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  1. As I suspected, the blood is a separate tile sequence that is on top of the sprite. I found a few blood tiles and changed them to 1,2,3. I think this will be helpful once I can identify which tile numbers they are in reference to the sprites. The trace will be easier to identify (I think). Original Tiles Altered Another Example (I've since found the first tiles) I've gotten about 19 tiles so far...I have to see all the blood animations. I think there are two more from fighting...left and right.
  2. I have been thinking about this for a while and decided I should at least start this hack and post on the forums for documentation/progress. My initial thought process is as follows: I assume the blood animation is a separate graphic and not an entirely new set of sprites (CONFIRMED) Find the blood animation tiles in NHLPA'93 (DONE, most likely) Trace and reverse engineer the code on a blood injury in '93 (current phase) Bring those elements into '94 I think the first two bullets I will confirm and get done rather quickly, but the hard work will be understanding and isolating the code in '93. My starting assumption will be that when an injury for game is triggered, the blood animation sequence is called and overlayed by the sprites head. Who knows if that's right. I'll continue to post updates here as I work on this project.
  3. Apparently it's been two years! I need this reminder! I'll take a look and update for some of the recent releases this week.
  4. The graphics in SNES are way more advanced than Sega, and I can't even comment on how it actually works as I haven't done much SNES hacking. This article summarizes the graphic differences nicely: nicely: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_console_palettes So tiles are 8x8, but the palettes are more complex (see article). As far as logos, I venture to guess they are 7x7 solely based on the screenshots I've taken of logos (56x56 pixels) The big issue with SNES is that the graphics are actually compressed. Meaning, you won't find any graphics if you open up a SNES '94 ROM in Tile Molester. There is some algorithm that the SNES applies to translate pieces of code into the graphics we see. Even more difficult, those compression routines are unique to each game (or my understanding is some games have similar compression routines), so it's not like a piece of software exists that decompresses ALL SNES graphics for you to edit, and then recompress to the ROM. You basically have to figure out the routine for '94 yourself. My understanding is it's complicated too. And that's why we haven't had any progress on SNES graphic hacks. Recently, on the '94 Discord Server (#rom-hacking), and I think you've seen this, there was a Microsoft Direct X developer who gave some good advice on how to possibly think about this differently for SNES (thanks for sharing @INDIO) "I haven't tried to edit logos yet. I had some notes and observations when doing stuff for the player profile photos that might help For editing player profile photos, I went with a "path of least resistance". I didn't try to reverse-engineer the whole decompression mechanism. Instead I put full decompressed images into the ROM and changed the decompress into a very dumb copy. I have a thing of "work smarter not harder" given I want only a certain end result, doesn't matter how elegant it is or whether it requires ROM expansion. For purposes of this project I treat ROM expansion as free. If you have the same priorities, you might want to do the same thing. Why do the same thing? Because the decompression code is organized weirdly and is complicated. Although I didn't strictly have to I looked at it out of curiosity for profile images. And team logos use the same thing, from what I can tell. But if you still want to know about it: I disassembled most of the decompression code, added some labels, factored out some loops. See here: https://github.com/clandrew/nhl94e/blob/main/docs/rough/DecompressProfileMain.asm There is a bunch of code with data sprinkled in. That data is jump tables. Each element of the jump tables in general is short offset. The real meat of the decompression is in this function: DecompressFB30(). To get started you would probably want to set a breakpoint there at 0x80BBB3. That's a common path between profile images and team logos. General vibe is the compression optimizes for sequential series of like numbers. So like, if there's a sea of 99 0s, rather than store 0 repeatedly it will just store "99" "0" so to speak."
  5. The original scoreboard uses the 2nd palette in the game (which is the same as crowd and banners). The 3rd and 4th palettes when the screen is active is the home and away team palettes for the sprites. So I changed the palette for the 6 tiles that house the monsters to the 3rd and 4th palette. And made sure the colors I picked would work. For example, the eyes are the skate blade whites (except Minnesota home, where I needed a light green ). And the blue is the shadow blue, which is consistent for all teams. The body colors are the shoulder and trim colors for the teams, which change and contain the most interesting team colors. The black background is the boots/gloves (always black for all teams). The pacman above remains on the 2nd palette, which doesn't change and will remain yellow.
  6. Hey @Asher413, I was wondering if you ever continued this project?
  7. CDL 05 Official ROM:CDL_season_05.bin 24 Drafted Teams of 12 players! Hot/Cold Reduced to "Warm/Cool". Boosts are limited to +1, 0, -1 vs original ROM -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 1 minute penalties NEW - 12 second Penalty Shot Time (reduced from 25) Body Checks after whistle don't count +/- stat added Reduced time to switch to Manual Goalie Slightly Increased Goalie Range Boosted Goaltenders - All get +1 to Agility and Stick/Glove Ratings except Roy & Belfour 288 Updated Player Cards! All 12 player cards cycle on start menu! 24 Unique Teams, including two new franchises - Milwaukee Admirals and the Windsor Spitfires! Drafted by these handsome coaches: Luc Robitaille makes his cover debut! Our very own @danTML7returns to the announcing lineups! A few more logos re-created pixel-by-pixel from NHL Rewind! Seen here is Boston and Buffalo! Scoreboard features Pac-Man, with Ghosts that change color based on the home (x2) and away (x1) team! Finally, ESPN is our 3 Stars Sponsor!
  8. THIS! My jaw fell on the floor when I saw this. Was it just a matter of changing the palette from b/w to a new set of 8 colors? I'm curious if it had any other affects in the ROM? Posting a quick screencap to show the awesomeness: Also, the music is
  9. I admit I haven't truly taken the time to appreciate the work here until recently. The attention to detail, the extra graphic work done, the organization and explanation is a damn masterpiece. Thank you, it's going to take me some time to fully digest it all @AdamCatalyst!
  10. Time to start setting your lines. This basic format works for most, but if you want to set particular replacements, you can if you understand how that works - How It Works Otherwise, I assume you want a 3rd defensemen to come in for either LD/RD who gets a penalty/gets injured. The 4th only comes in as necessary. I also assume your extra attacker will be your 4th F if an injury occurs. On a penalty, I'll keep your starters on unless otherwise indicated. IF YOU KNOW OF A JERSEY NUMBER CONFLICT - you can also indicate it below. Otherwise I will bump up the lesser known players up/down one. If you have two starters with the same number, I'll look for a previous NHL number. Team Name: Anaheim Ducks LD: Al Iafrate RD: Kevin Lowe LW: Russ Courtnall C: Pierre Turgeon RW: Joe Niewendyk X: Jari Kurri 3rd D: Mikhail Tatarinov G: Ed Belfour
  11. I know this isn't the "EASY" way as this thread is asking, but the way I find particular tiles on images is using rows of hex tiles like these examples: (1 x 16 one row) (16 x 16) To replace graphic images in Tile Molester. Then load the game up and see if I found the correct tiles. Colors can still be tricky, which is why my examples have multiple different colors for the tiles. Here's something I did back when looking at Mutant League Hockey as an example: Hope that helps somewhat.
  12. That's a crap ton of work that will likely never happen unless there was a team paid to do so. I'd also love to see all those season modes, stats, trade players, create players, 2v2, etc features in '95 be a part of the '94 gameplay.
  13. Attached here are the new modified cores to allow netplay between a Mac and a PC. Nothing else is changed in the core, so they should work just like the old ones, but with this added function. There is a separate PC and Mac core. Follow the instructions below: For PC: Download: genesis_plus_gx_libretro.dll. Copy this file into your RetroArch-1.10-Win64/cores folder, and choose "Replace" when asked. No other change is needed. For Mac: Download: genesis_plus_gx_libretro.dylib. Open a Finder window, navigate to your Documents folder, open the RetroArch folder, then the cores folder, and copy this file into there. Choose "Replace" when asked. No other change is needed. I will update the packages on nhl94online.com tomorrow with the new core (3/16/22). Also please check the pinned messages in the help channel and turn off the "Pause Content" settings as described in the pinned post. Check before you play someone to make sure you both have the new core.
  14. Team Name: Seattle Kraken LD: K. Hatcher RD: D. Manson LW: P. Bondra C: A. Oates RW: K. Muller X: S. Nemchinov 3rd D: V. Fetisov G: D. Hasek
  15. TBD, but nothing planned for now. @Stuball44, will definitely let you know when the next live tournament/meeting will be in the tri-state!
  16. This would be relatively simple to do with NOSE editor. https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/14217-nose-12b-download/ Grab the 96 ROM and 97 ROM, open two instances of NOSE and start a copy/paste team by team.
  17. Also adding @Kiba! He has some tools for 95 roster extract!
  18. I'm pinging @Koppewho is our resident DOS roster updater! Do you have any insights into the 95 DOS player attributes/spreadsheet?
  19. Next level stuff, so awesome! Thanks for making and sharing!
  20. It was set up for the Sega Megadrive, though I believe the underlying stats are the same for SNES for each player so it can be used for that as well. Not sure about PC Dos.
  21. CDL 04 Official ROM: CDL_season_04_v2.bin 24 Drafted Teams of 12 players! Hot/Cold Reduced to "Warm/Cool". Boosts are limited to +1, 0, -1 vs original ROM -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 1 minute penalties Body Checks after whistle don't count +/- stat added Reduced time to switch to Manual Goalie Slightly Increased Goalie Range Boosted Goaltenders - All get +1 to Agility and Stick/Glove Ratings except Roy & Belfour 288 Updated Player Cards! All 12 player cards cycle on start menu! NEW - Organ music from NHLPA'93 for the Helsinki Jokers! (removed due to bugs) NEW - Game menu music from NHLPA'93! (removed due to bugs) Rounds 4-5 livestreamed on Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1256579436 24 Unique Featured Teams: DRAFTED BY THESE MOFAPE COACHES: Fedorov graces the cover of season 04! NEW BANNER DESIGN! @Sebe_The_Legendand @szpakattack return to announce the matchups and who is "warm" & "cool". Announcer graphic hacked to be larger: Sponsorship for the CDL Scoreboard is brought to you by the city of Regina. "Experience Reginaaaaaaaaa" Song reference here: Finally the NES Fat, Normal and Skinny guys show up for the 3 stars. Also note the CDL timer "04" uses a difference palette!
  22. I agree, the color portraits are simply amazing. This ROM is special, brings back some memories when I see the old teams and names from Baseball Stars. Thanks @von Ozbourme!
  23. Haha, yes, here's the appropriate way to fix that leg: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/20168-how-to-bring-back-the-green-guy-in-stands-fix-severed-leg/ The way I originally fixed that leg was part of the hack to bring back the scoreboard logo. I don't think I ever got around to putting my notes on that, but essentially it was remapping tiles. I don't remember if I got rid of the green guy to use for the scoreboard (i.e. if the two methods are compatible).
  24. This is fantastic and I appreciate the length of the detail you went through in the art. As the person who fixed the "severed leg" in the stands, I DO notice and appreciate those kinds of things! With regards to center ice logos and logos in general, I thought the NHL Rewind version did a pretty good job redrawing all of the logos. I have copied a few for some recent ROMs If you were interested, I can send you the screenshots of all the teams from Rewind. Just PM me. Again, fantastic job!
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