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  1. Wow thanks for the back story. This stuff is always so interesting to me. Maybe growing up in Alaska the Canadian SNES influence just spread our way. Fortunately I was able to re-map the controller buttons for my GameSir to replicate the SNES on the Genesis emulator. I'll admit the Sega version is does look a lot better. Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the help everyone. Curious why the Genesis version has such a bigger following than Super Nintendo.
  3. Thanks, do you know if there is anything close to today's rosters available somewhere? It's crazy because when the original NHL '94 came out I had Sega Genesis. But I was the only one of anyone I knew that was a Genesis kid. I had to learn to play the SNES version if I wanted to play with my friends. I found this awesome community but it is mostly Sega. Go figure!
  4. Hello, I am brand new to the emulator world. I have been playing the SNES version of '94 on Android (Samsung Note 20+) with a GameSir controller accessory. The emulator I use is Super Retro 16. It works perfectly and I would love to play with 2021 rosters and teams but can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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