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  1. doesn't even start, just begins the command line process but doesn't go any further OH WAIT I KNOW WHY it's gotta be what the .jar file is called, not just TM.jar but TM018.jar! yep fine now i r dumb again thanx
  2. hello again, it's been a while, and about to get back on THAT horse again ..... my WHL season 4 is about to begin again, and i get back into using NOSE and TILE MOLESTER! and it's problem time i'v installed all the stuff indicated on the first page, and have an earlier version of TM working, but having troubs getting later versions to go. on WIN10x64 TM 1.15a (works fine) TM 1.16 (works but it's in da portuguese, now i had the problem before in how to change it back but you know ..... old age and all that) Tm 1.18 (doesn't load even with the runtm.bat) if i can get at least 1.16 in english it'll be fine
  3. it's a pity no one has converted the rom code over to PC code, as there are no limitations to memory then! or even do it from scratch ..... i've already said my desire for UNLIMITED data, not letting it go
  4. and after two long boobless hours ..... as in my router decided to not authenticate ..... i'm BACK on the frikking interwebs!!! to give you some GREAT NEWS! i managed to work out what i needed to do for my spreadsheet, all the calculations work perfectly, they paste in perfectly, and tested out the roms i've already updated! and now back to the boobs *not really
  5. hmmm i might not need to know this, because i can open the rom in NOSE and it work's fine, but open it up in GENS and it corrupts! the offsets are calculated right, the team pointers are correct (the tables are pasted in at @310), and even overpasting the straggle of team data with FF's, after i copy mine in, even the 06 right at the end of the team data ..... not copied in or changed anything else! i don't even know IF the odd-length names need those trailing 00's to make it work or not, and can't figure out what the formula would be in the cell to tell it it's a odd numbered length, i know where to put the formula (at the end of the space reserved for names) the formula would be something like *if length of string = odd then "00" otherwise ""* to put those 00's at the end of the name space ..... not being an complete genius at formulae and i thought COBOL was bleeding hard
  6. after four LONG nights trying to be my spreadsheet finished, testing it out, and finding it messes up the rom many many times i now face something else ..... thanks to SMOZOMA's wonder spreadsheet for his 64 team rom, i tried to recreate it for use on my own useage, and looking at how the SNES rom worked i started my work! lots of testing, lots of reworking things out, and lots and lots of being stupid! now i re-realise that the megadrive rom requires all the names hex to be in "even" numbers, any name that has an ODD number of characters needs that extra "00" value to make it even, otherwise the rom goes kablooey! again i tried to actually add the "00" to my names but that only creates the hex value for the zero, and i read up that a "null" character is needed using SMOZOMA's formula - =if(N$2<min(len(trim($M21)),30),dec2hex(code(mid($M21,N$2+1,1))),""), creates the name fine, but creating the "00"'s only makes them as hex number "30", for BOTH zeroes! Sergio Romero00 53 65 72 67 69 6F 20 52 6F 6D 65 72 6F 30 30 it should be Sergio Romero 53 65 72 67 69 6F 20 52 6F 6D 65 72 6F 00 please help i'll be your friend
  7. got all my international team stats done accordingly ..... SHOOTING - "ofa"+"shp"+"sha" - sorted by TOTAL then team total - 0 to 9 SKATING - "agl"+"spd"+"end" - sorted by TOTAL then team total - 0 to 9 PASSING - "sth"+"pas" - sorted by TOTAL then team total - 0 to 9 DEFENSE - "dfa" - sorted by "dfa" then team total - 0 to 9 CHECKING - "spd"+""chk"+"rgh" - sorted by TOTAL then team total - 0 to 9 FIGHTING - "h/f"+"rgh"+"agr" - sorted by TOTAL then team total - 0 to 9 GOALKEEPING - "ovr" for goalkeeper - sorted by "ovr" then team total - 0 to 9 OVERALL - all player's "ovr" divided by 16 (the number of players in my teams) - sorted by team total - 0 to 9 POWER PLAY ADV and HOME TEAM ADV might be calculated ingame, since they would be different for each game i believe, don't know how though OFFENCE - "ofa" - sorted by "ofa" then team total - 0 to 7 DEFENSE - "dfa" - sorted by "dfa" then team total - 0 to 7 HOME - all player's "ovr" divided by 16 (the number of players in my teams) - sorted by "ovr" then team total - 0 to 2 AWAY - HOME-1 (if 0 then it would be 0) - 0 to 2 POWER PLAY - total "ovr" of players on power play lines - 0 2 POWER KILL - total "ovr" of players on power kill lines - 0 2 so for example the team stats would be (on the ron barr screen) AFGHANISTAN 4-5-5-4-5-4-9-4 ALASKA 1-1-0-1-0-2-3-1 ALBANIA 5-7-7-8-8-9-6-7 ALGERIA - 8-6-7-9-7-7-8-7 AMERICAN SAMOA 2-0-2-2-2-0-8-1
  8. also, since i don't want to make a new thread for it ..... i've just two things to know from the team info ..... 1: the header info (@9BD0E - @9BD1A) 2: what those bytes are before the LOCATION and INITIALS total hex total (@9BFD0 - @9BFD3) danke
  9. when i made my own roms with international teams, i didn't change the team ratings from the original settings, 'cos i dumb but now i smart now, and seeing where everything is regarding the teams ..... so now i really only have two problems to solve ..... first one is how to generate those team ratings, according to the player stats! what i was thinking is this ..... just adding the combined stats for several player stats ..... for example SHOOTING could be offensive awareness + shot power + shot accuracy then sort the totals out and have each set of 24 teams out of the 240 teams i have, into their team ranking values! just to see what ones would be the best? also the values at @9BD5A ..... those for off/def, PP/PK, home/away are the same as in nhl94, as in this post and something else that's just popped into my swollen head ..... wonder how they didn't use the full decimal values (0-9) for those? something to mull over perhaps .....
  10. nononononono i know where they are, but as in how the code knows where to go for them? as the teams have a table of addresses to access ..... the TEAM POINTERS @314 would the graphics have something similar? i mean, look how the rink tiles are arranged, you'd have to have a list of addresses for that surely? would that be deep in the main game code, and not being an expert in coding i might just be talking nonsense, because i tried to search for the banner start address and came up empty!
  11. inspired by SMOZOMA's SNES NHLPA93 64 team spreadsheet masterpiece, i've been putting together something similar for the megadrive / genesis wboy's 30 team rom, kinda collating all those rom addresses and marking them on a complete copy of the code ..... now the question is ..... i've been trying to find out where the game "call" the graphics? as in where does it return to in the code? specifically the banners @8FCFA simply put, how does it know where to get them from? i hope i've made it as simple as i could
  12. here's my upload of wboy's 30 team roms Wboys NHL 30 team
  13. hello everybody, it's been a long time since i showed my face around these parts *spits* i have BOTH wboy's 30 team roms to go and want to upload them here ..... and if it's alright i've got the ORIGINAL roms too! so can i give you this for you guys?
  15. these are all edits of WBOYS NHLPA93 30 team roms i'll just post all EIGHT roms for my international teams, and remember, they aren't from the real ice hockey sides, but from the stats from SENSIBLE WORLD OF SOCCER and random stats to fill out the lower ranked teams! only the team banners, team colours and actual teams are changed ..... the splash screens, ron barr text and team descriptions are not changed! WHLelitediv02.bin WHLdivone02.bin WHLdivtwo02.bin WHLdivthree02.bin WHL2europe.bin WHL2africa.bin WHL2americas.bin WHL2asian.bin PLUS all the team banners ..... so i can show them off AGAIN