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  1. Also fun fact -- the "High Score" splash actually uses multiple palettes (that orange part in the globe) in the original ROM, so it's not possible to do a direct copy of that splash in the 30 team without slightly modifying. Not sure how you did it, but nobody would ever notice that nuance.
  2. For what it's worth, attached is the exact rip of the nhl and nhlpa shield from the game.
  3. The layout of the scoreboard logo is BDD44. I highlighted the tiles here: I also noticed that my original post had the incorrect palette. Or at least I believe the palette on the scoreboard logo is 776934 (2nd palette). The 3 stars and scoreboard have separate palette locations.
  4. My original favorite player for Sega was Russ Courtnall. And probably still is, but it's evolved over these years more into a love/hate relationship lol. My original feeling (almost 30 years ago???) was that he wasn't an all-star or top player in the game. He was this hidden gem on a team that was also not recognized as a top team (Dallas Stars). I prefer righty shots on the LW, and SPEED is the most valued attribute, so he was the perfect player. I always loved dominating with Russ and the Stars because it provided more legitimacy than winning with the Blackhawks, Red Wings, etc. When I stumbled into this community back in Spring'11, I used the Stars in Classic. Probably not a coincidence. Thanks to this community, I've amassed more knowledge about players and attributes than any normal person should know. And one thing that troubles me with Russ now is his poor stick handling skills (3 rated out of 6). Stick handling affects the ability of a player to handle a pass. So with Russ, you'll notice that many passes bounce off his skates. It's frustrating, and requires some patience and adjustments when you play with him. But since we go way back, I think I still have a soft spot for him and would be my favorite player for that reason. PLUS, @chaos got Russ to do a Cameo appearance for me to start CDL 05! As far as SNES, I stink and have no idea.
  5. What about making the skate blade white at home? Then you have the white color to use and the blade color is the least noticable color imo. Either way I like the white on the home logo.
  6. From the Empty Clip website and my e-mail exchanges conversations with their CEO, it looks like they use something called Arsenal. Haven't found any information on that software, or even if it's proprietary, but it does seem like something that allows you to run old ROMs on modern platforms with enhancements.
  7. Thank you!!! I appreciate this in so many ways. Thanks for taking the time to make the detailed post. Also major kudos to your art skills! Hacking and coding is one thing, but the art of making a small image using 16 colors look good in the game is no easy feat. (anyone who has done Sega graphic edits are nodding their heads).
  8. Thanks for the reminder! Will do this week
  9. This issue I was referring to was more the latter -- available graphic RAM at one time. I ran into this when I was doing my '95 update: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/18130-nhl95-expanded-rom-project/&do=findComment&comment=170815 What happened was when I expanded the banner image (banners are actually one giant image), when the playoff screen went up the the available graphic memory ran out and started creeping over the background. My solution was to make the image of the Stanley Cup smaller by reducing the tiles. The original '95 game has a spinning cup. I made it static to reduce the tiles. Sort of....technically it's still spinning, but it's the same image over and over again
  10. At the very least you can change the background the same way @Drezzmentioned, however increasing tiles is TBD. It could be possible, but once you increase an image size then you may run into space limitations on the graphics.
  11. I'm not sure if it's the same in FIFA/Super Monaco, but I do explain how the tile pattern layout works in '94: From my OP, here's how the layout logic works (which is located after each image): "Each 2 bytes represents which tile to use, and you'll find 36 tile layouts for the 6x6 logo graphic. The first digit is the palette being used: 0 - Palette 1 2 - Palette 2 4 - Palette 3 6 - Palette 4 If the tile is flipped vertically, the number is 1 higher (1,3,5,7). The next byte will show the horizontal flip. 0 is normal and 8 will flip horizontal. You're likely not going to be flipping tiles vertically or horizontally for your new image, so don't worry too much about that. The next byte is the tile number used. In our example, you'll see the tile layout starts with 2000, 2001, 2002...until all 36 are listed. This means the logo is using palette 2, tile 00, tile 01, etc."
  12. Love it -- would love if you can share your notes or details on "how to" if you find some time. This is definitely something I think people would greatly enjoy. So very cool.
  13. Assuming the background image is the same number of tiles as the original, I doubt it would be a VDP memory issue. If you increased the background image size (increase number of tiles) then perhaps that's it. If it's the same size, but you stuck it in another part of the ROM, then I'd agree maybe some player cards were overwritten or something like that.
  14. This looks sweet man! I'm not sure what the differences of the the two images? They look the same. Does the issue arise when the player cards are scrolling through, or is the actual image messed up (so it's there the entire time)?
  15. I remember trying to the the reverse of what you said -- bring in the transparent '95 into '94, but that wasn't as straightforward as I had hoped. If I dig up any notes I'll share, but if I remember correctly something about that transparency was making it a bit trickier than "change the background to black" if that makes sense. Definitely think it's possible though.
  16. I wrote down all the 32 team ROM offsets. This question gets asks so frequently, I'll post it when I get home or possibly weekend
  17. Yeah, sprites/animations are a different animal. My tutorial was on static images like splash pages/logos. The animations will be trickier. I remember doing that for the "spinning cup" in '95 on the playoff bracket page. Thought it's been so long I don't recall. I'll have to check my notes and happy to share any relevant information.
  18. Here's is Smoz's program: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/14421-tool-genesis-image-ditherer-to-16-colours/ It takes some time if the file size is big. In my experience, once the first set of 16 images appears, I close the program and don't wait for the rest. The variances are too small to sort through. It'll make sense once you try the tool once. As far as decompressing graphics, I wrote up this piece to explain how it works in '94 and most EA Sega games I've seen: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/19978-how-to-decompress-graphics-in-sega-genesis/
  19. First of all, I really love and appreciate you guys sharing your methods on this topic. In particular, I'm a big fan of both of your ROM work and your graphics. Here's my quick notes on my graphic editing approaches: I export any graphics from TM (v0.16) to png I use MS Paint instead of Photoshop. I don't know if there are advantages to Photoshop for bitmap editing, but Paint seems to work well. Similarly to you all, I manually rearrange tiles to the full picture in Paint, and keep a reference map of the original picture. I make any changes in Paint. If I use new/custom colors, I then use @smozoma's Ditherer program to convert it to '94 colors. I have tried other various methods, but that program saves me a lot of time and I am generally happy with the results. Especially with the knowledge/expectations of my color limits to begin with. Once satisfied, I re-cut the tiles back into the original layout and paste back in using TM. FYI, I think TileLayer Pro is a TM alternative that has this arrangement functionality built in, but I was never good with using that program. At the same time I rarely need to do this kind of editing as much of the graphics work I do has been rearranged already (or I rearrange in the ROM layout).
  20. @eltoro666, it's on my list of projects. I haven't been active in a few months, but hoping to get re-energized on a bunch of '94 items around the December holidays. The blood hack is on my list. See here as well:
  21. This is 100% in my thought process so definitely a "chance", but nothing confirmed at the moment. Likely planning will happen in the late December/early January timeframe. The key item last time was we had a great connection with the location (separate floor in a bar in the heart of NYC) thanks to @MikeGartner22, which will be hard to replicate. If we can secure that again, great, but if not I'll be asking around. I'm fairly confident we can make something work.
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