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  1. I NEED TO TRY THIS OMG. Thank you for sharing. From what I read, you are actually using straight audio from a wav. file and using the hex values in the ROM? I am trying this tonight!
  2. For the title screen - my guess is that you didn't change the header information of the picture to the new size. So what is happening is, I think, it's grabbing the color palette tile as your final repeatable tile. Did you move the title screen to a new empty part of the ROM and decompress -- i.e. remove shared tiles? Or is this still in the original location and you just manipulated the title a bit? I am pretty sure I can figure this out for you -- can you post the ROM and the pointer locations/any information you have? I'll take a look.
  3. As we (all collectively) have been doing more live events and streams, I have realized that the stream set up needs to be well thought out ahead of time. It requires some planning along with the tournament. A checklist of things I would consider for a livestream: Dedicated announcer (s) Very difficult as people want to play too! Color commentators (assuming only one dedicated play by play guy) Plan ahead of time in coordination with tournament Planned list of streamed games Working backwards - The finals, set of the semis, set (or two) from the quarters, set of round of 16. Dedicated RR stream games -- so people know ahead of time. This will allow for constant action during the day Multiple layouts for livestream Live game - players, commentators, teams, etc. Whatever the streamer has available Live break - commentators talking, chat screens, replays (if possible), brackets Schedule of events and progress bar (where we are) Passive break - "we'll be back" screen, perhaps countdown timer to return Schedule of events and progress bar (where we are) Tournament status screen - round robin results, bracket Having said all of that, the livestreams have been nothing short of damned impressive. The setups that @Coffeyhad in KO94 and the last few @Edge of '94 Midwest have been professional grade. Can't say enough thanks to everyone working to make them happen.
  4. NHL'95's mighty leader @segathon is ushering in a new era for the game. ONLINE PLAY! We will try to use Retroarch as the emulator of choice (link to thread all about Retroarch). Current Retroarch Version (as of 03.24.20): RetroArch 1.7.9 32-bit (For Windows Vista, 7, 8.x, 10) RetroArch 1.7.9 for Mac (Mac OS X 10.7+) They can be downloaded here: NHL95 ROM: nhl95.bin Download and put that in your Retroarch ROMs Genesis folder. NHL'95 Discord Server:
  5. The only thing I can add that is interesting here is that the game doesn't have any 5/6 shots in the standard players. It's all 4/6 or 5/5 for the best shots (or 6/3 if you love Hull). I wonder if 5/6 creates some wonky effect? But I agree, on paper Brent should be lighting up the f'in lamp.
  6. That's actually my point. I assume the difficulty in getting past 30 isn't from the individual hot/cold players, but it's when the game goes into haywire mode -- defense AI is all over you like a cheap suit, they get to all loose pucks and are flying all over, successfully checking you, while your team is always skating in the wrong direction, running into each other, missing the net, passing blind, etc. It's those moments, which I have called "momentum", that determine your success. In a world record attempt, you will undoubtedly encounter a period of time where it's just impossible to score and you can FEEL the computer is about to score on you no matter what. It doesn't matter if JR is Hot or Cold during that ain't happenin'! The length of time that "haywire mode" lasts, what causes it, what prevents it, etc. is somewhat of a mystery and will be the biggest factor in your success at the record (next to being able to score slappers/dekes/crease-cuts). The same thing is true in human vs human games. There's a scale, and sometimes it's tilted one way and sometimes the other throughout the game. Sometimes it's for a period or so, sometimes it's tilted one way the entire game! The degree of tilt can be major or minor. I definitely picture a RAM byte going -99 to +99 that represents "momentum" lol.
  7. There are people who swear by this, so I think so. I THINK I can, but personally I feel the overall momentum of the game is a much bigger factor than an individual player's ratings hot/cold, so I don't pay too much attention.
  8. If I understand this correctly, the fact that the bonus is -9 to +8 has some deeper implications. Because you have to divide by 3 and round down, the -9 bonus is the only one that will get you a 3 adjustment. Taking that a step further, there really isn't a range of 18 different bonus attributes, but rather 6 possible adjustments (-3,-2,-1,0,1,2). Here is a chart that shows what the "under-the-hood" ratings bonus would be for each of the bonus values. I then translate it back into our familiar "0-6" rating scale to make it easier to digest. The percentages are the chance you have of getting one of those bonuses assuming each bonus has an equal probability of being selected. You'll note that there is more RED here than green (because of that -9), so you are more likely to have a cold player than hot player on any given game. Also, a super-cold player (-9 bonus) is the equivalent of a hot player (+6 -- +8).
