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  1. I also use xpadder. I have button combinations mapped so that I can hook with a single button press and fake a shot with a single button press. I also have the line change keys mapped to my controller and the mouse mapped to my analog stick so I can navigate menus with my controller.
  2. I don't think you can add photos. But you should be able to replace existing ones. I've never done it but it should be the same process as replacing any of the other image files.
  3. I would highly recommend a mapping program like Xpadder. This allows you to map keyboard keys to your gamepad and then esssentially play the game using the keyboard. I have found this gives the best control response. Benefits: 1. You can map key combinations to the gamepad buttons. For example, I have a single button that will fake a shot and a single button that will hook/hold. 2. Map the line change keys F1-->F8 to separate buttons. 3. Map escape and enter to separate buttons so you can pause gameplay and advance through lineup screens directly with your gamepad.
  4. and are also great resources for modders.
  5. Release #3 of my jersey archive. I added every Edmonton Oilers jersey I could find, including their most recent jerseys as requested by PenguinFan1985. See above.
  6. is awesome and has every stat you can think of. It has a feature that allows you to export to csv files.
  7. Perhaps you could put 'sliders' in your tool that would allow the user to input base stats and then use the sliders to adjust the the stats behind the scenes that would increase d-man scoring, decrease goalie save%, etc.
  8. 30 for 30 short about Clint:
  9. New release of my jersey archive. See the top of this thread. It doesn't include much. I received a request for the recent Panthers jerseys so those are in there (although they aren't great since you can't detail torso bands). It also includes the Golden Knights' jerseys.
  10. I can't explain why, but I enjoy the process of creating jersey's and it occurred to me that others may find some use for them as well. So a while ago I decided to start compiling them into one location to make them easier to find and so I could upload them here in one big chunk. This is a project I've been working on for a while now and since I haven't been able to really dig into it for over a month I thought I would release what I have so far. My goal is to release updates periodically until there are no more jerseys to add, so it's pretty much never ending. If anybody has any requests, NHL
  11. I know this is a long shot. But does anybody know how to edit/modify the palette files? These are the files that are usually compressed in the .QFS files and I assume they determine which set of colors are used for the accompanying image. They show up in NHLInfo as !pal and I can extract them using NHLInfo. However I can't get them to open in GIMP and when I view them with a hex editor I can't find any useful information.
  12. Yes. I have started compiling all of the jerseys I have made over the years into one package to share on this forum. I don't have much time to work on it but 10-15 minutes per day. I hope to have something to share in a few weeks. Thanks for the interest.
  13. I received this message from petrmaly13 and I thought I would answer it in the forum so that others who may have similar questions would benefit from it. "Since few day I try to convert NHL95PC with a little help from Kiba. I can change players now with NHLinfo. I would like to change logos etc. My logos are in the game but with wrong colors. I like your conversion that you´ve posted but there are some mistakes (Florida, Carolina...). You know about it. Could you make a "perfect" 2016 conversion or tell me how to do it?:-) Thanx!" When you replace any graphics in the game with NHLInfo you ha
  14. Does anybody know if there a way to control the defense pair line changes? It seems like the game just cycles through them so sometimes the third pair is with the first line. And late in the game it would be nice if you could purposely put the top pair on the ice. I wonder if it is something that could be changed in the exe file.