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  1. ROMs must be thrown into the folder "Games" The first player plays at home. To change sides in the game press the button t and write "team /swap 1 2" In the tab Netplay and Setting you need to select the server and key to hash, you can also write a nickname (your username): F5 key-quick save F7-quick load. F9 key-screenshot. screenshots are automatically saved in the folder "snaps" also in the emulator folder there is a text file with the name! Next, select the platform. for example Sega mega drive Next, click on Controller setup
  2. One additional note -- for this to be possible, make sure the game is set to "Manual Goalie" vs "Auto Goalie" in the menu screen.
  3. Personally I don't want to run an SNES tournament, but I'm sure there would be interest. I think on the east we would only have 3-4 consoles immediately available as well, so it'd be an investment.
  4. We won't cap this tournament, everyone will be able to play. Having said that , PM me your name and info to make sure.
  5. I haven't used line changes in a while as well, but assuming you are using longer than 5 minute periods, I''d stack 2 lines and keep my checking line weak, but perhaps one good guy at C. You can cycle through 2 lines for most of the game, so I don't think it's necessary to put top guys on your 3rd line. Similarly, I think it's more important to have a 2nd line C and LW than your 3rd F on first line. As I'm thinking about it more, I'd probably do something like this in order of player strength. This is very general, and obviously can tweak based on individual team preferences 1st C 1st LW 2nd C 2nd LW 1st RW Chk C 2nd RW Chk LW Chk RW 1st LD 2nd LD 1st RD 2nd RD Chk LD Chk RD Personally I like to have a strong shot at C, strong stick or speed at LW/RW. For Detroit, my lineup would probably be as follows Fedorov - Yzerman - Kozlov - Coffey - Lidstrom/Chaisson Ysebaert - Ciccarelli - Probert - Chiasson/Lidstrom - Racine Ogrodnick - Drake - Sheppard - Konstantinov - Howe This is just plainly looking at the roster and typing it out. After a few actual games, I may tweak a few players that might play better with each other, perhaps swap some positions.
  6. FWIW, the game does not have diagonal input, it's only up/down/left/right. Diagonal is a combo of two presses. Not sure if that helps at all.
  7. Wow, those look pretty damn legit. Even the box is the same! Curious how they play. $15 is also around the going rate for the original 6-buttons, which may need to be cleaned and updated with new pads.
  8. NOOOOOOOOO! I guess on the very, very, short list of items that can be considered more important than live '94 tournaments, a family wedding makes the cut. We'll miss you this year!
  9. In my brief experience, it's simpler than RA and both are definitely better than GENS because they more accurately emulate the real hardware gameplay (GENS is too fast). I like the layout of MEDNAFEN vs RA. It has a clean tabular view and I found it easy to set up without any tutorials. The hardest part was figuring out the controller, but again it took like 10 minutes. I am sure a tutorial would be even quicker. I find RA to be overloaded with menus and options that are unclear, where MEDNAFEN is cleaner. As far as gameplay, it reminds me of RA and it also has the chat feature which is fantastic. It was also a smooth game experience and I believe you have the options of who is player 1 vs player 2, etc. Again, I just played for like an hour one morning with one of the Russian guys, but I would rate this emulator pretty high.
  10. We are back for the 4th annual NHL'94 Tournament to be held at the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo on Saturday August 10th! Previous Champs 2016 - @angryjay93 beats @Evan in the finals! (also beat @MikeGartner22 in the semis!) 2017 - @corbettkb beats @smozoma (who took out @Lupz27 in semis) 2018 - @corbettkb goes back to back, taking out @MikeGartner22 (and @skoolyardpuck in semis) to win his 2nd in a row. Will Tex be able to complete the 3 peat? I am hoping a lot of the NYC tournament guys make it out the the LI Expo, it won't be an easy task! You can see the previous Challonge brackets and videos in the LI threads for reference, this tournament is always a good time. And it's FREE as part of your paid admission to the LI Retro Expo. The Expo is a great place to explore and play in other tournaments too, I highly recommend attending. I will post more in the very near future as we about 2 months away!
  11. Our friends in Russia are using this emulator to play their games. I played against them and it's pretty simple to use and set up. Given we were so far away, there was input lag, but the emulator itself worked great. It also has chat feature in game (like ZSNES) which is nice This is the version they are using so download it here: Mednafen I don't have time to go through setups, will have to save that for another time. Basically you can load Sega Genesis, configure your controller, add your ROMS folder and you're off and running. I don't remember the netplay option right now, but it was pretty quick when I played. Sorry for the lack of info for now...will try to update when I can.
  12. Season 03 Official ROM: Et_Tu_Brute_S03.bin Included hacks: Ratings accurately display hot/cold boosts 1 minute penalties Home/Away Advantages set to minimal/equal (0-0) 18 sexy teams (including Toronto St. Pat's, Vegas Golden Knights, and Hamilton Tigers!) Music matched to teams (San Jose has jaws, Hartford has the Brass Bonanza, etc) Graphic hacks Billy Ranford (season 02 Conn Smythe winner) on the title screen! Coach Splash Screen Et Tu Brute Bubble Title and Game Clock! Coors Light Sponsor! Commissioner @Brutus as the announcer! Tons of updated player cards!
  13. Official preseason ROM here: Et_Tu_Brute_S03_preseason_v02.bin UPDATED V02 - POST TRADE DEADLINE. Test it out, let me know if something needs to be updated before finalizing.
  14. Anaheim Ducks LW - Mark Messier C - Tomas Sandstrom RW - Jaromir Jagr LD - Gord Murphy RD - Al Iafrate G - Patrick Roy X - V Ruzicka
  15. Same thing -- 3 g?
  16. I don't understand -- you'll have 3 G?
  17. If there is any specific uni/logo you want that was used in a previous ROM, please let me know. Otherwise it will be classic logos/unis.
  18. No prob. Up to you...we can have Stars and North Stars, they are different enough imo, different cities too.
  19. I can save you some time, here are all of the Sega Genesis original player cards - 94 player As @Jkline3said, these things are TINY (48 x 48 pixels), so you will need to rescale if you wanted to print. I have found zooming in on MS Paint, taking a screenshot, and pasting again is an effective way to accomplish this. If you're looking for SNES, probably best to take screenshots from the game and do the same. @CoachMac, updated cards wouldn't be true to the original, hideousness and all!
  20. Ha, someone extracted all the sounds to mp3 a while back...I just had it handy. It's actually a good question, I'm not sure how it was extracted. My guess is some recorder software, we don't have a good music editing tool.
  21. Here you go bud: NHL94_music_056.mp3 Welcome and enjoy!
  22. Wow, did not immediately know that. Very cool. Ha, I had the same feeling...I wanted to compare this sheet with the game ratings and note the discrepancies!
  23. Thanks to @Puck Junk, here's a page from Igor Kuperman's original ratings for the Blackhawks. Interesting that Shot Accuracy isn't specifically listed there, but we know that was a direct link to shooting percentage. I also notice that offensive awareness isn't there (was that also based on a stat?) and fighting is there, futher proving this was originally in the game and taken out at the end. Here's his Tweet: