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  1. graphics are probably the hardest to fathom out get something like GIMP (there are others that might have lesser steps to the process) to make the banners and TILE MOLESTER to actually put the banners in the game, but that is quite complicated but i had a LOT of fun making them and you can make them any design you want if you're brave. and if you are download HxD hex editor and have a rummage around the rom reading an alien language also find the tm93-30team download on here too, that has pictorials on what to do and a very handy font so you can directly paste in the lettering into your banners in the paint program i started using wboys 30 team rom but i now use his 32 team rom using a custom made spreadsheet from smozoma's SNES version goodis luckus
  2. two things you really need for this graphic work a graphics program (and paint3d which is already on your pc) and tile molestor, which lets you insert the newly created banners the text is part of the graphics of the banner, but search for tm93-30team on here and it will give you a start, if you are using the 30 team wboy version i used to do the 30 team version but the 32 team hack is now the one i use, i had NEVER did any modding like this before, well graphics i did but not hard hex which is a deep ocean. the programs mentioned can be a bit intimidating, but like riding a bike it can be understood (TM might need some extra windows files to work) i had great fun creating my banners btw, if anyone remembers my 30 team ones with the countries flags in them, 'cos you can actually design them as you wish, just make them the same size and only your imagination is the limit! good luck RPG57
  3. a COM v COM version of NBA JAM?
  4. yeah i know what you mean about non selectable teams having like 8 teams available in the menu but the rest outwith that but can you reorder the team pointers only, since you don't actually have to have the teams data or colours in a particular order, i'm sure i read you could do that on here? but then the banners ... and we know NOSE cannae do anything with them bah and just trying it myself, player moving doesn't effect line changes either, only if moved from defense to forwards or forwards and defense
  5. there's never been non playable teams in the NHL series (i think anyway), but wouldn't that be good if you wanted boss battles eh? however there is somewhat a type, and that's in the playoffs, so just selecting the teams required in the playoffs data selection would do that and obviously reordering teams in NOSE because there isn't buttons for that, bit of an oversight me thinks, as you can do that for players
  6. easiest thing to do with the bytes is go to the TEAM tab, and click the AUTO BYTES button once, then you can edit team and player names without worrying about calculating their byte lengths it's a LOT easier believe me have fun
  7. yeah you're not making the pic file "stick to the rom" i just click on the window of the rom myself
  8. wat no joe montana sports football fans eh? or #JOE MONTANA SPORTS FOOTBALL# *said in the game voice*
  9. had some big fun tonight chatting away
  10. haha a little chat goes a long way
  11. so there i was doing some of my simmimg competitions and this happened thirty seconds left to play, a fight breaks out but it's no ordinary fight it's a ONE MAN FIGHT?!? but the players are in their fight sequence and the clock continues until it runs out and then the winning teams celebrates but that player CONTINUES TO SHADOW BOX!?!?!?!?! never ever seen this before EVER in the thousands of games i've seen in fact never ever in any nhl game time to call mulder and scully?
  12. probably just a throwback that someone added to later when the year was added to the name, it was never actually named that, always EA HOCKEY to me ahh just seeing the preview in MEAN MACHINES was enough for me for an instant sale, as i was looking for a decent enough ice hockey game ... and after TWO DECADES of using it for my simming competitions it was retired and i guess the teams were selected because they were the more popular ones ... yes even poland it was quite interesting as to who won ... here's the list of my world champions 2009-2010 - GERMANY 2008-2009 - FINLAND 2007-2008 - SWITZERLAND 2006-2007 - FRANCE 2005-2006 - SWEDEN 2004-2005 - SWEDEN 2003-2004 - UNITED STATES 2002-2003 - CANADA 2001-2002 - RUSSIAN REPUBLIC 2000-2001 - HUNGARY (NOT A TYPO, they beat CANADA 7-2!) 1999-2000 - SWEDEN 1998-1999 - NETHERLANDS 1997-1998 - C.I.S. (SOVIET UNION) 1996-1997 - GERMANY 1995-1996 - CANADA 1994-1995 - NETHERLANDS 1993-1994 - BELGIUM 1992-1993 - CANADA 1991-1992 - UNITED STATES 1990-1991 - SWEDEN
  13. hmm how have you done the banners? since they are ten tiles wide looks like you did a patchjob like a typical cowboy, using colour blocks at the bottom of the banners so overlapping designs outside the ten tile limit is OUT doesn't mean i CAN'T do something ..... if that's right? RIGHT?
  14. and some VERY good news everybody ..... I HAVE A MACHINE GUN HO HO HO or I HAVE A WORKING SPREADSHEET to put all my teams into my WHL roms decide which is the right answer, after these messages yeah some stuff i couldn't work out (switching round the city offsets), and a REALLY dumb thing (not putting in the right header 1 bytes ..... i had "08" instead of "8E", what a maroon! and THAT'S why the team data wasn't being picked up, because that's the byte size too the team data.) but that's it! IT WORKS BRILLIANTLY and added in the first thirty two Ron Barr texts for each team, and might change the start blurb too so now i can start with the team banners, and to finish off the rest of the team colours and team blurb and i'm off and running again, more than a year since the USB stick disaster 2: die USBer that knackered me up! i'm so gonna be earning 20% now, unless some nark narks me HUZZAH
  15. and just realised i could have just downloaded SMOZOMA's 64 team rom and spreadsheet instead! so i got everything mapped again, because it was EASY TO DO NOW also trying to work out where the first team data block was and spent a lot of time looking for it ..... yeah i found it ..... somehow we've all been managing to put a a whole load of FF's between the first team data block and the team players data, and we've been doing that for ages (can't get a download of WBOYs original 30 team rom to see) but it should be easy to ..... my original international roms are fine there's no space between them check your roms, it's not a game breaker as all the pointers are correct otherwise they wouldn't work, just a bit of clean up required
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