  9. kingraph

    NOSE 1.2b download

    It does, I use it on my windows 10 laptop.
  10. Unfortunately we are postponing our NYC tournament due to the coronavirus outbreak and guidelines:
  11. League Season 02 ROM: nhl94_rollinglines_02.bin Classic ROM with 1 minute penalties Lines altered to make substitutions bring in 3/4 line guys. Players removed from duplicate teams to expansion. Jarsolav Modry added to NJ for Defensemen. Also, homage updated splash to original:
  12. New Jersey Devils LD - RD - LW - C - RW Line 1: Albelin - Stevens - Semak - Richer - Barr Line 2: Niedermayer - Driver - Lemieux - MacLean - Zelepukin Line 3: Daneyko - Fetisov - Nicholls - Stastny - Holik Goalie (1-2): Terreri Goalie (3): Billington
  13. 36, or 90% registered! 4 spots left to go.
  14. This is my 3rd year attending the Edge of '94 Midwest, the previous two were in Green Bay and this one in Minnesota thanks to local host @LeifErikson for making this happen! First, I enjoyed the direct flights into Minneapolis. Much easier to get to than Green Bay. The hotel was awesome and very accommodating to our group. They allowed us to set up '94 stations all over the lobby, right next to the bar, we ordered pizza to be delivered and even bought beer from the liquor store across the street! I drank many a Furious IPA's! OMFGA 2V2 <3 The Pourhouse was absolutely insane. HUGE bar, about 100 televisions throughout the bar, and a giant stage for the featured stream. Leif's company AvForYou made this ultra-professional. I mean, holograms and god-damned fireworks, wtf. Need to belly up to the bar for a drink? No problem, you won't miss the action. Dynamite setups! D Darik and @IAmFleury'sHipCheck battling on the main stage \ Chris O and @seventieslord flipping the coin to determine their fates. LOVE the jerseys When I'm not playing, I get to do some color commentary (and eat @Edge of '94 Midwest's french fries)! Clark, Selanne and Sundin. Love the jerseys! My favorite part of these events is seeing some friends that I've made in the '94 community and meeting new buds who all love this game. It goes by quickly. As far as the tournament itself, it was very well run, efficient and awesome. I was impressed with Mort's upgraded game, and he proved it by going pretty far, even beating Chris O, who has proven to be a solid player! As expected, I ended up in the finals vs @angryjay93 for the 3rd year in a row. I got the better of him in the first two years, but ultimately he won our best out of 3 this year to take home the Genesis trophy. We duked it out again for the SNES title, and I was happy to win the SNES trophy this year (AJ won the previous and I the year before). After so many battles in the finals (including 2 separate KO94's and some random CT tourney), it's clear that AJ and I are '94 tournament rivals! It's awesome, and I always look forward to our battles. I'm upset that I didn't win this year, but at the same time it gives me more motivation to come back next year! Great job again Troy, love all the work on the stream and broadcast and all of the work you put in to making this happen. From the promotion, to set up, to raffles, etc. It's easy to get spoiled with all these live tournaments going on, but I try to remain grateful and humble that these happen. Live tournaments are special, and may not last forever. So thanks again for putting it all together and I'm so fortunate to be able to come, hang out, play, talk, commentate, eat, drink and be merry with all you good buds! Cheers!
