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  1. Just curious, what do you use for FIFA?
  2. Just played a few minutes of it and I thought I was interesting seeing some of the logos like the one below which is the Hartford Whalers logo center ice yet the Whalers never used it ever in the existence of the team! Or at least from what I saw on sportslogos.net
  3. Hi, so I am making a rom edit and I am about finished but once I started playing I noticed the net on the bottom is all janky and stuff so I was wondering if I can change it back to normal. I tried both mobile and PC emulators to see if it's just the emulator but it stays the same. Note: The other net is fine
  4. Hi all, I need help with editing the color of the net. I know how to do it with Tile Molester but when I go and play the ROM I edited the nets look no different even though I saw the net the way I wanted in Tile Molester.
  5. I think I might have found the prototype for game if anyone is interested Hit the Ice (U) (Prototype) [!].nes
  6. TFC fan 15


    This is the best WHA Rom so far! Keep up the good work!
  7. Is there any way to add a Shot Clock to the game and also is it possible to only use the center ice for face offs? Also what is the best coding language to learn for this game?
  8. This is a great rom and very interesting. I was wondering if you can add the PCHA which had teams like the Seattle Metropolitans and Vancouver Millionaires.
  9. Hi I was wondering if there is a way to remove fans from a side of the ice because i want to try to make a AIHL (Australian Ice Hockey League) version of 94
  10. Thanks this is the rom I was looking for!!!
  11. I was wondering if there are any World Hockey Association roms out there for either Genisis or Snes
  12. I was wondering if there are any applications on mobile devices to mod games like NHL 94 and Tecmo Bowl?
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