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  1. so there i was doing some of my simmimg competitions and this happened thirty seconds left to play, a fight breaks out but it's no ordinary fight it's a ONE MAN FIGHT?!? but the players are in their fight sequence and the clock continues until it runs out and then the winning teams celebrates but that player CONTINUES TO SHADOW BOX!?!?!?!?! never ever seen this before EVER in the thousands of games i've seen in fact never ever in any nhl game time to call mulder and scully?
  2. probably just a throwback that someone added to later when the year was added to the name, it was never actually named that, always EA HOCKEY to me ahh just seeing the preview in MEAN MACHINES was enough for me for an instant sale, as i was looking for a decent enough ice hockey game ... and after TWO DECADES of using it for my simming competitions it was retired and i guess the teams were selected because they were the more popular ones ... yes even poland it was quite interesting as to who won ... here's the list of my world champions 2009-2010 - GERMANY 2008-2009 - FIN
  3. hmm how have you done the banners? since they are ten tiles wide looks like you did a patchjob like a typical cowboy, using colour blocks at the bottom of the banners so overlapping designs outside the ten tile limit is OUT doesn't mean i CAN'T do something ..... if that's right? RIGHT?
  4. and some VERY good news everybody ..... I HAVE A MACHINE GUN HO HO HO or I HAVE A WORKING SPREADSHEET to put all my teams into my WHL roms decide which is the right answer, after these messages yeah some stuff i couldn't work out (switching round the city offsets), and a REALLY dumb thing (not putting in the right header 1 bytes ..... i had "08" instead of "8E", what a maroon! and THAT'S why the team data wasn't being picked up, because that's the byte size too the team data.) but that's it! IT WORKS BRILLIANTLY and added
  5. and just realised i could have just downloaded SMOZOMA's 64 team rom and spreadsheet instead! so i got everything mapped again, because it was EASY TO DO NOW also trying to work out where the first team data block was and spent a lot of time looking for it ..... yeah i found it ..... somehow we've all been managing to put a a whole load of FF's between the first team data block and the team players data, and we've been doing that for ages (can't get a download of WBOYs original 30 team rom to see) but it should be easy to ..... my original international roms are fine there's no space
  6. also i've noticed you've switched the teams around in the start menu ..... WHY YU DO THIS could actually change Team 1 and Team 2 to Home and Away got the team structure mapped, although the "00 02" before the team i don't know, i'm assuming that is the number of goalies? also not found the team stats nor the team lines either .....
  7. and no it isn't i was just putting in the WRONG address PALLETE - 00035E70 TEAM BANNERS - 000A0EIA (10x64) TEAM DATA - 000AD65E
  8. and before i completely forget ..... where is the palette address? it's different apparently from the 30 team rom
  9. well hello there it's been a while and i see slapshot67 has created a 32 team nhlpa93 rom ..... DIRTYMUTHAPUCKER for myself, it was a sad day, a sad sad day when my first bought usb stick, with all my spreadsheets and roms went to silicon heaven but did that stop me? NO SODDING WAY MATEY but instead of doing the whole custom creations i went straight edged, and doing some classic EA HOCKEY competitions instead, my simming days are far from over (five games being used as of this time) but i was slowly continuing to build up a new spreadshe
  10. doesn't even start, just begins the command line process but doesn't go any further OH WAIT I KNOW WHY it's gotta be what the .jar file is called, not just TM.jar but TM018.jar! yep fine now i r dumb again thanx
  11. hello again, it's been a while, and about to get back on THAT horse again ..... my WHL season 4 is about to begin again, and i get back into using NOSE and TILE MOLESTER! and it's problem time i'v installed all the stuff indicated on the first page, and have an earlier version of TM working, but having troubs getting later versions to go. on WIN10x64 TM 1.15a (works fine) TM 1.16 (works but it's in da portuguese, now i had the problem before in how to change it back but you know ..... old age and all that) Tm 1.18 (doesn't load even with the runtm.bat)
  12. it's a pity no one has converted the rom code over to PC code, as there are no limitations to memory then! or even do it from scratch ..... i've already said my desire for UNLIMITED data, not letting it go
  13. and after two long boobless hours ..... as in my router decided to not authenticate ..... i'm BACK on the frikking interwebs!!! to give you some GREAT NEWS! i managed to work out what i needed to do for my spreadsheet, all the calculations work perfectly, they paste in perfectly, and tested out the roms i've already updated! and now back to the boobs *not really
  14. hmmm i might not need to know this, because i can open the rom in NOSE and it work's fine, but open it up in GENS and it corrupts! the offsets are calculated right, the team pointers are correct (the tables are pasted in at @310), and even overpasting the straggle of team data with FF's, after i copy mine in, even the 06 right at the end of the team data ..... not copied in or changed anything else! i don't even know IF the odd-length names need those trailing 00's to make it work or not, and can't figure out what the formula would be in the cell to tell it it's a odd numbered length, i kno
  15. after four LONG nights trying to be my spreadsheet finished, testing it out, and finding it messes up the rom many many times i now face something else ..... thanks to SMOZOMA's wonder spreadsheet for his 64 team rom, i tried to recreate it for use on my own useage, and looking at how the SNES rom worked i started my work! lots of testing, lots of reworking things out, and lots and lots of being stupid! now i re-realise that the megadrive rom requires all the names hex to be in "even" numbers, any name that has an ODD number of characters needs that extra "00" value to make it even, otherw