingraph

    93 One-Timers

    '93 is brutal to play man vs man because of the atrocious auto goalie. '92 was a lot more fun, but if I remember correctly, the main issue there was no b-check. So weight (heavy, no weight bug) became such an insanely important attribute that it also lost it's appeal. I'm waiting for @segathon to start a '95 online league. Need to prepare for Toronto 2020. Anyway, nothing really compares to the beauty of '94 for man vs man play.
  14. kingraph

    93 One-Timers

    Sweet goal!
  15. ROMs must be thrown into the folder "Games" The first player plays at home. To change sides in the game press the button t and write "team /swap 1 2" In the tab Netplay and Setting you need to select the server and key to hash, you can also write a nickname (your username): F5 key-quick save F7-quick load. F9 key-screenshot. screenshots are automatically saved in the folder "snaps" also in the emulator folder there is a text file with the name! Next, select the platform. for example Sega mega drive Next, click on Controller setup
  16. One additional note -- for this to be possible, make sure the game is set to "Manual Goalie" vs "Auto Goalie" in the menu screen.
  17. Personally I don't want to run an SNES tournament, but I'm sure there would be interest. I think on the east we would only have 3-4 consoles immediately available as well, so it'd be an investment.
  18. We won't cap this tournament, everyone will be able to play. Having said that , PM me your name and info to make sure.
  19. I haven't used line changes in a while as well, but assuming you are using longer than 5 minute periods, I''d stack 2 lines and keep my checking line weak, but perhaps one good guy at C. You can cycle through 2 lines for most of the game, so I don't think it's necessary to put top guys on your 3rd line. Similarly, I think it's more important to have a 2nd line C and LW than your 3rd F on first line. As I'm thinking about it more, I'd probably do something like this in order of player strength. This is very general, and obviously can tweak based on individual team preferences 1st C 1st LW 2nd C 2nd LW 1st RW Chk C 2nd RW Chk LW Chk RW 1st LD 2nd LD 1st RD 2nd RD Chk LD Chk RD Personally I like to have a strong shot at C, strong stick or speed at LW/RW. For Detroit, my lineup would probably be as follows Fedorov - Yzerman - Kozlov - Coffey - Lidstrom/Chaisson Ysebaert - Ciccarelli - Probert - Chiasson/Lidstrom - Racine Ogrodnick - Drake - Sheppard - Konstantinov - Howe This is just plainly looking at the roster and typing it out. After a few actual games, I may tweak a few players that might play better with each other, perhaps swap some positions.
  20. FWIW, the game does not have diagonal input, it's only up/down/left/right. Diagonal is a combo of two presses. Not sure if that helps at all.
  21. Wow, those look pretty damn legit. Even the box is the same! Curious how they play. $15 is also around the going rate for the original 6-buttons, which may need to be cleaned and updated with new pads.
  22. NOOOOOOOOO! I guess on the very, very, short list of items that can be considered more important than live '94 tournaments, a family wedding makes the cut. We'll miss you this year!
  23. In my brief experience, it's simpler than RA and both are definitely better than GENS because they more accurately emulate the real hardware gameplay (GENS is too fast). I like the layout of MEDNAFEN vs RA. It has a clean tabular view and I found it easy to set up without any tutorials. The hardest part was figuring out the controller, but again it took like 10 minutes. I am sure a tutorial would be even quicker. I find RA to be overloaded with menus and options that are unclear, where MEDNAFEN is cleaner. As far as gameplay, it reminds me of RA and it also has the chat feature which is fantastic. It was also a smooth game experience and I believe you have the options of who is player 1 vs player 2, etc. Again, I just played for like an hour one morning with one of the Russian guys, but I would rate this emulator pretty high.
  24. We are back for the 4th annual NHL'94 Tournament to be held at the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo on Saturday August 10th! Previous Champs 2016 - @angryjay93 beats @Evan in the finals! (also beat @MikeGartner22 in the semis!) 2017 - @corbettkb beats @smozoma (who took out @Lupz27 in semis) 2018 - @corbettkb goes back to back, taking out @MikeGartner22 (and @skoolyardpuck in semis) to win his 2nd in a row. Will Tex be able to complete the 3 peat? I am hoping a lot of the NYC tournament guys make it out the the LI Expo, it won't be an easy task! You can see the previous Challonge brackets and videos in the LI threads for reference, this tournament is always a good time. And it's FREE as part of your paid admission to the LI Retro Expo. The Expo is a great place to explore and play in other tournaments too, I highly recommend attending. I will post more in the very near future as we about 2 months away!