  15. If you didn't see the movie Swingers, you just won't catch the references. I don't think it affects the message. If you DO remember the movie, then yes it makes it funnier. One of my favorite GIFs that I made:
  16. Good stuff, I expanded that section. Fantastic suggestion, I did just that. If you can let him know I'm using his guide as the basis for this one, that'd be great. I do want to give credit where due. Can be FB or email, whatever
  17. My revision ( @segathon, can you let me know who wrote that in the original Tecmo? I'd like to makes sure I can give proper credit for this hijack). Comments/Feedback appreciated, I will post this to the social media outlets after a few days: Guide to Being a Sega Genesis NHL'94 Tournament Rookie Hello. If you're reading this, you're likely interested in signing up for the NYC NHL'94 tournament. Congrats! Many of you have played in live tournaments before, but there are plenty who have not. For those who have not, here are bits and pieces of collected wisdom for anybody making their debut. Before we get to the point by point gibberish, this needs to be said: You're not going to win the tournament. Even if you took the Kings to the cup against the computer with offsides off (LA is such a finesse team). You're still not going to win the tournament But, but, but, but... No. You're not going to win the tournament. There are probably 32 or so (give or take) of the 40 contestants whom you could look in the eyes as they arrive and tell them with a straight face "You have absolutely no shot to win this thing." (And that's not me trash-talking by any stretch). If you're making your debut and you're psyching yourself up and dreaming of raising the trophy, the faster you get that out of your head, the faster you'll actually enjoy the experience. "The experience" is the key phrase here. Outside of those 6-8 guys who could conceivably win the tourney, the real draw of the tournament is the experience of it. Until you see a swarm of people (many in their old hockey sweaters) surrounding CRT televisions for many hours, you can't yet appreciate the electricity or the excitement of playing in these games (this isn't you and Smitty from college drinking a 12er and playing a 7 game series on a Wednesday. Your heart will be pumping from the moment you arrive). Here’s a few simple goals to guide you on April 18: 1) Have fun. This is the most important! Have. Fun. There are around 40 pretty cool guys who all love playing the same game that have gathered together. Embrace that. Talk to them. Buy someone a drink, chat about strategy, past tournaments, yadda yadda yadda. The most important thing you should take away from the day when you wake up the next day was "Damn, that was a lot of fun." 2) Pay attention. So, you're a tournament rookie. You're not going to win (have I mentioned that yet?). But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to walk away from the tournament as a better player. When you're not playing, watch some other games. Ask questions. Check out the matchups you see called that make you go "Hmmm, interesting. I may try that one." Watch some of the better players in the tournament and pay attention to how they play. If you liked how some guy played and want to emulate their style, introduce yourself. Pick their brains, ask questions. Use those hours of '94 to take in as much advice (and booze) as possible. I guarantee you everyone will be excited to talk about the game! 3) Win a game. This should be the base goal of every player in the tourney. Win a game. 25% of the field will go 0-2 to start. It’s a mathematical certainty. But then you’ll then face another 0-2 player. And it keeps going as you have 5 games to try! If you win a game as a rookie, you should walk away from the day feeling proud, regardless of how the rest of your tourney played out. You will definitely end up playing some good games with people with similar skill levels. 4) Be a good bud. NHL'94 is a Gentleman's Game. Celebrate properly when something good happens, don't flip out when something bad happens. That's '94. We've all been there. Shake hands after the game and move on. Have fun. Both in playing the game and enjoying the surroundings. Hopefully this all helps and doesn't come off as too preachy. Just know that, as a rookie, the experience and atmosphere is the biggest thing you'll take away from this. So let’s enjoy the day to play some NHL’94 and talk about how you wish you could make Lil Wayne Gretzky's head bleed for super fan 99 over here.
  18. Calling @kgman, what chances do we have of an appearance in NYC? See if you still have any of that KO94-1 mojo left?
  19. As I read the guide and will modify, it really just applies to Genesis, so I'll make it clear for NYC Every friggin SNES tournament had a random new guy win, lol.
  20. Super helpful @segathon, thanks for sharing. I will modify and perhaps use the essence of that for the NYC tournament.
  21. I agree, and one thing that really worked well in NYC last year was the swiss-style or "progressive" round robins. After 2 rounds the vast majority of the games were competitive and by round 3 they were ALL feeling like playoff games. When we got to round 05, all the 2-2 matches were essentially playoff games because winner moves on and loser buys some beer. This was a huge part of the success because no matter the skill level, you were playing some close fun games. Now clearly the 1-16, 2-15, 3-14 first round matches aren't close, but at that point we've had a lot of fun. We could always consider doing 1-8 bracket and a second bracket of 9-16, but I think the 16 seeds work well.
  22. Thanks smoz, despite my lackluster energy, I enjoy doing these as well! And as far as revealing too much about my own play, you may be right, but I am also pretty decent at adapting. I ordered a new microphone (thanks @Edge of '94 Midwest for recommendation!). I THINK AJ and I could do this. We actually tried like 5 years ago to do some commentary on a Plabax/Freydey game, but ended up running into technical difficulties. It's hard to have us watching something live in sync to comment. However, I think we can overcome that now with some knowledge/technology that we've gained since then. Can't speak for @angryjay93 directly, but we've talked about this in the past and we both enjoy reviewing/watching '94, so I think it'll be interesting to review our own games. We may find some surprises!
  23. The King of 94 and Edge of 94 Midwest events always had some activities the day before. The NYC tournament has only been for the day. NYC has been opportunistic in that we obtain a good deal on the bar space and can keep the entry to a pretty cheap $25. I figured it would mostly be locals given the dense population but we had about 10-15% travelers.